Australia Is Living Through a Wokemare

As I have explained, you can step foot anywhere in the Western Bloc and you will find the same issues because everywhere our arrogant, self righteous liberal elites share the same worldview which has produced the same disastrous consequences.

Here in the United States, we have seen the same intersection of wokeness and capitalism. The most recent example is Chick-fil-A caving to Big Fag which makes no financial sense. Meanwhile, WestPac which is the oldest and most notoriously woke bank in Australia has been ensnared in a massive money laundering and child exploitation scandal.

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  1. What evidence is there that Chik-fil-a caving isn’t a politically economically advantageous decision, especially considering recent revocations of permits both in NYC and England?

    • Caving in to Globohomo may result in a business losing some of its customers but in the long run it is considered to be a “smart” move.

    • We should not patronize any chain restaurants, only locally owned, segregated diners for Whites only.

  2. It’s mostly just in Sydney. Australia is far more “racist” and “sexist” than the USA or Canada. I know a young women, daughter of a feminist, who went to school in Australia. She observed how the school kids still wore uniforms – meaning, the girls wore skirts. Sex segregation was assumed.

    Australia, being founded by criminals and whores, simply does not have the Puritan strain that America has. There is no “slut shaming” – but neither is there the kind of “feminism” that complains about “rape culture” and “toxic masculinity” and the like.

    Everyone’s “racist.” Australian men are famously politically incorrect. Sydney now has a Pride Parade, but they don’t call it that – they call it “Mardi Gras.” Like Latin American countries and Catholic cultures – and Louisiana – it’s pretty gay but crypto and pagan.

    The main problem with Australia is that the Chinese are buying it up faster than anyone can stop them.

    The media is completely SJW, as it is everywhere. The conservative party (the Liberals) loves Israel because of course they are paid to. The left-party, Labor, loves Jews because, well, World War II, Hitler, Marxism, etc.

    In some ways their culture is healthier than American culture, but there are just not enough Australians to stem the Chinese tide and globalism generally.

    • I take no interest in Australian politics, because there isn’t any point. Australia gets its orders from America, who gets its orders from Israel. Australia does not do anything unless its big brother America does it first.

      The people here are living in a dreamland made for them by their television sets. They are too dumb to understand they are on the way out, even when you explain it to them. They remind me of the Eloi from The Time Machine movie.

      “The media is completely SJW, as it is everywhere. The conservative party (the Liberals) loves Israel because of course they are paid to. The left-party, Labor, loves Jews because, well, World War II, Hitler, Marxism, etc.”

      The left stabs Whites in the face. The conservatives stabs Whites in the back. Australians keep voting for both of these creeps, ignoring the nationalist parties.

      “but there are just not enough Australians to stem the Chinese tide and globalism generally.”

      Australia is still 70% White I think, it might be higher. The Chinese flow is recent. Its a small part of what has been pouring in since 1970. We’ve got the whole third world here + Asia, and I want to get out.

      Its a shame, it used to be a beautiful peaceful wealthy country where anyone could get a good start in life. Not any more. We only have six billionaires here, and five of them are from a certain group. They get their way in politics here, just like they do in America.

  3. “Australia, being founded by criminals and whores…”

    Is that strictly true? I read old England criminalized petty crime targeted at people, including young children, who were in an Oliver Twist kind of situation – victims of the bad economic conditions for the blue collar worker. A child who had to steal bread so as not to die would be one of these criminals that landed into Australia. I would not see such a person as a criminal, but as a neglected child. So how many Australian founders were criminals according to the contemporary definition?

    Besides that, waves of immigrants followed the founders, minimizing the convict impact as just an interesting part of Australias history.

    There are little details in history that fell through the cracks. For example Martin Luther did not physically nail his thesis on a church door. Why on earth is this myth repeated again and again? The same for Australia as being a nation of convict founders. Who is right – those saying the founders were convicts or those telling us the convicts would most probably not beein convicts in todays better economic circumstances.

    I wonder what impact South African immigrants have on Australian society. They experienced what still is coming to Australia.

    • Tis true about the loaves of bread. They had so many poor in Britian that they ran out of room for them in the prisons, and had to convert old sailing ships into floating prisons. Then when they ran out of prison ships, they sent them out to the colonies as a slave work force.

      Also Austraila wasn’t founded by the convicts. The military, gentlemen and aristocracy were the brains and ran the show. The convicts just did what they were told like the slaves in the old South.

      There’s some stories how they all nearly perished in the first couple of years, because not only were they in a strange harsh land, with little water or food, the prisoners the British government sent out had no skills whatsoever. So they couldn’t cook or make clothes. couldn’t do capentry or stone masonry, couldn’t farm, mine, and were completely illiterate. So you had these lords and gentlemen trying to teach them these skills, while they were all starving to death.

      • Partially true. Quite a few convicts were skilled architects and builders. Some of the finest stone bridges, government buildings and other infrastructure were designed and supervised by convicts. Georgian architecture at its best.

  4. Why did the Aussies fight Japan in WWII, only to allow the Chinx to conquer their country several decades later?

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