Polyamorous Woman Is Pregnant By One Of Her Four Partners

This is the progress we have heard so much about.

Daily Mail:

“A polyamorous woman has fallen pregnant by one of her four partners after they went away together – but says they will raise the baby as a ‘family’.

Tory Ojeda, 20, from Jacksonville, Florida, met one of her partners Marc, 18, in high school and then started a relationship with Travis, 23, two months later. 

Their love story began three years ago and she has since announced her engagement to Travis in July.

She also found love with their long-term mutual friends Ethan, 22, and Christopher, 22. While seven months ago, Tory and Chris found out that they were pregnant with a baby girl. …”

Lately, I’ve been studying Lutheran Northern Europe between Luther’s time and the Enlightenment. I’m increasingly convinced that we need a type of authoritarian Protestantism that integrates church and state rather than the liberalism that triumphed in Britain and the Netherlands and has slowly poisoned the rest of Europe.

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  1. I’m not interested in the sordid details of this fucked-up living arrangement. Suffice it to say that two world wars killed off or crippled the best of our race, leaving the shitty people behind to breed more of their worthless kind. Germany has yet to fully recover from the Thirty Years War, let alone the der erst und zwei weltkreigen.

  2. All of her male partner’s look like and act like soyboys. She is the masculine one in the relationships, and physically resembles the masculine part as well.

    It’s a pathetic gender role reversal compared to a single male with many female partners.

    Jealousy will set one or more of these soyboys off to chimp out.

    I have a funny feeling none of them are the father and some black guy is?

  3. Good lord! Sharing an obese, pregnant goblina with 3 other men has got to be the lowest a white man’s standards can get. …and I thought my standards were low!

    I know these lads look like dysgenic retards, but honestly if they all lifted weights, got better haircuts and dressed nice, they could step up their game enough to get something better. Fuck church, we need some mandatory Hitler youth type bootcamp for these “men”.

  4. Four weak barely-men sharing a controlling whore. A reversal of the standard sexual roles, which is a reversal of the natural order. Thoughtless self-indulgence like that leads to a societal and cultural decline and fall. Without a moral center in society, chaotic selfishness reigns.

  5. The ((media)) just has to pump this sh… to normalize it. As they did with integration, immigration, queers etc.

  6. Off topic:

    George Zimmerman has filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Trayvon’s parents and their attorney, Crump. This should be interesting.

    • If his suit isn’t thrown out by the “judge” , which it probably will, I think he’ll find that Trayvon’s parents haven’t got a pot to piss in. Then the “White Hispanic” will get saddled with court costs, defendant attorney’s fees and get counter sued to boot.

  7. That butch-looking ham-beast is disgusting. What’s worse, are the white soy-boys surrounding that heifer. It’s a perfect image of what cultural Marxism, degeneracy and affluence does to white males.

  8. We are constantly told we cannot legislate morality. But let it be known when the White Republic becomes a reality the reality the State will have a duty to prosecute immorality especially if it a threat to the racial community.In that regard the nation is a means to an end and not and end in itself!

  9. The media is the Church now. Get control of the media – I guess social media is more important now – and you can promote positive and healthy culture.

    But – good news. This is no different than the Bearded Lady at the Carnival, or midget bowling. No one watches stuff like this and thinks, “yeah, that’s great.” Everyone just points and laughs.

    This makes young girls think, “eww, polyamory is for fat girls and gross ugly boys.”

    Frankly, this is the kind of thing you show your kids to inoculate them from these ideas.

  10. What a wonderful, kindhearted lady. She kept all of her virgin conquests.

    Thank the Lord these weirdos and breeding with each other.

    • Thank goodness that the land whale can only produce one calf ever 9 months or so, but I agree that she chose a stable of flapping soyboys that will not stray far from her utters.

  11. A parrot is talking about running away to Alaska to found a NS colony up there. One of his commenters pointed out the flaw in his plan that there is a shortage of women in Alaska.

    The parrot jokingly suggested intermarriage with the injuns, but I think the above looks like a better idea. One willing White woman per four incels, would save the White race. It would only need to be done for a generation or two and then they could go back to trad marriage.

    The Mormons made a similar short term sacrifice when they had a shortage of men, and a lot of widows with no one to look after them after a punishing war.

    • The thought crossed my mind that reformed and HIV-negative mudsharks could be used as breeding stock for White incels. Off spring produced by this arrangement would be raised by virtuous but sterile White couples.

      I’ve read several estimates of the worldwide European population, and it averages to be in the mid-teens. When you subtract half that number as males and another half of the remaining percentage as White women as post-menopausal, we are left with somewhere around 4% of White females in the fertile age group. If we could/should disqualify mudsharks from that 4% group, we are left with a small amount of wombs available to create White children, and without White children, our race will face oblivion, and the 14 Words will be an empty creed.

  12. Hey Hunter,
    I too find this quad-lover situation ridiculous and disgusting. But you intrigued me with your comment about the West now needing a “Protestantism that integrates church and state”. How do you define that? Are we talking about Calvin’s Geneva 2.0, or something milder, with no official state church but civil laws based on Biblical morality. I would favor the latter.

      • Mr. Wallace,

        That was a good thing to know. The Catholic Church has always believed as well in Church and State united.

    • Joe Putnam,

      HW is just feeling nostalgic for Antebellum Dixie. Not that I blame him, but that ship has sailed. The White flock isn’t going to return to Christianity in any of its manifestations.

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