Pete Buttigieg Condemns Woke Black Lives Matter Activist Who Disrupted Campaign Event

Can you imagine what it would be like if these people were in power and trying to run the country? Barack Obama presented himself as a moderate and he provoked an enormous backlash for merely tinkering around with health care.

NBC News:

“Pete Buttigieg on Thursday criticized an explosive — and nearly violent — interruption by a protester in a “Black Lives Matter” shirt at a gathering of African American supporters in South Bend, Indiana, as an “unfortunate” result of the political “climate that we’re in.”

“It shows kind of where politics has come to, especially for somebody to interrupt an African American woman who was speaking about her truth and in her experience,” Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, told NBC News about the Wednesday night incident.

“But this is the climate that we’re in and we need to continue making sure that everyone is empowered to speak their truth, their experience, and in particular, when it comes to South Bend’s story,” he said. …

In a statement Thursday, Black Lives Matter-South Bend said it “fully supports the actions of our members and allies at the Pete for America press conference held in South Bend, IN, yesterday.”

“This protest represents only a fraction of the longstanding pain many Black, Brown, and poor citizens endure in Mayor Pete’s South Bend,” the group said. …”

I don’t see many down sides.

I think it would be on balance better than the status quo. Pete Buttigieg won’t be the nominee though. It will come down to Bernie or Warren vs. Biden or Bloomberg.

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  1. I’m sick to death of this politically correct Newspeak (JEWspeak). It’s an intellectual straight-jacket. Pete Buttplug is a FAG, a FAIRY, a FRUIT, a FAYGELEH. And People of Color / African Americans are simply Negroes or colored people. No wonder everyone is becoming so neurotic these days. The jews and Reds are trying to get into our brains and alter the way we think.

    • Spahn,

      Substantial damage has been done over the past 80 years towards rewiring and reinterpreting what is genetically fit behavior and procreation.

      British philosopher, Nobel laureate, and member of the Frankfurt School wrote: “With Svengali psychological techniques to teach children, we can produce the unshakable conviction that snow is black.” Add that sentiment to the 24/7/365 jews news cycle, liberation theology, Jacobin egalitarianism all poisoning developing minds, and causing those who should know better to question their own common sense, subjective, empirical, and circumstantial evidence.

      As the label on hand sanitizer claims to eliminate 99.99% of disease causing germs, we the .01% are the audience in talmudic clownworld.

  2. Beyond male homosexual practices that typically degenerate by one’s early twenties to ingesting or smearing one another with feces to achieve sexual release, the condition is marked by pathological mental disorders. It’s well known Buttigieg can’t run his own city, for one thing, so his candidacy is symbolic. The table of contents of The Health Hazards of Homosexuality: What the Medical and Psychological Research Reveals is enough to prove these people are sick, and anything but normal. Beyond coprophilia and coprophagia, there are the grave psychological disorders of S&M, bondage, torture, asphyxiation, and so on that characterize mainline homosexuality.

    A former friend who I haven’t seen in years retired from a career at the UN and said that had he not been eligible for retirement, he’d have quit since the place is run by a homosexual cabal that controls the all-important departmental staffing across the board. Anyone not in lock step with their agenda is viciously attacked. Now this man is a man of few words and zero embellishment, so what he says should be taken seriously. And, If there’s one disqualifying trait in Mayor Pete, it’s that same viciousness posing as righteousness, such as opposing racism by inciting violence against whites.

    The very fact that the Democratic Party would allow this evil little bastard to run should sound the alarms across this country that it’s time to prepare ourselves for what’s worth dying for and stop wasting more precious time documenting what this country is dying from. His candidacy is as much a symbol of Republican fecklessness as Democratic insolence. No Republican, for example, would dare mention that Mayor Pete’s unmerited consideration for president is based solely on his homosexuality.

    Acceptance of homosexuality was originally sold on the grounds that, but for their sexual practices, homosexuals are just like everyone else. In fact, they are not like everyone else and pose a serious risk to themselves and others. Cowardice posing as mercy, furthermore, acquiesces in institutionalizing grave mental disorders and sexual perversions as in themselves worthy of unmerited preferment in government, the military, and society at large, which is apparently AOK with the Republican cowards in Congress.

    • I believe homosexuality, transsexuality, and gender dysphoria were all considered mental illnesses through DSM-IV. Certainly, through DSM-III.

  3. I don’t know for certain, but the protester wearing the ‘Black Lives Matter’ shirt looks and sounds like another Bolshevik Jew. Even if this guy is white, he should be viewed as a traitor to our people, and as one more tragic example of the poison of cultural Marxism.

      • That maricón is right though, madam – who appointed those moon-crickets as “leaders” of the coon-munity? It is indeed a farce.

        The Buttplug campaign is nothing more than a sideshow designed to distract the goy cattle from asking the candidates to address serious issues, such as black crime, jewish power and white dispossession.

      • November,

        Well done. I stumbled upon that video of Tom Cruise playing pool in some movie with a werewolf song in the background. I sometimes surf the internet for songs from the 1950’s. I saw this on a side bar and thought it seemed weird but I checked it out anyway.

        • Cristina,

          The movie was called “Color of Money” starring Paul Newman and Tom Cruise. It was a long delay sequel to “The Hustler” starring Paul Newman.

  4. a moment….just checking current dem polls….

    Buttfiegal continues to lead in Iowa, New Hampshire, while lagging in SC/Nevada.

    fact is, this ‘lil cocksucker’s (((Deep State))) credentials are (pardon the expression)

    impekkable: Pentagram + Intel agencies + McKinsy…latter a corporate globohomo nexus.

    know this: if Jew-pozzed ‘Murka was capable of electing a satanic scurve like Drumpf, it’s fully capable

    of electing a satanic scurve like Buttfiegal.

  5. Homosexuality was classified as a mental illness until the 80’s in the American Psychiatric Associations Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), mostly because homosexuals eat and fornicate with human excrement for pleasure…yet here we are, an excrement eater/ fornicator is running for President!!!….I thought BlacksHateFags/ExcrementEaters?

  6. That red, black, and green of African-American nationalism hearkens back to the flag designed by Marcus Garvey. Except for the fact that Garvey wanted all blacks to leave America and return to their native Africa-or at least Africa south of the Sahara. Something Black Lives Matters does not want to talk about.

    • Where would they get the gibs in Africa? The gibs, the gibs? Yo, where my 40 ounce malt be and 10 Lbs. of KFC be at in Africa?

  7. Anti-White shitlibs like Buttplug are blind to the fact that they created the unfortunate political climate we’re in.

  8. “But this is the climate that we’re in and we need to continue making sure that everyone is empowered to speak their truth…”

    Except white Christian’s that know sodomy is an abomination and the negro is at war with white pipo…don’t try speaking that truth in the public square!!

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