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  1. Excellent analysis. The reason for Muslim terrorism, which Jared Taylor only alludes to is, of course, Jewish ownership of the public forum in GB, as in the US, that forms men’s attitudes and directs the outcome of elections. The schools could never do it without the false consensus created by the kosher msm.

    Here we get Fox News as the booby prize. It claims “We report, you decide,” when its motto should be “We don’t act, we react, so you get gaslighted.” Now let’s all go suck our thumbs and pretend the Republican toadeaters owned by Adelson, Singer, and Koch are going to save us from the Muslims being imported by Soros, Steyer, and Saban to rape and hack our young women into pieces the way they’ve been empowered by the kosher msm to do in Europe.

  2. What are the defining characteristics of the west as it is today? It’s disgustingly degenerate and its pro-Zionist. Therefore I don’t blame Muslims for hating the west. I hate it too.

  3. Really ???? Wow, what a revelation .

    I guess that must have taken a lot of analysis and critical thinking brain power to come to that conclusion.

    Hey, Mr Taylor, HOW are the jewish persons in your movement doing ?? Are they down with all the National White movement thing of ours, hmmmm?????

    They’re not whispering sweet stories of inclusion and live and let live, are they ???

  4. I’m sorry there mr Taylor but you NEED to learn a cruel but healthy lesson and EVERY SINGLE BOOMER just like you !

    White liberals DESERVE EVERYTHING, I said EVERYTHING they GET – they are the ENABLERS the PERPETRATORS and the SUPPORTERS of ALL that is ailing the West today.
    EVERYTHING is their DOING !!!

    So time to pay the Piper !!

    hey liberal you deserve the HELL you created !!

  5. Pointing out how our people and culture are being destroyed is a wasteful “time sink”. At least we’ve learned what and how particles are emanating from the Sun. Now that’s important!

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