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  1. It’s amazing that this half-Jewish degenerate was actually supported by many racially-conscious whites. They assumed that because he spoke of ‘free speech values’ and exposed the hypocrisy of the Left that he was one of us. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

    Milo is a Trojan Horse that lulled many whites into thinking that homosexuality (especially ‘gay miscegenation’ which is what Milo prefers) is cool so long as one supports ‘free speech’ and hates Islam, etc. Truth is, any society that wants to break free from typical Jewish degeneracy must completely eschew homosexuality and every other form of sexual perversion.

    Homosexuality does not comport with moral societies. It doesn’t comport with strong white families. It doesn’t comport with a white ethnostate or any nation in which the family serves as the foundation.

    Truth is, if whites ever get their ethnostate or if they wish to preserve the West, they better denounce and reject homosexuality. Otherwise, we will find ourselves fighting all the same problems again.

    Granted, there will always be homosexuals in a society. However, a sane nation drives them into the closet. Any nation stupid enough to give them a platform to espouse and propagandize on behalf of their degenerate ‘lifestyle,’ will find itself in the same condition as the USA.

    Never forget that there will always be a mass of weak and ‘cucked’ men, including millions of gullible women, who will believe homosexual lies. A sane and healthy government doesn’t allow such socio-political poison to take root in its society.

      • Actually, he sounds quite Orthodox. Which is decidedly NOT the same thing.

        “Never forget that there will always be a mass of weak and ‘cucked’ men, including millions of gullible women, who will believe homosexual lies.”

        Which means NO sodomite hairdressers in the Restoration, obviously. LOL

  2. The problem facing whites is Jewish power, so when anybody comes along pretending to be a friend of whites just ask yourself this one simple question: “what is their stance on Jewish power?” Trump, Milo and the entire alt-lite don’t challenge Jewish power, in fact they support and entrench it. Therefore the “alt-lite” is not a softer and less radical version of the alt-right, it is in fact moving in the opposite direction in favor of Jewish power and control. The alt-lite of which Milo is a figurehead is therefore a greater threat to white self-determination than the radical left. At least with leftism its openly your enemy, whereas the alt-lite seeks to infiltrate your budding racialist movement and turn it into a pro-queer anti-Muslim Zionist front.

  3. I had to laugh when I saw that this story is filed under “Grift Right” and “Homosexuals.”

    Seriously, who pays attention to any of these nobody creeps?

    • Well said, LOL. Somebody notify me when y’all are ready to start forming SA and Freikorps battalions.

  4. Ambrose,

    I strongly disagree. Whites responded positively to Milo back in the day when he was just a writer/film reviewer for Breitbart News because…. he told the truth in so many politically incorrect ways like exposing angry feminism as a lie and bad choice for women, because he wrote a very funny, accurate extremely negative film review of the God awful Feminist remake of Ghostbusters.

    Milo did on a few occassion let the cat out of the bag and state that yeah, Jewish zionists did dominate the media.

    He was also charming and had courage and would hold the stage against hostile college/Leftist audiences. Do you know many/any straight, Christians in suits that have never had a beer or smoked an MJ that can do that?

    Milo Y was one of the first Alternative right/lite writers/activists to be deplatformed by Twitter and Zuckerberg’s Facebook – so he must have been doing something right.

    Please do not fall in to the trap of jumping on the bandwaggon to kick someone when he gets taken down by the viciously anti White system. This happened to David Duke, Nick Griffin, happening now to League of the South. People go for so long without a spokesmen, leader and then when someone comes along and speaks for us he gets people’s hopes up and then when they get beaten down his supporters turn on him, deny him like St. Peter.

    No – Milo wasn’t “The One’ The savior, neither are any of us. I note Victor Orban and Vladimir Putin are holding pretty solid – at least for their subsets of Indo European White people. They don’t kiss ZOG’s ass. Real Politics it’s called.

    • OK, this deserves a full gamma-wall-of-text response.

      “Don’t kick a man when he’s down”.

      Tell that to the Alt-Lite!

      Milo kicked Richard Spencer when he was down, Tommy Robinson kicked Nick Griffin when he was down, everybody on the Alt-Light had a big laugh at the expense of Matt Parrott (a better man than the entire Alt-Lite combined), and the entire Alt-Lite treats David Duke as if he were Satan incarnate (which he isn’t).

      “They’re on our side”

      On some issues, to a certain extent.

      They want to restrict immigration just *barely* enough to protect the Israel lobby and the sexual revolution from anti-semitic, culturally conservative brown people.

      They support just *barely* enough free speech to keep their own social media presence monetized, but they are the first to cheer for the censorship of the more honest, more principled nationalists.

      In other words, the Alt-Lite is indistinguishable from Conservatism Inc.

      They want money, they cuck on cultural issues, they shill for Israel, they aren’t even all that solid on immigration, and they attack real nationalists with astonishing venom.

      Paul Singer can have no fundamental objection to these people.

      “Do you know many/any straight, Christians in suits that have never had a beer or smoked an MJ that can do that?”


      The Groypers, crucifix in hand. Or Tucker Carlson and Pat Buchanan, for that matter.

      Fabulous flaming fantastic faggots are boring.

      Jesus and America are edgy and fun.

      If the Groypers had come at TPUSA with nothing but wonkish NumbersUSA immigration talking points, TPUSA would have held their composure and the audience would have been bored to sleep.

      But the Groypers were smart, they shredded TPUSA in a crossfire of cultural, foreign policy and immigration questions.

      U.S.S. Liberty, anti-BDS vs. 1st, dancing Israelis, “How is anal sex conservative?” ruffled TPUSA feathers, made them lose their cool, got the audience laughing, built the energy – then, when the time was right, in came the immigration questions for the kill.

      The lesson is, don’t cuck.

      The religious right cucked on immigration and foreign policy, the Alt-Righ cucked on culture, the Alt-Lite and President Trump cuck on everything, and it hasn’t done any of them any good.

      But candidate Trump, Tucker Carlson, Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter, Viktor Orban and the Groypers go from strength to strength because they never cuck on anything.

      Boomer mentality – “The left wants to take X, Y, and Z away from me. I care most about X, therefore I will preemptively cede Y and Z to appease the left. I will even join the left in attacking those who want to preserve Y or Z, but are willing to cede X.”

      Groyper mentality – “Give me back my X, and my Y, and my Z, plus interests, you damn worthless leftist worm!”

  5. A kike faggot who takes black cock up his cornhole….such a wonderful representation of our values and our people.
    This country will burn…i can’t wait.

  6. We must never make the mistake of talking to or working with people like this again. We have enough people now, there is no reason that anyone questionable should be given any space by us.

    What happened to Ricky Vaughan by the way? He was an obvious plant. He was on the TRS forum telling people not to talk about white interests or race and their faggot mods were banning people who were arguing with him.

  7. The extent of the alt-lite’s radicalism is in being anti-Muslim. Milo sees that truth – and because of that, humor – is on the side of the dissident right. He is attracted to that in some way. He likes Nick Fuentes. Even as his own past puts him beyond saving as far as Conservatism Inc. is concerned, he hopes to save the alt-right from its “antisemitism” so that he can indulge his fetish for a bit of truth.

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