The Persistence of Neoliberalism Despite Its Loss of Legitimacy

In 2016, we supposedly had a “national populist” revolution, but at the policy level we have only gotten bigger tax cuts, more sweeping deregulation, the most intense Zionist foreign policy in American history and record levels of military spending. The Trump administration also tried to subvert and overthrow the government of Venezuela.

Tucker Carlson criticizes neoliberalism from the Right:

David Harvey criticizes neoliberalism from the Left:

If there was a referendum on neoliberalism, it would lose in a landslide. The vast majority of Americans oppose neoliberalism while disagreeing on social issues. We vote against it and it persists anyway. Institutions haven’t been reformed.

I’m not sure what can be done. We elected Trump in 2016 who self financed his own campaign and ran against Wall Street which backed Hillary Clinton. After he won the election, he put Gary Cohn in charge of the economy and cut in all the big donors. It was all one big scam. We didn’t vote for Donald Trump to give Mark Zuckerberg a tax cut, but that was the result of the 2016 election. It was a personality contest which didn’t change the policy status quo.

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  1. “If there was a referendum on neoliberalism, it would lose in a landslide.”– a neoliberal abuse of English. Review use of subjunctive mood.

  2. ‘The vast majority of Americans oppose neoliberalism…!

    The vast majority of Americans lack even the most rudimentary analysis into the topics posted here at OD!

    There is the idea that you can ‘influence’ or begin to ‘control’ a system when you reach about the level/impact of 13%! Then there is somehow initiated- though invisible- counterforces sufficient to undermine or dissolve the system within itself. THIRTEEN PERCENT!

    Where are our Vikings for 2020 and beyond! The just will be admitted into the ‘House of Song’ as the eschatological character of events begins to show itself.

    Zarathustra: May we be those who will renew existence!

    Ahura Mazda: To whom would you address your worship!

    Zarathustra: To thy Fire!

  3. Neoliberalism is essentially the ultimate Jewish ideology. Almost to a man, Jews always seem to be “fiscally conservative, socially liberal and pro-war”. This worldview is the expression, and enabler of what Marx considered the Jewish soul of greed and usury. Neoliberalism “globalizes” Jewish economic power it and when Jewish power has the US military as its proxy too, well, what are we against them?

    • Almost to a man, Jews always seem to be “fiscally conservative, socially liberal and pro-war”.

      Jewish interests obviously benefit form neoliberalism, but this particular statement is comically incorrect and ignorant.

  4. The system is based upon money. The money is based upon debt. Unbridled debt is destructive. The debt has piled upon beyond the point of no return, it cannot be paid back in anything but inflated dollars or the debt can be repudiated, in whole or in part.

    Trump has boasted that he is the “King of Debt”. He has also used bankruptcy to get out of unprofitable business deals. In a financial crisis the “King of Debt” may repudiate the debt rather than destroy the dollar through inflation.

    When the ugly day arrives and the next financial crisis is here (like 2008 only worse) that will be the end of current political arrangements. Liberalism needs a river of other people’s money a mile wide to function. When the money goes bad it’s good riddance to liberalism. No more grifting for Charlie Kirk, David French or any of the cucks, right or left.

  5. Neoliberalism stands about where Soviet communism stood in 1980. Samizdat and communism’s own dead inertia brought USSR down by the end of the decade.

  6. neo liberalism/liberalism/socialism/progressivism/democracy are ALL NOTHING MORE then ‘children’ of the Libertine movement i.e. JACOBINS.

    By the way.
    Who supports, propagates , champions and festers liberalism and all other forms ????

    Oh yeah THE FCKEN BOOMER !!

    The ONLY Western generation where it’s highest contribution the ONLY reason for existing is to DE CONSTRUCT European civilization and TAKE from future generations and NEVER GIVE or construct ANYTHING that builds for upon the previous generations.

    boomers are WORTHLESS and a force of DESTRUCTION !

  7. To HW.
    I believe you need to re educate your self with the concept, the story of the Gordion knot !

    YOU CANNOT “reform” these so called institutions for the simple reason, their very existence is purely exclusionary.
    They exist to KEEP THE STATUS QUO, not to serve the people.

    Your so called reform can ONLY come about with their ABOLITION and DESTRUCTION.

    Begin to think of the Day After, not to how “reform” a CANCEROUS body !!!!

  8. You have grappled with the crisis of liberalism. Do you plan to review Professor Peter Simpson’s “Theocracy’s challenge”.

    Peter Simpson has published “Theocracy’s Challenge” presenting a cogent argument for the superiority of theocracy over secular liberalism. It concludes:

    “The modern world has prided itself on getting rid of a theological power capable of commanding and restraining the political. Its much-touted claim is that we have thereby secured for ourselves a freedom unknown and inconceivable by a past under the deadening thrall of priests. But pride, as they say, goeth before a fall. Few things in human life can be trusted pure and left alone without external check and restraint. Most men are no more angels than they are devils; they oscillate between the two. To ensure that none become devils, or that any who do can never hold power unchecked, the universal practice of the pre-modern world, pagan or Christian or something else, where the temporal power exercised political authority in necessary concert, peaceful or conflicted, with the spiritual power, needs to be revived. One way or another theocracy will have its revenge.”

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