Tommy Robinson’s Shalom

Tommy Robinson is officially cancelled.

Note: Baked Alaska, MILO, Tommy Robinson and all of these Grift Right ecelebs need to stay buried.

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  1. Every politician or political group should be judged by their views on Jews and Israel before considering anything else. If there is bowing and scraping to Jews or support for Israel, then none of their other views should be taken seriously.

    • As far as political litmus tests go, it’s hard to top that. It’s actually quite incredible that Tommy is unaware of what a total wanker he is being. The idea that the yids are going to help this pathetic sad sack advance his own agenda rather than near-exclusively their own is laughable beyond words. It’s sad to think someone with so many years in the trenches could actually remain so politically clueless.

      Even if you don’t care about Palestinians (and deep down, who the hell really does?), to go out of your to plead Israel’s case surely ranks as political idiocy of the first rank. ZOG utterly owns all mainstream parties, lock, stock and barrel. The last thing ZOG needs — regardless of what Tommy’s handlers are whispering in his ear — is some low rent rabble-rouser to go out and bat for it.

      • I agree their has been alot of unlikeable disgusting irish American shills in the last 50 years but lets not paint every irishman with the same brush huh?

        Get off your high horse Rob, there are shills and traitors of every nationality

  2. The Cuck Island ruling elite has put Robinson through hell. He was tossed in the clink for wrongthink, and has almost lost his life in prison; the UK penal system is filled with ragheads, any one of which would’ve loved to kill an infidel exposing the muzzie sex trafficking gangs. But, Robinson could’ve used his ordeal to bring together Brits to the nationalist cause. Instead, he cucked, going on about how his best friend is black, how important it is to not be anti-Semitic, and standard grifter talking points like that. He had a golden opportunity to raise up a nation and start taking it back, but threw it away in order to not offend people guaranteed to not support him. Cuckservatives seem to have a need to sabotage the goals of their own side. Don’t virtue signal, fight back.

  3. When the bolsheviks took over Russia, one of the first things they did is murder 40 000 intellectuals, the thing is, they had to have identified, located and tracked those intellectuals long before they took over Russia..the present day jew right seems to be about that..identify, locate and track their opposition.

      • One thing is for certain, jews are operating a massive surveillance/smear/gangstalking network in major urban centres in ALL western looks like they are destroying their opposition with more finesse these days…I dont doubt for a second that MANY outspoken Nationalist supporters are now subjects of surveillance/smear and gangstalking campaigns(Zersetzen), where, all of a sudden, the targets start having “bad luck” with their vehicles, women, family, friends,work etc..what they do is try to destroy people and make it look like a series of misfortunes…then, once the target is financially and socially devastated, they start gaslighting and harassing the target until the target snaps and is imprisoned….Several mass shooters have complained about being gangstalked beforehand…All Patriots and Nationalists should be made aware of this program so they can see the signs of this crime and take evasive measures.

  4. I was banned from the “gateway pundit” for informing that “tommy” or otherwise known as Shabbos goy is NOT a nationalist but a controlled opposition top the real Englsh Nationalists, like BNP.

    From then on, I was a neo nazi !!

    In fact this little piss ant this jewish gopher, infiltrated the BNP and began to subverted from the inside out !!

  5. there should be no doubt now that he’s a shill. the chutzpuh of these fucking kikes. no one cares about a few jews’ feelings while there are thousands of children raped by muslims, men jailed over criticizing islam on facebook, young women homeless on the streets, and the elderly and war veterans thrown out of their flats for incoming muslim families to live in them.


  6. All the weeping and wailing over anti-Semitism while anti-Whitism goes on thousands of times every day and no one notices or cares.

  7. So depressing. I looks like the only remaining non Zionist slave Nationalist still having mainstream, normie success are in Central and Eastern Europe. Poles, Hungarians and most Russians manage to do OK, they know the score regarding the JQ, don’t persecute the Js or lick their boots. We in the English speaking Anglo sphere have pretty much NADA.

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