The Final Solution To The Coomer Question

UPDATE: China has banned pornography.

Should pornography be banned?

In the wake of #NoNutNovember and reports that consumption of pornography is rewiring the male brain to a juvenile state, the topic seems to have reached a boiling point. It is all over my timeline. Everybody is chiming in this afternoon with their take on the issue.

Is a ban on pornography the opening act of implicit “post-liberal” anti-Semitism? First they came for Coomer and I said nothing? The pornography industry is owned by Jews and it is an issue which social conservatives broadly agree on. Mainstream conservatives can oppose it like us without explicitly having the balls to acknowledge that it is a Jewish project.

Note: Libertarians are like Nick Gillespie and Austin Peterson are howling with outrage.

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  1. Those who condemn pornography the loudest usually have thousands of images of naked Oriental boys in their computers. If you don’t like porn then don’t watch it or buy it. Moral crusades are BULLSHIT.

    • Spahn,

      Absolutely right!

      Religious Right imbeciles like Edwin Meese and John Ashcott who both draped a tarp over Lady Liberty holding the scales of justice because of a ‘nipple slip’ on the statue. I remember shaking my head with so much torque watching those two goofs holding press conferences with the hidden statue in the background. Just as embarrassing was when some ‘holy rollers’ insisted on putting a fig leaf over Michelangelo’s statue of David.

    • That’s Libertarian BS. Any white State worth a shit needs to regulate (eradicate) Jewish filth including pornography.

    • In National Socialist Germany they would have sent all the pornographers to the camps.

      But that Germany was destroyed, the Conservative movement is dead in America, and Whites are fast becoming a minority.

      So there will not be a porno ban until this country breaks up and that may not happen for 50 or 100 years, or not at all if Elon Musk’s rockets work, and bring infinite riches back to America from outer space.

    • “Those who condemn drugs the loudest usually have stashes of cocaine and meth hidden in their homes. If you don’t like drugs then don’t take or buy them. Moral crusades are BULLSHIT.”

      That’s what you sound like.

      • That’s actually true though. The whole ZOG apparatus, from local police up to the FBI and CIA and military, is the biggest drug dealer in the world. The “war on drugs” is the excuse they use to mass-incarcerate poor people (poor Black people in the 80s, poor White people today) even when they and their Jewish masters like the Sackler family are importing and spreading the drugs in the first place.

        Internationally the “war on drugs” is a tool to bully, invade and terrorize any country that ZOG doesn’t like (just like the “war on terror”), even while ZOG is in cahoots with all the world’s biggest drug runners. They say that the Taliban run the Afghan heroin trade when really it’s their pederastic buddies in the Northern Alliance and the “good” Afghan government. There was no opioid epidemic when Afghanistan was under the Taliban.

        But our kindly Jewish capitalist masters and their ZOGlings want you to know they HATE drugs and want to protect you from this scourge.

        The thing is, under the present regime, I don’t really see any similar motive for ZOG to ban porn. Most pornographers are Jews and the last thing our government would do is take on Jews. The porn industry is the ultimate expression of Jewish neoliberal spirit which is the common ideology of the whole system.

        Maybe as an excuse to crack down on “hate speech” and dissent, but they can find other ones.

      • The whole argument is self defeating anyway; if a drunk tells you not to drink alcohol because it could lead to terrible dependence and other health issues, hollering “you are just a drunk” is idiotic.

        Anyway, lolbertarians delenda est. Guillotine the libertine.

    • That’s so stupid.

      It’s the same argument someone uses against those who oppose homosexuality. They say that the person must be a closeted homosexual. If moral crusades are bullshit then why have any morals at all?

  2. Keep this in mind, the last time anti-porn crusaders made waves was in the 80s. Religious Conservatives aligned themselves with the likes of (((Andrea Dworkin))) on this issue. This did two things. First, it made pornographers more appealing to Joe Six Pack. Second, it showed that the Religious Right was morally bankrupt for aligning themselves with radical feminists.

    “Respectable” Conservatives against pornography are a doomed lot. The reason being, they cannot name The Jew. They are shackled to The Tribe, and believe they have a duty to “Bless” Israel. The only way to stop porn is to name the Jew.

      • I was just wondering if I had been transported back to the 1980s.

        Yup, the Christian Right lost back then like they lose on everything. Their “Big Return” to politics in the 1980s, is what powers the Zionism of today.


        Everywhere I look on twitter there is an Alt-Right kid whining that he can’t keep his hands off his willy. Do ya’ll know how weak that makes you look? This movement is embarrassing.

        We’ve gone from ZOG boy Trump -> to Gook Gang -> to Catholic no dinosaurs Sarah Palin level stupid and “Help me government, I can’t keep me hands off me willy!”. What will be the next issue of the day, when this fails like all the rest?

        The government isn’t going to do anything for you. That includes banning porn, banning abortion, stopping massive immigration, or giving you UBI, because They. Don’t. Care. What. You. Think.

        Everything that is happening is part of your Planned Extinction. Learn to do for yourselves, or you will go extinct.

        • Couple of things. First, the Religious Right was never set up to win. Once the power of the Catholic Church had been curtailed, Evangelicals were set up to take on the Culture Wars. Only problem, they largely were a rent-seeking operation. Lots of grifters and con artists. Second, they were too dumb to realize they were being played. They were largely used to “Bless” Israel–nothing more.

      • Spawn (above) must be a Jew-lover, then.

        I would agree- the people who do the porn should be stoned in public, or the modern equivalent. It degrades a society, it infantilizes the men who do it (women are another matter), it makes slaves of those who call themselves ‘actors,’ it involves, drugs, depravity, disease, and death.

        If it must be allowed (why?) then the dirty book store model at least holds the stigma of shame, which is a strong element in curtailing the production, promotion, and availability of porn.

        Internet porn should be illegal, punishment by death. Old Playboys should be burned in a mass ‘book burning’ like Hitler did, as a first step in repudiating this culture of death.

        • Father John,

          I believe on religious principles than explicit sex movies/magazines should be banned. Those who say it will still occur illegally miss the point. Society has to try to do the right thing otherwise it is complicit.

          Enforcement of laws usually helps otherwise why have any laws? Why not allow rape and murder and speeding after all they occur anyway rather legal or not?

          There could never be more explicit movies/magazines if effectively enforced only the same or less.

          • I might add that I believe in mere confiscation and banning of the really explicit material. A fine for selling it.

            It also is obviously legal in society for males and females to have sex with each other outside of marriage and that is way more explicit than watching a movie. And considered way more sinful by my religion since it involves another person and real sex is engaged in. I would never suggest a legal penalty for such activities,

            Therefore my support for a ban on explicit pornography is because of it’s public nature and how readily available it is to children.

            I do agree with some of the people on this thread that it is suspicious when one activity is concentrated on while everything else of greater importance is ignored.

    • There is more than one angle to be against porn, as you highlight. The American religious right is a pitiful lot. Their failings should not be imitated. Instead, we should seek to juxtapose an outright ban of pornography with an appreciation for tasteful works of the human body, as has been done in Europe for a long time before modernity.

      This will do two things.
      1) It will draw out all of the filthy degenerates who will promote pure filth.
      2) It will juxtapose them against us, who will be promoting a healthy and beautiful conception of human sexuality. This will be juxtaposed against a weird neo-puritanical stance that the religious right failed at, and the pure degenerate filth that left will promote.

      This is not only the correct and beautiful position, it is tactically the correct one.

  3. yes Jewporn should be banned. Except

    for one site that uses Jewporn as a bait-and-switch

    into other aspects of the Jew problem. And with a good deal of success,

    or so I have been told. Cf. the recently-added Kosher Tropes page

    on Red Princesses; most have their clothes on, but

    some don’t.

  4. Ban porn ???

    ..they’ll just move offshore, outside the jurisdiction of the US.

    I know what they need to ban. Something that causes a lot more problems than porn, take a guess.

  5. No Fap is fake & gay. Politics of personal responsibility is a mechanism of control, not revolution. It leads to endless purity spiraling as civilization collapse is projected onto the failures of the populis instead of the elites in control.

    The coomer memes wreaks of projection and insecurities. It also fails to recognize the contradiction of being a chad and yet incapable of creating a happy family. the coomer meme would be more effective if it was the image of the chad, and him being able to bang endless amount of bar sluts but not being able to start a family. Which is why i call the coomer meme incel projection. Many coomers are fit, healthy, attractive and getting laid but unable to start a family. Which in my mind is more accurate and a hard hitting meme, because even if you’re getting laid. You’re still not doing anything but coomimg. But instead it’s another failed meme. (I’ve also thought pol memes/alt right memes sucked)

    But yes, porn should be illegal and i 100% agree with spencers take.

  6. While certainly not an advocate of “hardcore ” pornograpy, this sudden moral stance just in time to rally the boomercons for 2020 is more transparent than Scotch Tape.

    Not only is this an excursion doomed to fail (too many reasons to list), but it’s full of sound and fury that will amount to nothing other a lot of hypocrites making noise.

    Pornograpy like nuclear weapons technology has escaped the Genie’s bottle, and even if the USA “banned ” pornograpy it would still be easily accessible (again too many ways to list) to anyone who would want to view it.

    How well did Eighteenth Amendment prohibit consumption of alcoholic beverages, or the “war on drugs ” stem cocaine, marijuana, heroin, or meth amphetamines supply and demand? Both instances drove the these vices underground into criminal cartels that further corrupted politicians and law enforcement officials.

    If our society wasn’t already severely pozzed, and provided healthy Aryan mind, body, and spirit alternatives for our youth then there would not be the brain short circuiting epidemic that these same “conservative ” and religious right shills have ignored or just paid lip service to for decades.

  7. Implement a law like in Israel where you to contact your ISP to lift the blanket ban on porn for you. That way, parents would have more control.

    • Don’t forget that after your ISP gives access to porn site for some israeli citizen then by ilsaeli law your ISP account goes in to a national register !!

  8. What is Richard Spencer’s rationale to ban porn? He is a self styled Nitzschean who disdains Christian morality.

      • So Spencer wants to ban porn, but legalise prostitution???

        So you will have these dirty old men bringing STDs back to infect their wives, and silly 18 year old girls ruining themselves for life. All while they are secretly filmed by blackmailers like Epstein.

        Do you support this sillyness, Hunter?

        I could understand the logic of a ban on all of it, but this is utterly retarded.

      • Spencer rationale boils down to a personal prejudice. The problem with Spencer’s thought is a common morality cannot be built on personal prejudices.

      • True Jim spencer hates Christian morality so why does he want to ban porn? Also why does spencer think government should implement legal prositution? I don’t trust they would do it right, if anything they would make it more expensive then it already is.

        I dunno bout this whole thing but its funny to see people take the moral high ground on this issue and demand more authoritarnism. I think until we can get girls to stop fucking dogs and nigs and have a answer to the final solution to the women question then we can officially ban porn and go back to normal lifestyle

    • Imagine if there was another temperance movement to ban the manufacture and sale of alcohol. I’m sure the Earl of Spencer would throw a tantrum like a little girl who just had her dolls taken away.

      • No , but you could do what AH did, outlaw the advertising of it.
        There are many other methods, like outlawing public consumption and liability laws. We could sure reduce the harm.

      • Spahn,

        Fermentation and distillation of alcohol is insanely simple to do. If toothless, barefoot, illiterate hill people could make “White Lightning” and “Apple Jack,” don’t you think RS could concoct something in his basement/cellar too?

        • November,

          One of our neighbors makes homemade whisky in his spacious garage.

          Since I am public and not sure of the laws I will not say whether or not he gave me a taste.

      • spahnranch1969,

        I agree. Alcohol is not sinful according to my religion. In moderation it is even healthy especially red wine. I can not imagine a Catholic country banning alcohol. Did any major christian country in history besides the USA ban alcohol?

    • There’s nothing “Nitzschean” about spanking the monkey to porn, and Christians hardly have a monopoly on “morality.” in fact, a Christian’s Jewish heroes in the bible engaged in incest, adultery and were OK with rape.

      Nitzschean morality is superior to the dismal Christian brand.

      • Mike,

        I agree.

        This ban pornograpy crusade which is bound to failure and will discarded by “CONservative politicians and the religious right ninnies that will vote for them less than a year from now.

        Porn ban, Afghanistan Papers, Blompf’s impeachment are all distractions to the sheeple to alter their focus away from the Epstein “suicide” Mossad operation, Israel annexing the Jordan Valley with Blompf’s and pompeo’s blessings, no border wall built, et cetera.

        But here we are with the fox news loving boomers and AmNats eating it up.

  9. Telling people they can’t have something makes them seek it out. Restrictions on socially unhealthy or damaging habits are necessary, but total prohibitions lead to terrible consequences. Look at what damage the drug war has done, and what alcohol prohibition did. Prohibitions lead to empowering power structures, both legal and illegal, at our expense.

    • Except prohibitions do work. It’s just that America is an enlightenment nation based upon Liberalism, which makes taking care of these issues almost impossible.

      • Prohibitions mostly work in authoritarian regimes, not in “democracy,” true. The defense of porn by people supposedly concerned about the social and moral decay of our culture is disgusting to read, btw.

    • What sort of amateur hour psychology is this? There are plenty of things I’ve been told to avoid in life, which I have. Do you have a desire to take fentanyl just because the Feds restrict it? If so, please take a healthy dose of it, and do the rest of us a favor.

      Alcohol prohibition was a smashing success as it relates to reductions in public drunkeness and abuse, and only ended as a way to increase tax revenues.

      • Things that people have been told to avoid because it’s bad for them have become popular after stigmas got attached to them, like rock, cocaine, gangster rap, video games, bath salts, etc., etc. You or I may not take fentanyl, to use your own example, but many others have done and do so, don’t they? You’re an ahistorical and generally unaware moron.

        As far as the “success” of prohibitions goes, your stupidity is showing. Violent crime and business failures went way up under alcohol prohibition, and the harm done by illegal liquor to people, from blindness to death, wasn’t exactly a shining example of its success, either. Drug prohibition has had even worse effects on society, which may be why you didn’t defend that one, you jackass.

      • Public drunkenness is a pitiful sight to behold, but not being able to handle their booze intake by ethnicity plays a big role in alcoholism.

        In Germany where there where drinking age laws were few or unenforced, public inibreation a problem like it is in Anglo, Celtic, Scot, and Slavic communities.

        I would have no issue with severely limiting the number of taverns/saloons/pubs in any given area, make “last call” no later than midnight, giving drunk drivers a minimum of 5 years in prison on their first offense that doesn’t harm someone other than the driver, and life inprisonment for an accident that maimed or killed a pedestrian, another driver, or passenger.

        Some of the ‘holy rollers ‘ on OD sound like they might enjoy life better under the taliban or Kim in North Korea.

  10. Even trying to ban it would be a waste o time, money, and resources. Any tools developed to ‘ban it’ would certainly be used for those against us who don’t appreciate ‘duh-versity’ enough.

  11. Coomer…

    Why do we need to have these esoteric terms for things that no adult with an established worldview is going to take the time to sift through our rhetoric and memetic bullshit on twitter to understand?

    Its adults, who will have established worldviews, that have the money, influence, knowledge and wherewithall to actually begin to roll back the rot of our once great society.

    Those sort of people, need nothing from us. We provide nothing to them except unmitigated risk to their livelihood and family… and nonsense words and shitty memes.

    Fringe subcultures are for fags and furries. Not members of the dominant demographic in a wealthy society.

  12. While in the United States I was always struck by the combination of degeneracy and puritanism. Meaning on main stream television if a woman walks naked and jumps into a swimming pool millions of people are outraged even with no sex involved. Yet on talk shows or mainstream movies 2 homosexuals or lesbians kissing each other is permissable if they are clothed and there is no national moral outrage. It is celebrated and few dare to condemn it.

    Weigh the relativity between the two examples above.

    I know men have strong sex drives. I was not only taught that but any social contact with guys will teach any female that. But can movies/magazines be limited at the very least? Meaning leaving something to the imagination on nude movies?

    I can not be the only person on this website who wishes they were in control so here I go again. If I was Queen anywhere I have to outlaw the really explicit material at the least. I would limit my enforcement to confiscation and a fine for selling the material. Any person found in possession just has the material confiscated. As hypothetical head of state not only would I have more important matters but you can not stop humans and their sexual desires. You cannot drive that away but you can lead them away from an obsession with hardcore material by having a society that promotes decency where the movies watched promote the best in both sexes.

    I believe the whole modern world is one big pornographic dung heap with or without explicit sex movies.

    • I would also like to add that in many countries normal women walk around dressed more immodestly than whores did 55-60 years ago. That probably causes more lust than movies.

    • I agree with you. But, some on here plainly don’t want to give it up for obvious reasons. And, I find it interesting that no one who supports it has distinguished between adult heterosexual porn from child porn and gay porn.

      • Snowhitey,

        Thank you. Significant that the females on this site are against hardcore but with the men it is a mixed result. Your comment on some of them not distinguishing between different types of porn is interesting.

  13. The (((people))) with dual citizenship who are behind the porn industry in the West almost exclusively in a dominant way, what do they have to say about Israel’s laws in regards to porn access to israeli citizens ????

    There is the answer to the porn addiction problem in western countries !

  14. Hard porn should be banned, except in 3 or 4 licensed “sex ed” courses for young’ns about to get married. Women need to understand the “responsibility” of having a husband. Soft porn is ok along with nudity. It’s part of life. While we’re on the subject, rub n tugs should be 100 % legal … but prostitution illegal.

    Hard porn, legal pot, things like this are slithered into societies to weaken them. Filth like Soros are behind a lot of it.

    As far as religious hypocrites re : porn … people are people. Fighting sin is an ongoing battle Christians win more often than they lose. NO man is without sin … no not one. Setting standards and what’s legal and illegal HELPS make it easier for a society in general to be “more moral.” Remember, to make our 2nd Confederacy last, we’ll need to be moral and informed.

    • Gray Ghost,

      I do not think we girls need an explicit sex course or movie to prepare us for marriage. My girl friends and myself have already been taught that when we marry that we can not deny our husbands sex when he wants it. Also that any action is permissable as long as a man’s seed reaches it’s natural intended target. That is almost an exact quote.

      I almost forgot to mention that in Catholic belief the husband can not deny the wife sex either when she is feeling frisky. One of the few times my religion grants us equal rights with men.

      • Cristina,

        No to be impolite, but do you understand why a woman’s clitoris is analogous to a man’s penile glans?

        A female’s orgasm isn’t necessary for conception or procreation. Making sex enjoyable for females made them likely to to engage in the act more willingly than if it wasn’t pleasurable.

        Form followed function. Make sexual intercouse pleasant, and you’ll have lots of babies which was important when infant mortality was a serious concern, but thanks to SCIENCE (not prayers or JC) infant mortality and mothers dying during childbirth are minuscule in the developed world nations.

        • November,

          Nice to hear from you. I of course when I marry have the right to sex and will demand it of my future husband a lot. And I will want unbridled pleasure as a wife.

          As a future wife I will be more than a mare only fit to breed.

          • Christina,

            I am quite familiar with the passion of women from Spain.

            Monika V of Barcelona was an amour of mine. She wasn’t passive or a “dead fish,”

            You remind me a lot of Monika. She too was very well educated, spoke three languages, and a sapiosexual.

            I do wish you and your future husband much happiness and a house filled with the sound of the pitter patter of little feet.

  15. Richard Spencer again??? He’s is your leader ???

    You people do not learn.

    When you wake up you might just find that you just wasted a lot of time and effort including other people’s hopes that you Richard spencer accolades, lead down the judas goat path !!

    Here is your White nationalist “leader’s” view point on abortion, i.e. liberalism !!

    Richard Spencer on Abortion with Josh Neal

  16. Porn is masturbation; defending porn is defending masturbation. The canard that those who oppose porn are its biggest users or those who oppose homosexuality are actually closeted homos has always revealed the truth about the accuser, and not the other way around. Watching other people of the same or opposite sex engage in sex is pathetic—the psychological more than physical self abuse of self-hating beta males.

  17. Richard Spencer is right regarding porn. But, No Fap is a different argument especially for older males where prostate cancer threats increase. The reproductive organs need to be exercised and built up bodily fluids need to be released regularly. No porn is good, but, if you’re older make sure to not forget that you don’t want to die of prostate cancer.

    And, regardless of porn, eventually every healthy and insured older male will have to submit to being violated by a doctor probing their excretion orifice to check for growth nodes on their colon…..


    • Let me see if I understand what you mean by, ” Richard Spencer is right regarding porn “.

      So, according to you,a possible leader of a nationalist movements in a western nation, is allowed to promote and to support subjective/voluntary infanticide of his own people, yeah??

      Is that what you agree with, or have I got it wrong???

      • Eksothen,

        What you’re getting wrong is that anyone still considers RS a leader. Those that still do may do so out of the lack of anyone else coming forward.

  18. I support banning porn in theory for the noted harm it does, but…let’s be honest, what happened when prostitution got cracked down on during that Backpage fiasco? The hooker ad sites moved to non US servers, and nothing really changed. Same thing will happen if porn gets targeted. The solution to the problem will have to be broader than just a ban—we will need to create a set of circumstances where young men won’t NEED to turn to prom for sexual release.

    We had such a world once and we can make it again, whenever we get around to building the ethnostate.

  19. DSA Striker Is Amazing
    ? @AarickStriger

    At the very least, porn sites ought to require meaningful age verification, where you have to prove through a scanned ID that you are over 18 before you use it. Just enforce the existing laws.

    The embarrassment of having to do that alone will reduce traffic to these sites.

    Mark Facebook
    ? @MarkFaceBk
    51m51 minutes ago
    Replying to @AarickStriger

    Striker, you know that answer that they will push is going to be Universal Online ID, right?
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    Check mate.

  20. You’d have to ban jews if you want to ban porn. They started modern porn on film and they are making massive profits from it and using it to push their subversions and perversities.

  21. Porn wan’t an issue in the 1970s and 1980s when computers could only display text. So the obvious solution to the Alt-Right’s porn addiction problems, is to return to the computing of that era.

    If you learn one of the open source operating systems like Linux or BSD, you can still get a 1970s text only experience, including web browsers, and best of all it is all free.

  22. Personally, I believe pornography should be banned. There is no need for it in a properly-functioning moral society. I don’t understand why anyone would call it entertainment. It is clearly far more degenerate and has a very negative impact on society as a whole.

  23. The Coomer Meme IMHO is stupid. No one thinks to ask why men prefer pornography to the real thing. One of the many things MGTOW is right about, is the fact that Trad Cons of all stripes (sadly this includes many on the “Edgy” Right) will shame men and give women a pass on their immorality. Say what you will about Andrew Anglin, but he is spot on in his understanding of White Women.

    A far more effective strategy of getting men to stop using porn, is not to shame them. Rather, tell men they are “Blessing” Israel every bit as those stupid Evangelicals that give money to (((The Fellowship of Christians and Jews))). Porn is largely dominated by Jews, and if you want men to stop looking at porn–Name The Jew. Otherwise, it comes across as moralistic.

    One last thing regarding White Women. As previously mentioned, to many men on the “Edgy” Right give White Women a pass on their degeneracy while at the same time calling men “Coomers”. I have yet to hear many men on the Alt.-Right push back on women who: Ride the cock carousel, get abortions, become unwed mothers, file false dv claims, keep children from seeing dad, file false child molestation claims, or divorce rape men. Porn isn’t nearly as bad for White Men as White Women are!

    • Nothing is as harmful to the White Race as are White men. White men have failed, for literally centuries, to protect our Race. Alleged WN males babble on and on and ON about “leadership” – and it means NOTHING. White men allowed Jews to take over centuries ago. Who is responsible for preventing White women from becoming whores? Who is protecting and educating ther daughter and sons? Women are completely inept at being men; White men took a powder from financial and social responsibility CENTURIES ago.

      So put up or SHUT up.

      • “Nothing is as harmful to the White Race as are White men.”

        NO WAY ! Alcohol and tabacco have caused far more harm than young males fapping.

        The rest of your comment is absolutely true. Men have been a gross failure in protecting our society.

        • Arian,

          “Men have been a gross failure in protecting our society.”

          To use a baseball analogy most of us were born in the bottom of the seventh or eighth inning, we find ourselves down 50-0, our opponent has all the highest paid hitters and pitchers in their lineup, and a four time Cy Young Award winner is warming up in the bullpen.

          It was the generations before us that got us into this hell world predicament.

          If you want to own the loss, you’re welcome to it. Be my guest.

          • @novem

            Yes, you’re right.
            It was principally men of adult age 1950 to 1970 that let all this slide. The greatest generation.

            Your analogy is very apt.

  24. Here is a money raising idea for some enterprising Alt-Right men. They could set up routers in people’s homes that block porn and other harmful sites, then return every six months to update the router’s software and banned sites list, or show the home owners how to keep it updated themselves.

    Remember the Ghost Busters movie? It would be exactly like that. Ring! RIng! “Please help us Porn Busters, our little Johnny is possessed!”

  25. It’s degenerate filth that rots the mind and soul, agree on that then decide on appropriate action.
    No fap is an excellent exercise in self discipline and self-control, much like eating right, working out, and just about any endeavor which is uncomfortable and challenges oneself.

    Porn is a drug and can destroy lives like any other drug. If you can’t handle abstaining you should argue for ‘responsible’ porn use, much like responsible drinking as opposed to being a drunkard.

    Aside from the negative consequences…. getting beat off by a man is gay, even if your the faggot doing the stroking. For any of the faggots on here who will want to argue, just know it’s because you are a slave to your own impulses.

  26. It’s an amazing feature of the modern nihilist that because massive pornification of society has happened, there is no reason to push back.

    And then, on top of the first retreat, double down by proclaiming that those who want to fight back are weak, have the most to hide, whatever.

    Absolutely atrocious nihilist libertinism.

    Just do Jew work for them. They love a good shabbos.

  27. So Hunter, do you support banning pornography? That’s unclear from your comments, at least to me. Honest question. By the way, Hugh Hefner was the son of a German-American father from Nebraska.

    • “Hugh Hefner was the son of a German-American father from Nebraska.”

      Supposedly he made a conversion to Judaism. He sure packed playboy enterprises with tribesmen.

      • The effective way to ban or tightly regulate pornography in the West isn’t trough a moral crusade but by the damage in can cause in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, mesolimbic (i.e., reward center of the brain) chemical imbalances equivalent to those of exogenous narcotic stimuli, and being the leading cause of hyper sexual disorder per DSM-V.

        Societal damage that can be linked to viewing pornography includes higher divorce rates in married couples that watch porn together or separately, strong indicators that violent images in pornography leads to increased violence to sexual partners, and it can also affect pair bonding by reducing sexual stimulation to an actual person.

        87% of college age men watch pornography monthly, 50% weekly, and 20% daily.

        31% if college age females view pornography (monthly, weekly, and daily percentages weren’t included in the joint NIH/Johns Hopkins paper that I am citing).

        One of the most startling findings was the correlation between individuals that watch child pornography and actually engage in sexual relationships with children was found to be 85%!!!

        So lets get pornography banned with the winning hand SCIENCE provided us. Deal?

    • I strongly suspect that Hef was a kike. Inspect that face. He had all the characteristics in appearance and behavior. If he wasn’t one, he sure was a full throttle honorary one.

    • Anything in excess is bad .
      But some things are dangerous because they easily lead to excess, I.e. alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gambling, porn etc.

  28. Yet ANOTHER Occidental Dissent thread that has generated a lot of heat but no light. Arguments about pornography and personal religious beliefs are pointless. They always bring all the self-righteous creeps and hypocrites out of the woodwork. The more someone inveighs against porn the more likely he is to have boxes and drawers full of it stashed away somewhere. Banning and shaming are negative, counterproductive tactics that DON’T work.

    • “The more someone inveighs against “…… Anything

      Seems to be human nature.
      Hypocrisy is something you can’t see in a mirror.

  29. George W. Bush did this in his pre-9/11 era, as a sop to the religious right. Obviously even if porn was made “illegal” it wouldn’t end it. That’s not the point.

    The point is to put pressure on the worst offenders. The Bush administration efforts prosecuted one particularly odious pornographer, caused a couple of other companies to voluntarily shut down to avoid prosecution, and eventually the “Girls Gone Wild” company was shut down. They had been essentially exploiting drunk girls and when an employee actually raped an intoxicated, underage girl they prosecuted. They weren’t even paying their “models.”

    The point of such a campaign in 2020 would be to, for instance, force MindGeek (MindGeek controls virtually all major commercial pornography) to stop openly advertising to children and perhaps force the main websites to require a credit card for age verification.

    The campaign against cigarettes didn’t stop people from smoking, but it absolutely did drive smoking underground and out of the public eye. I can remember when people smoked in the malls. Now they have to smoke outside by the dumpster. It improved society.

    P.S. Notice how the Libertarian Republic article shows a tasteful, non-nude, erotic picture of a man and a woman to represent “pornography.” How deceptive.

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