Two Kingdoms In The Third Reich

“It does not have to do with Jewish hatred – one can reach an agreement with serious Jews on this point – it does not have to do with blood, also not with the religious beliefs of Judaism. But it does involve the threat of a quite specific disintegrated and demoralizing urban spirituality, whose representative now is primarily the Jewish Volk.”

– Paul Althaus

“Our Protestant churches have greeted the turning point of 1933 as a gift and miracle of God.”

– Paul Althaus

This is interesting.

I’m watching this liberal professor whine about Christianity in the Third Reich. The vast majority of German Protestants were not Karl Barth or Dietrich Bonhoeffer. There were far more Protestants who supported the Third Reich than Himmler’s band of pagan LARPers. Most German Protestants interpreted Hitler’s seizure of power as a great triumph over communism.

In the wake of the Reformation, Protestantism used to be the basis of the social order in much of what is now Germany whether in the Lutheran or the Calvinist states. This state of affairs lasted for several centuries, but after the Enlightenment and the Napoleonic Wars secular ideologies like liberalism and communism began to influence the public and compete with the church and finally liberalism became the basis of the social order in the Weimar Republic.

Liberal Protestantism IS NOT synonymous with Protestantism. This was a later development particularly of the 19th century. Liberalism did not exist in Luther or Calvin’s time. National Socialism was another secular ideology and it too influenced German Protestantism. Protestantism isn’t necessarily liberal. It just happens to be so in our times because liberalism is ascendant due to how the World Wars of the 20th century played out.

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  1. Catholics in Europe also heavily supported NS Germany especially Croatia. My great uncle served in the Ustasha(Croatia) during WW2 and they were some of the fiercest fighters for Hitler in the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

  2. Again with the anti National Socialist propaganda. I’m just going to steer clear of any more religion-based threads on this site. They are way too negative and divisive.

  3. Liberalism was there much earlier than the 19th century, and in fact intellectual Protestantism began to fall apart as soon as it emerged

    Making a fetish of a book, texts, words, sermons … that was all culturally unsustainable … Proto-liberal Deistic types immediately appeared, Calvin helping burn one of them alive, and Lutheranism quickly evolved through Locke-Hume thought into the liberalistic Deism of Kant and Kierkegaard’s existentialist wrecking ball.

    Jewish writer Marcus Eli Ravage (1884-1965), boasted of how Luther was a Jewish stooge, set up to re-alienate Europeans from their own cultural roots, which they were re-discovering via the Renaissance revival of the pagan Latin & Greek classics. Ravage said Luther was a manipulated plant to restore the primacy of Jews in Western life, via the cult of a Jewish book:

    “You no sooner broke free from your primitive religious simplicity and attempted the practice of the pagan Roman learning that Luther armed with our Gospel arose to down you and re-enthrone our heritage.”

    Ravage said the ultimate source of anti-semitism, is Western unconscious resentment of how ancient Jews – Paul & co of the Bible – managed to impose a Jewish religion that demanded a wipe-out of native European cultural heritages. In ‘A real case against the Jews’, he said, “Your real quarrel with us is not that we have rejected Christianity but that we have imposed it upon you!”

    • Sometimes the jews understand us better than we understand ourselves. And yes, Christianity in the West might have died out 500 years earlier if not for Luther reinvigorating it.

      I really don’t see the point of anyone converting to a religion like Christianity that is in such an advanced state of decline. It would be like wanting to join the Elysian cult in late antiquity.

  4. Yes I’d say true Christianity has much in common with National Socialism. The idea of Social Conservatives really just means Socialist Conservatives who believe government should regulate social behavior. Funny enough the Republican Party has embraced all Conservatives especially right wing libertariantards but has now 100% ignores Social Conservatives. I think it’s because Republicans and Trump have nothing in common with Christians. The Republicans are all about limited government which eliminates all government regulations on social behavior, the economy, and the military industrial complex. The last thing I mentioned usually ends in War because on the Republican Party the Neocons get along with right wing libertarians because money rules. It’s really all a Jewish plot against the Church and White Race. Deo Vindice !

  5. It seems to me that most “Hitler Quotes” vis Christianity come from “Hitler’s Table Talk”. As far as I’m concerned that source has been discredited. So what’s left? Jewish pilpul…and this prattling limey is full of it.

  6. We will NEED Christians in full support to build The Confederate Party into The 2nd Confederacy. We better hurry too …

  7. I want to note that for a long time, among my Evangelical friends, Dietrich Bonhoeffer was looked on as almost a Lutheran ‘saint’ – if there could ever be such a thing. Yet, in reading a recent bio on Bonhoeffer, what I came away with, was a deracinated Aryan German who liked to slum in Harlem, listening to Jazz, enjoyed the cosmopolitan nature of NYC while he was in the USA, and was, by every measure of the people he revered, and the theologians he studied under, the prototype for the apostate ELCA Lutheran of forty years later, who tossed over ‘Orthodoxy’ as fast as they could, once the Episcopal Church paved the way for priestesses and sodomite clergy.

    In short, a heretic, a race traitor, and an all-around cucked individual, whose only claim to fame is that he took neo-Orthodox thought patterns and used them to conjure up ‘biblical’ objections to the NDSAP.

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