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  1. The future for a reborn Ireland lies in a SHARP 90 degree turn towards the Patriarchy.

    To DROP their pre-Christian fascination & worship in the nature of the female “goddess”.

    Unless they want to return to the era of Picts and druidism !

    Patriarchy is the Nationalist way. You can NOT conquer anything, not even your own self if you turn your back to the Order of Creation, to God’s Holy Order!

  2. watching the video discussion/meet – I have to say it is bloody refreshing to hear sure and confident men carrying the belief that THEY can and MUST turn things around for those that they Love – their family their extended national family and their very identity.

    That is the very yeast the starting block of Nationalism !!!

  3. The future of Ireland should be to return to the Celtic Pagan Gods, seize the means of production, implement socialism, and wage a war to liberate the north from the Judeo-British.

  4. I have to say what an excellent selection, HW, of attaching this video meet of MEJones, K Woods, J Waters and (a man I had not heard of before today) R Croft to the article.

    Brilliant choice !!

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