Tommy Robinson Is Very Angry

What are we doing?

I will tell you what we are doing. We haven’t sold out to Jews. We aren’t wearing yarmulkes and promoting Zionism and civic nationalism for our Jewish donors.

I take back every positive thing that I have ever said about Tommy Robinson. The Shalom documentary was the last straw. In any case, there are far better British YouTubers now and we promote their work here on a daily basis. We have moved on and shouldn’t be supporting these Alt-Lite relics like MILO, Gavin McInnes and Tommy Robinson.

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  1. Robinson has suffered for a cause and people he rejects. He’s a traitor and a complete fool. I contribute to and watch Way of the World, a pro-White, British nationalist making top-notch content. He has also publicly offered to give support and advice to people wanting to start making their own nationalist videos. Unlike Robinson, dedicated people like WOTW wouldn’t even consider taking Sanhedrin silver to betray their own kind.

  2. It is not just the Irish Mick Robinson, the Irish as a whole have whored themselves out to the enemies of Christ, Christianity and of God almighty. Not an isolated individual, not one bad apple in the bunch. The blood of the Irish is tainted with treachery. Irish blood is inferior and their conduct is beneath contempt.

  3. You didn’t disavow him when he sided with Antifa over Charlottesville?

    The Kosher Right privileges and worships Jews to an insane degree, similar to how the Kosher Left worships trannies (and Jews). Neither give a fuck about poor working-class Whites (or anyone really) who are actually suffering, it’s all about “leftist anti-semitism”, “alt-right anti-semitism”, “Muslim anti-semitism”, “homophobia”, “transphobia”, etc.

  4. Also, years ago Yaxley-Lennon abandoned and disavowed the fucking EDL (Kosher, Jewish flag wavers themselves) for being “dangerous far right extremists”.

  5. “tommy” you are yesterday’s flash in the pan.

    Now EVERYONE recognises you for what you are. O jewish gopher, a shabbos goy.

    In other words your have forgone your birth right to be a member of the indigenous peoples of old Albion.

    In other words go to israel you and people like you DO NOT BELONG in Europe.
    You are a TRAITOR !!

  6. He sounds ready for big time toadying at the AEI, Heritage Foundation, American Thinker/- Conservative/- Spectator, National Review, First Things, etc.

  7. Remember that the openly ethnic nationalist BNP was doing rather well ten years ago. Even Tommy was a member. Real nationalism will be back in the UK.

  8. Can’t the jews find any likable, charismatic shabbos goyim to shill for their Israel First agenda? Using ciphers like Tommy Rubinstein does nothing to improve the image of his beak-nosed masters, that’s for sure.

  9. Not sure how ppl thought a jewish homosexual, a dude who sticks things up his ass on TV at the behest of his jewish boss and a mossad agent, who makes literal “Schlomo” documentaries, was “Right wing..Alt right…nationalism, patriotism etc.” in the first place.

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