Boris Johnson’s Love Actually Parody Video

The British general election is on Thursday.

This is the closing argument of Boris Johnson and the Conservatives:

There is an interracial couple in the original version of Love Actually in 2003 which features Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead. Both are a reminder of how our liberal elite has used the tools of the mass media to aggressively push miscegenation into our culture. This used to be edgy in 2003 but now it is old hat in 2019. Liberals have moved on to transgenderism.

You don’t realize how bizarre and uniquely liberal this sort of thing is and how the role of conservative liberals like Boris Johnson in our system is to stabilize and normalize these leftwing cultural revolutions until you notice that authoritarian states don’t use the mass media to promote these values. The Chinese media doesn’t aggressively promote homosexuality and miscegenation. That’s because it doesn’t have liberalism or a hostile Jewish elite trying to undermine and destroy Chinese culture in charge of its universities, news media and entertainment media.

Suppose that Boris Johnson and the Conservatives win on Thursday. BREXIT finally happens. So what? What has been won? The Conservatives only object to Brussels because they want to be in charge of the destruction of British culture and the replacement of the British people.

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  1. I left a comment on the video. I wonder how long my comment will stay up. The vidoe, for those who have not yet clicked on,depicts a Race Traitor Mud Shark female, and he Negro beast “mate”.

  2. Hunter,

    Everything you say is true, but I think You/OD have been too negative of late. We don’t want to put out the Meme that everything is negative, all is lost, it’s hopeless so our people should just either give up, join the opiod addicts, flame out in mass murder suicides, join the Taliban etc.

    I agree that almost all the political news from England/UK is bad, negative and depressing. It’s fE#*&#@ England for God’s sake.

    But there are so many countries in Western Europe, Scandinavia and especially central and Eastern Europe where most of the political news is….

    Good news.

    Our populist, nationalist politics, good European culture, all White Sports, everybody is on board with stopping the Muslim migrant invasions and most are aware of the JQ. Why do you think Borat and the ADL hate the Russians and Eastern Europeans so much.

    I suggest you follow Russia today, everyday and write up maybe one blog each week here on OD that comments on the best RT story, photo essays.

    I have to warn you, Russia Today does like to feature lots of stories about pretty, sexy Russian women athletes, does swim suit photo presentations. I think that’s fine and helps build circulation.

    Who wants to look at photos of Angela Merkel or Ruth Bader Ginzberg every day?

    I sure don’t.

  3. Hey Hunter, did you know Johnson is actually secretly based on the race and Jewish question?

    Boris Johnson depicted Jews as controlling the media and being able to “fiddle” elections in a little-known 2004 novel written while he was a Tory MP, it has emerged.

    The Conservative leader was branded “unfit to be prime minister” over passages from Seventy Two Virgins, which also includes numerous other questionable portrayals of ethnic minorities.

    While telling the story of a fictional terror attack on Westminster Mr Johnson deploys descriptions of Kosovan Muslims as having “hook noses” and describes a mixed-race character as “half-caste”.

    The now prime minister also repeatedly uses racial slurs in authorial voice, introducing a group of characters as “pikeys”, an ethnic slur for travellers, and another as a “Chinaman”.

    Just kidding, he is a worthless traitor to his people.

  4. authoritarian states don’t use the mass media to promote these values

    Because they don’t have to because they don’t have any liberty.

    If you go the Mencuis Moldbug/Neo-Reactionary route, what do you get?

    The same Jewish oligarchy pushing the same degenerate values. Only now, you don’t have any freedom of speech to even complain. Funny how the anti-liberal neo-reactionaries can’t get enough power to replace the Jewish oligarchy, so instead they just want to get rid of liberty altogether, leaving that same Jewish oligarchy even more firmly in charge. How is that an improvement?

    Hint: it’s ain’t the “liberalism.” It’s something else.

    P.S. I remember a commenter on OccidentalDissent, over ten years ago, describing Iran’s Guardian Council as a good model.

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