How Horses Took Over North America (Twice)

As I have explained, I have started watching and sharing these science videos mainly because of how tiresome and repetitive it gets having to document and explain to our readers for the umpteenth time how liberalism has perverted and degenerated our civilization. I figured that out decades ago. I feel like it robs my attention having to react to David French’s latest take on toxic masculinity because that is where our culture is at these days.

In a sane world, I would spend more time pursuing my other interests rather than having to be on the front lines of the culture war. I’m also interested in things like space and astronomy, biology and the deep history of the earth. My father has a degree in marine biology. We’ve already seen how the camel is native to North America. The horse is also native to North America. Both species crossed the Bering Strait and immigrated to the Old World in reverse where they were domesticated before they were wiped out by the Indians in North America.

Do you remember Jared Diamond in Guns, Germs and Steel ever dwelling on this critical fact about the biodiversity of North America? It was a handicap that the Plains Indians didn’t have horses until the arrival of the Spanish because they had exterminated them in their native range. Imagine how much easier it would have been for Indians to travel across pre-Columbian North America if the camel and the horse hadn’t gone extinct here.

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  1. The prehistoric Indians may have also hunted the noble Mammoth, Mastodon and giant Ice Age Bison into extinction as well. Dummies.

  2. The Indians were definitely excellent horsemen, but they became so by imitating Europeans. If horses had existed in North America prior to their re-introduction by Europeans, would the natives have thought to tame them without that influence?

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