Democrats Unveil Trump Impeachment Charges

This is really stupid.

It is also terrible politics. I don’t even like Trump, but this is going to be a massive albatross for Democrats in 2020. Why not just let voters decide in the 2020 election? If a Democrat ends up defeating Trump in 2020, will Republicans treat a Democratic president as legitimate?

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  1. I don’t see why the R’s should accept a D prez as legit, but you know, in your bones, that they will.

    • The Republicans have no courage because they don’t believe in anything beyond getting reelected, getting reelected, getting reelected and money grubbing. The Republicans are worse than the Democrats because they are amoral i.e. indifferent as to whether an action is right or wrong, only whether the action benefits them. Their philosophical outlook, such as it is, comes from the world of capitalism which is completely indifferent to moral questions, only maximizing profits.

      The Democrats have a twisted, perverted form of courage, sort of like the courage of a drunk. They continue to blunder forward in their evil causes because they actually do believe in something, always something bad but they do believe in their evil causes. The Democrats are immoral i.e. they deliberately and with full knowledge choose to do evil; they are not indifferent as to the moral effects of the choices they make like the Republicans.

      This is one reason the Democrats have survived and even prevailed in politics, you can’t beat something with nothing. The Republicans have nothing for anyone except for their loathsome donors, they are the ultimate grifters. Good riddance to them when they end up on the ash heap of history like their predecessors, the Whig party.

  2. I can’t bear hearing that braying old whore…look at that collection of ugly mugs behind her…and that despicable kike…they will regret this foolishness.

  3. It’s all Theater, Wallace – what part of that don’t you understand? You are nothing to these sociopaths but they do appreciate you playing your role of True Believer in the American Dream.

  4. Funny how this happens the day after the DOJ IG report comes out. Said IG report saying the FBI screwed up 17 times on the FISA stuff.

  5. Just look at that top photograph. That rogues gallery are what call the shots in the United States House of Representatives. The whole world gets to see who’s running the show, along of course, with Blompf kissing Sheldon Adelson’s diaper rash zionist ass.

    It actually gives me hope that this country cannot go exist like this too much longer.

  6. Up on that stage were four jews, two fake cat licks in Pelosi and an Irishman from Massachusetts and the annoying black Maxine Waters. Soon 80 percent of Democrats will be Jews, blacks and browns.

    This impeachment stuff has been the dumbest stuff ever. Suddenly three years of Mueller is not even mentioned and a Hail Mary pass on the Ukraine became the main thing.

    The Jew coup has been very weak and increasingly Democrats in Trump districts want out begging for censure over impeachment. They are up to 10 members now. If it keeps increasing, they won’t even have the numbers to impeach Trump.

    The Jews snoozed on this one and will lose. Trump is going to be reelected and I would expect the House to go back to Republican. Gee, maybe they will even give money for the full wall by then instead of this taking from the military budget and consistently have an Obama judge try and stop it. We just want a wall like Israel has. That upsets the likes of Nadler, Schiff, Schumer and the vacant eyed goy, Pelosi.

  7. It’s a strange feeling to realize there are no adults in charge of this country. America has become a laughingstock.

    • With Trumps ‘anti-semitism’ crusade, this country is DAMNED. Covenantally cursed. And all as a result of the Juden, who should be held culpable for ‘crimes against humanity,’ starting with Calvary.

      DEATH to the Jew World Order.

  8. A recent John Mark youtube video concludes with an ominous thought: the system could instigate WW3 as a false flag to preempt an organic CivWar2 that would very probably occur within the next 15 years after half the country’s realize they will never be able to participate in the political process again. A successful effort to remove Trump from office before he even gets a chance of being voted out next November would likely only speed up this course of events.

  9. The Red Shield does not want a war with Iran. They are trying to oust Bibi and Trump. It is a struggle between the bankers and the Likud crazies.

  10. Yea it’s probably bad for the Democrats in terms of the propaganda game in 2020. The Republicans will run Trump on the Democrats and everybody else being against Trump and that’s why he can’t get anything done. Of course he’s done plenty for the Donor Class of Jews and the Super Rich. He’s already delivered for those scum. However he’s done nothing but brainwash the White Working Class. I personally don’t have a problem with him being Impeached. I think he should be Impeached just because he’s Trump. I have no use for him. He should have never been elected President. He’s brainwashed people more than any President in my lifetime. I know Obama had Democrats brainwashed saying everybody was against him. Now the Republicans have copied that propaganda and saying the same thing about Trump. He should be Impeached but probably not over Russia or the Ukraine or some other foreign issue. He should be Impeached because of his social liberal views and being a liar. I think all politicians should be Impeached for the same reason. I have no use for a President or any elected official that don’t support our Southern Heritage & Culture and will never enforce or even recognize Yahweh’s Laws. Deo Vindice !

  11. I recall reading on normie sites that if Trump was impeached, that would be the beginning of Civil War 2.0. The soyboys and their masters would be filling the ditches, because the true-blue patriots would be blowing the traitors away. The patriots are the ones with guns and know how to use them, so be afraid, be very afraid, leftist scum! Like I thought at the time, nothing will happen, besides the usual pronouncements about how the Dems are the real traitors, blah, blah, socialists, blah.

  12. I have a third position. Both Trump and Biden are guilty of quid pro quos in opposite directions. One demanding a prosecutor be fired, another that he be rehired. It’s not so simple to say that Trump’s action were justified because they undid a wrong, because Biden/Obama had the support of the entire establishment, it’s not like they did it for their own gain individually.

    Thus if you want to support someone who didn’t do quid pro quo, vote for Sanders or Warren. But then you have to put up with their refusal to penalizes illegal immigration, which is a point in favor of Biden. He still thinks it should be a crime.

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