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There are a lot of non-Christians who read this site who are alienated from Christianity for various reasons which they tend to assume are inherent to Christianity. This isn’t their fault. They weren’t raised as Christians and have likely been repeatedly told this by Christians. We’re constantly told that Christianity is incompatible with “racism” and “anti-Semitism” and that there is something called our “Judeo-Christian values” and other such nonsense. There are also American conservatives who say that Christianity is only incompatible with White identity.

Years ago, I originally bought into this myself. As I became more familiar with the history of Christianity, I ceased to believe it because you can’t find any number of modern concerns in the past. It began to dawn on me that a lot of things which I used to associate with Christianity are just a product of our own times or the more recent past and the culture that surrounds us. Some American Protestants are fanatical Christian Zionists while European Protestants have a much cooler attitude toward Israel. Similarly, American Protestants become less interested and worshipful of Jews the further back in history you travel from the current era of televangelism. Philo-Semitism and Zionism is at an all time high because Jewish power is at an all time high, but that wasn’t the case in 18th and 19th century America.

Most non-Christians are familiar with the big divisions within Christianity between Roman Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox. They tend to be less aware of the split that has developed within Christianity since around 1800 over how to respond to the growth in power of the secular world. Christianity isn’t the foundation of our social order anymore. Now, liberalism is the foundation of our social order and Christians are split between liberal Christianity, which has tried to chart a middle course and accommodate the secular world, and more orthodox versions of Christianity, which have also been influenced by the same big shifts in mainstream culture.

Let’s suppose for the sake of argument that you wanted to study religion in the Soviet Union. Could you understand religion in the Soviet Union without understanding communism? No, you couldn’t because the dominant communist ideology had a distorting effect on Christianity. This seems so obvious to us when we think about non-liberal regimes. We don’t think as much about how the dominant ideology of our times has shaped the world around us.

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  1. ” No, the real question is whether Christianity is compatible with liberalism because the faith is DYING UNDER LIBERALISM. …/…. “

    A good question, straight to the point of the issue.
    The issue being, the role of Christianity in today’s world.

    My mind is already made up and I am prejudiced enough not wanting to play the Devil’s advocate – literally – waste time by playing the apologist of today’s world.

    I believe there are two forms of Christian realities in today’s world.
    The Christian world that does not depend on the hierarchy of the formal church and their man made doctrines, for their Faith to be strong.

    And the other Christian world where the people that adhere to it, depend very much on the man made church hierarchy for their feelings of “salvation” and their emotional affirmation and appeasement.

    By the way, the title of the documentary ” Protestants: The Faith that Made the Modern World “ is not something, for anyone to brag about.

    In fact it is something that should make a Christian hide in shame.

  2. True Christians are not to conform to the world, meaning the corrupt systems of the world such as liberalism. Many professed Christians in the U.S. conform to liberalism to advance their social and economic status. They aim to please men, not God. Christ commanded His followers to be salt which prevents decay. Modern “Christians” are sweet sugar which promotes decay.

    • TRUE Christians are supposed to leave EVERYTHING behind; family, friends, all kinvolk, culture, history, and EVERYTHING to be the “sheep” of the Jewish facsimile of Osiris and Balder.

      The dupes that swallowed this poison, for centuries, have led us to our present predicament – annihilation.


    • This isn’t “liberal Christianity”, it’s just various recycled heresies that appeal to the modern “liberal” mind. Christianity has seen these heresies before, basically the denial of sin, universal salvation etc. in previous centuries. So far there is no organized opposition from what’s left of Christianity to mount a counterattack as in previous centuries.

      The growth of atheism over the last two centuries is new and the disintegration of the Catholic Church which had successfully defeated heresies going back to Arianism and Manichaeism is also new. We live in the age when Modernism, the “synthesis of all heresies” has triumphed, at least temporarily. This too shall pass.

  3. Sorry, mate. Nobody takes Christianity seriously anymore. You’re really wasting your time obsessing about this irrelevant topic again and again and spamming your own web site. I bet it’s a big yawn for most of us. It’s just neither here nor there. It wasn’t liberalism that finished off Christianity but Darwinism. I’m very comfortable with Darwinism as part and parcel of White Nationalism. The Jew, for one thing, fears Darwinism.

    • I agree with you, Kaiser Friedrich. Nietzsche, Marx and Darwin were the 19th century’s holy trinity which dealt the fatal blow to Christianity in the West.

    • Da Jyuu fiars muh jyuu darwin endi muh marxi

      Darwin was fake.just like einstein and the rest of the modern “science”

  4. I just read your 4 paragraph prologue to this article, H W.

    And I believe that you laid down some real pragmatical problems that arise when we try to interpret and or understand either subjectively/individually or communally, Christianity within the environment of the society we live in today, with all the current symbolisms that go with today’s world and “swim” within our heads.

    It was a frank attempt.

    I like to raise 3 points:

    First point is a rhetorical question:
    How can one decipher the meaning of the Bible/New Testament by the same tools of social discourse that have been imposed to the people by the (((people))) that run your culture?? (Note how the speaker of the first video as if second nature to him, he made a point to allude to imply that German Nationalism and for that matter Nationalism in general is something too stay away from, to avoid since it will bring catastrophic results).

    Second point:
    Is that as orthodox Christians, we rarely refer to the Bible.
    When we refer to Christianity it is almost always, unless there is a particular reason so, referencing the New Testament.
    This attitude – mostly implied, taught by example – is preached in our Churches, by the priests and Archbishops, where reference to the Old Testament is made ONLY for specific reasons, i.e. when in need to refer to the Book of Genesis, to the Prophets or to the book of Ecclesiastics.

    Third point has to do with my own observation:
    I strongly believe that the German version, i.e. the Nationalistic version of Protestantism, is the most relevant for a people who wish their Nation, their Society & social cohesion and more importantly their Family units to be and remain strong, to be as moral as possible and to promote to their young generations in their Education system Principles of Life values, that create strong principled young Men & young Women.

    I see similar view points/needs from the early 20th century German Protestantism with has been accomplished in the orthodox or East Roman Christianity. Almost an unofficial Ethno Christianity

    • To add to my comment above – a most crucial bit of advice wisdom that so painfully we are forced to learn from today’s world:

      Egalitarianism, humanism in the abstract/universal sense MUST BE THROWN OUT of the hearts and minds of our European/Western societies As Soon As POSSIBLE – the French holocaust “revolution” was the beginning of that DEVOLUTION that has brought European/Western societies in the state we are in today!!

  5. Brad, I, for one, want to Thank You, for your steadfast adherence to your Faith in Christ, despite those here who admonish and ridicule you for it. I was raised in a Church where sin was readily and clearly defined and eternal damnation was stressed as the ultimate consequence.

    I once had a gentleman ask me, in a very condescending fashion, if I was a member of a Church. When I started to respond that, No, I was not presently a member of a particular congregation, he began to nod in a knowing manner.
    I continued, saying, “All of these preachers want to speak of Jesus’ love and forgiveness. I think it’s about time we heard a little about God’s wrath and fury!” Taken completely off guard by my response, he literally staggered back, stammering, “Oh!… .. yeah… … you’re right… ….”

    If some of these folks here believe that they, themselves, are Supreme Beings, if they think their great, great grandmother was a monkey, if their Deities reside atop Mt. Olympus, or they look to Charles Manson for guidance, all we can do is pray for them. “It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.”

  6. HW, your embracing of Christianity so late in its terminal stage is like a man who is attracted to a woman who was a Playboy Playmate of the Month in 1957. She was hot looking back then but now she’s a senile, toothless old hag. You’re attracted to something that no longer exists!

      • When, pray tell, did we (presumably White founding stock Americans) ever have “a
        homogenous Lutheran culture”?

          • Hunter Wallace, your problem is that you think we only have 2 options either Christianity, or Atheism. Clearly you are not as bright as you make people think you are. Christianity and Atheism are two sides of the same coin. The future view of the divine is a nature centered Panentheism. I recommend these links for study.

            “The German is serious in everything he undertakes. He wants to be either a Christian or a heathen. He cannot be both. For our people it is decisive whether they acknowledge the Christ-creed with its effeminate pity-ethics, or a strong, heroic belief in God in Nature, God in our own people, in our destiny, in our blood.”

            “The peasant will be told what the Church has destroyed for them: the whole of the secret knowledge of Nature, of the divine, the shapeless, the daemonic. The peasant will learn to hate the Church on that basis… We shall wash off the Christian veneer and bring out a religion particular to our race.”

            “Yes, man has to be passed and surpassed. Nietzsche did, it is true, realized something of this, in his way. He went so far as to recognize the superman as a new biological variety. But he was not too sure of it. Man is becoming God—that is the simple fact. Man is God in the making.”

            “Let it not be said that Christianity brought man the life of the soul, for that evolution was in the natural order of things.”

            “When one says that God provokes the lightning, that’s true in a sense; but what is certain is that God does not direct the thunderbolt, as the Church claims. The Church’s explanation of natural phenomena is an abuse, for the Church has ulterior interests. True piety is the characteristic of the being who is aware of his weakness and ignorance. Whoever sees God only in an oak or in a tabernacle, instead of seeing Him everywhere, is not truly pious.”

            ” I merely call attention to the fact that one cannot escape this world entirely. The elements of which our body is made belong to the cycle of Nature; and as for our soul, it’s possible that it might return to limbo, until it gets an opportunity to reincarnate itself.”



  7. After leaving the pulpit, my pops moved to Asia to teach Asians about the Bible and systematic theology. He now does Tai Chi and reads Lao Tzu while still remaining a Bible believing Christian. I’d like to think I was the cause of the latter, but, he’s always been an independent thinker.

    Christianity might be diminishing among people of European descent, but, it’s growing in other regions and among other races.

    Some might find this cringe or believe this story is hyperbole.

    But, unlike places like rural White Indiana, Yankeedom has many such cases……


  8. It is all about people. People make things, not other way around. Until we fail to recognize and remove genetic white liberals, they keep infiltrating and corrupt every last thing we have.

  9. Discussing cultural and social issues is important, imho more so than political ones. The damage done by the elites to the West in their sabotage of traditional moral mores is important to note. All faith-based belief systems, however, from atheism to Zoroastrianism, should take a back seat to the 14 words. Any other view leads to splintering and further marginalization.

  10. The bible allows for all people no matter what race, and no matter jew or gentile to come to Christ. There is no getting around that. But that doesn’t make one a liberal for accepting this fact. As i have said before, heaven isn’t only going to be full of white gentiles. There is one God and there is one way to God, and that is through Jesus Christ.

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