Woke Supremacy: Student Expelled For Posting “It’s Okay To Be White” Flyers At Oklahoma City University

This student obviously didn’t know his place under woke supremacy. As a White male, he is at the bottom of the racial and cultural hierarchy.


“A student has been expelled from the Oklahoma City University School of Law after posting flyers that said “IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE.”

OCU Police Director Bill Citty said the male student was already on suspension from the law school, 800 N Harvey, and was not allowed to be on school property. The student violated the terms of his suspension when he posted the flyers on the door and exterior of the law school building the night of Oct. 31, Citty said.

Federal law prevents OCU from identifying the student in connection to disciplinary action, but Citty said the student is not considered a physical threat to the campus.

“The reason you look into those types of things is you want to make sure the individual is not a threat to other students,” he said. “You have to look into those issues in this date and time. People worry, students worry, staff worry, parents worry. You have to make sure.”

If the flyer had simply said “It Is Okay To Be a Homosexual” or “It Is Okay To Be a Black Transsexual,” there would be a national uproar because of his expulsion because those identities are considered legitimate. Those identities are promoted on campus.

White identity is uniquely treated as illegitimate under the current system of multiculturalism and political correctness. It is “hate” and “exclusion” to simply exist as a White male these days. Every single one of the thousands of recently created genders is legitimate though.

How does this system play out in the long run? Future historians will look back on these innocuous flyers and wonder what our liberal elites were thinking as they blundered their way into turning a whole generation of White men against the system.

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  1. It’s getting cliche at this point. At lest be creative and more thought provoking with sarcasm. Instead post, It’s sort of okay to be half White. Or it’s okay to be 80% white and 20% Samaritan. You get my drift…..

    • Off-topic, but germane to the argument. It used to be that Whites could refuse Blood from Negro donors, back in the days when sanity reigned. This was considered ‘discriminatory,’ or some such BS.

      Now we see that donors of body parts, CHANGES ONE’S DNA. The religious ramifications of this are beyond the PALE. We now have evidence that ANY mixing of the species, AFFECTS THAT SPECIES.


      On religious grounds alone, we must work toward legal separation of the races, and no admixture of tainted blood, organs, etc. into White Folks bodies, EVER AGAIN.

        • I never accused Friar John of Incellitude. He is married and has a family. But being a fan of the Daily Sausagefest is a head-scratching, eyebrow-raising cause for concern.

          • AA is not the only writer on DS, as Spawn well knows. He’s just got a blind spot when it comes to DS, unlike his penchant for other things….

      • I think the Red Cross still quietly segregates Negro blood from normal people’s blood, because of the AIDS and sickle cell.

    • True enough but we still don’t know enough about the case. Why was he given a no trespass order to start with? Was that order constitutional to begin with? Was his trespassing discovered by officials as a direct result of his posting flyers or was/would have it been discovered independently of that activity?

    • In the old days there were very few law schools in America, madame. You simply apprenticed with a lawyer and then studied to pass the bar exam. Isn’t that how Abe Lincoln and Old Hickory became lawyers?

  2. This would be silly if it wasn’t happening all the time. It would be socially easier to identify as a helicopter than a cracker, as long as you didn’t want to fly for Pinochet Air. I hope that in the near future, these times will be looked at as a temporary bout of collective insanity.

    Besides, it’s AWESOME to be White! If not for this Eddie Murphy documentary revealing our secrets, we would all still be living the high life — without having to share anything with those not of the pale persuasion.

  3. Hunter mang, you know better than this.

    Read the article. He was expelled for coming onto campus while already suspended.

    Its not to say posting these flyers wouldn’t have gotten him in trouble, but the clickbait title is misleading.

    I think, “Its ok to be White” should be getting put up everywhere. Post office billboards. Common areas, parks. Anyplace handbilling is legal. Etc.

    One thing Whitey really hates, is people that break rules of common courtesy though, like sticking stuff in muh windshield wipers, posting stuff on private property, or making misleading clickbait headlines… 😛

    • All other things being equal do you really think he’d have been expelled for posting “It’s okay to be Black.” or “It’s okay to be Asian.” ?

    • I knew there had to be more to the story than the click bait headline would have us believe. I certainly hope HW does not compromise the integrity of Occidental Dissent with this tactic again!

  4. Is it okay to be Christian? Is it okay to accept and to live by the teachings of Christ? Why did the Jews kill Christ?

  5. Revealing how such an innocuous statement triggers anti-Whites. They’ll tell us White Genocide is a conspiracy theory, then condemn any White person who speaks positively about Whites.

    • Hope he sues and keeps on suing. This is the only thing entities like fake news and putrid, suck up schools respond to- having their cash taken away.

      If he were black and every other cult of multi, he would not only still be a member of the school but various Democrat politicians would come to his aid.

      Republicucks will give the stupid civic nationalism answer while pretending without whites they would actually still be voted in.

      The” it’s ok to be white” is clever because it moves the ball quietly and has slowly become part of the discussion the way a wall has and changing who can immigrate here. Go back to the 90s and only Duke, Buchanan and Tancredo were saying it in terms of known figures. “Just keep matriculating that ball down the field boys” as the late, great football coach Hank Stram would say.

  6. Apparently it’s not OK to be White at Oklahoma City University School of Law.

    Seems like this is a rather easy propaganda issue for our side. Start putting up fliers saying “It’s OK to be Black African American” (and in very small type below say…. “it’s also OK to be a White European American”. And then include 1st Amendment notices protecting free speech for yes, Black African Americans and also White European Americans including White European Americans that work real jobs.

  7. The Obama presidency woke a bunch of people up. Many of those people got involved / supported the Tea Party. However a few of the good ones realized that boat was only going so far because the Republicans backed it and pulled the plug when Republicans got back in office. Now this country is still what trillions of $$$$$$ in debt and Trump says nothing about it. So the whole Tea Party thing was a joke. I think a good number of Tea Party people became White Nationalists. We might not see those people posting online everyday or protesting in the streets. However those people support White Nationalism. I’m sure schools and universities will really crackdown on White Nationalists in the near future. All Trump has done in office is deliver for the Donor Class of Jews and Super Rich people. He’s done nothing but Social Conservatives or White Nationalists. Him doing nothing will result in another extreme left wing Democrat being elected in the future. The same thing has already happened in Finland. People are gonna look for another choice and the Democrats are that natural choice after a Republican has been President. The only problem is people get stuck on the D vs the R and don’t do any personal research on Political Ideology. I think that’s why recruiting and propaganda is soooooo important! Get the message in front of people online and in the streets. Talk with people 1 on 1. Always and I mean always keep literature on you at all times and promote White Nationalism. One day the our People will stop caring about the 2 party dictatorship and unite as White People! Deo Vindice !

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