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  1. For the sake of profitability, Hollyweirdos might not constantly cram their dubious virtue signals down our throats. Those still watching the dreck they produce, that is. The immoral scum will not have changed their sick beliefs, and will still seek opportunities to turn their so-called entertainment into multicultural propaganda. It’s odd that the heavy Chinese investment in failing Hollyweird might actually lead to more content without finger-wagging lectures.

  2. reject wokeness? no. this movie is simply trying to cash in on the Stranger Things hype. they still have a mgirl playing a lead role, and she is the one shooting the gun in the trailer. wokeness will only get worse.

  3. Humorously, this is because Hollywood is completely reliant on Chinese money now. China loves actual American films – but the Chinese have zero interest in black actors or feminism.

    The big blockbuster movies can’t make money unless the Chinese like them, and the Chinese hate “wokeness.”

  4. THis is a special case. I followed the ghost busters 3 tragedy closely. IT was the first major box office fail, at the height of the Trump and a very large umbrella Alt-Right. It also was before the online censorship happened. The decision to go back to male ghostbusters happened shortly after the movie came out. It was glorious, as we got to see the full luridness of movie making, a la N. Korea Sony hacking. People’s careers were destroyed and there was an instant idea not to redo GB3 travesty.

  5. You can’t reject what you are and Hollywood is full of woke people. Some movies are less woke than others, but there is always some form of PC in modern movies. Even in the trailer you see a black chick with a “white” guy. A lot of these reviewers don’t consider that woke tho.

  6. Stop funding Hollywood. Stop funding professional sports, especially Football and basket ball. Stop funding people who hate you and crap on you and take your money and spit on every value you have. I was never into pro sports and stopped going to hollywood movies more than 10 years ago and I’m glad I did. I saved money and read more books and I’m not as angry as I once was.

    • I’ve been chastising my friends and family for giving their money to the people that profit from our patronage while simultaneously disparaging us in fashions that are beyond extreme. But, it doesn’t seem to matter how many instances of defamation and misbehavior you can list, or how many names you can connect the slander, libel and misdeeds to, they just can’t divorce themselves from the mainstream.

      If they think some politician is on “their side,” and “one of them,” they won’t listen to any rational criticism of their actions or character (Trump).
      If they grew up listening to someone’s music, they can’t accept that their beloved Crooner is, and always has been, a Commie, a Degenerate, a Heathen, etc… If some Pompous Ass has a PhD, then he is an authority who is beyond reproach. And, how dare you dispute what he’s saying or have the gall to argue with him?

      Or, if they just can’t bring themselves to break away from their long time diversions and interests. Like all of the Bozos that booed the players when they knelt during the National Anthem, but cheered with gusto once the game began. Mike RoboPence 2.0 symbolically walked out, but the legions of “offended” fans did not follow him to the exit.

      I used to go to a lot of concerts. Now, not only are they too expensive and restricting, I can’t, in good conscience, support artists who routinely express their disdain for me. A guilty pleasure is listening to the music that I grew up with and still have an affinity for. I also still watch a lot of the movies and television shows that I grew up with, but I buy everything used to avoid giving my money directly to the (((industries))).

      I know sometimes the temptation to watch or listen to something is very strong, but just about everything is released on DVD or CD. So, if you must see it or hear it, get it second hand. Find a minor league or youth team to support. Better yet, find or create alternatives, take up a hobby, learn a new skill, start a fitness routine, join a club, go on a walk, read a book, begin a project, embark on a course of self improvement.

      • CR, we can be examples of positive change to others. Talking about doing things differently doesn’t seem to get through to people because that involves self-criticism. The insecure egos many seem to have, along with their need to belong to the social herd, make that a really difficult task. Like you, I’m just doing things differently. For one small example, I was known to be a movie nut, going out to see films all the time. My stopping seeing any Hollyweird trash at all for years got others wondering why they should bother, either. I’m getting more out of reading and studying Christian mysticism than I ever could out of services at a converged church, and that interests people. I’m only listening to classical music now, which mystifies some. Why would I do that? Changes within the self tend to be slow and incremental for most, and usually can’t be forced. I don’t talk to others about why they should do something, I just do it myself. If they think it has merit, they’ll start thinking about doing it themselves.

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