Conservatives Win 2019 British General Election

Editor’s Note: I’ve been sick for the past few days. I am feeling a little better though this morning so there will be more posts.

UPDATE: The Blue Wave:

UPDATE: Worth reposting in light of Labour’s collapse. Is the Democratic Party really going to nominate Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders?

UPDATE: The result of the British election with the collapse of Labour in the north of England is only the most vivid illustration that the rise of the “far right” and “populism” is all about the angry, alienated middle rejecting the extreme social liberalism of the Wine Track Left. See also Trump winning the Midwest in the 2016 election. What appears to the Wine Track Left to be a huge victory for racism, xenophobia and bigotry is populist voters who lean economically to the Left, but who lean to the Right on social conservatism rejecting their extreme positions.

Makes perfect sense to me. I know why they did it it.

UPDATE: I guess the public wasn’t interested in the Liberal Democrats message of helping LGBT+ asylum seekers.


This is a historic repudiation of social liberalism.

If the GOP was intelligent, it would be trying to build a coalition of conservative, nationalist and center left populist voters, but instead it prefers to squander its majorities on libertarianism.

Who needs those moderate White working class voters who are populists with social conservative values? Am I right?

Boris Johnson and the Conservatives are expected to win in a landslide. AOC endorsed Jeremy Corbyn this morning.

We’re monitoring this but all the polls suggest that Corbyn and his Wine Track Labour Party are set to go down in flames. Maybe this will finally end the roadblock to BREXIT. The British election looks like it will be very similar to the 2020 election here in the United States where the Democrats seem poised to nominate a Wine Track liberal and lose to Trump.

Note: It has gotten so bad in the UK that The Guardian recently admitted that Labour needs to win back social conservatives.

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  1. It’s amazing to look at the BBC report this they are using a series of black n Brown experts and flacks to ask why this happened the cherry on the cake was the Scots Nationalist flack a dusky Subcontinental ffs ffs why is this Tory win habbening Nibbas

  2. Too bad. Jews had Jeremy Corbyn defeated. The UK remains an Israeli colony.

    On the other hand Labour screwed up with its Remain position. Maybe– but don’t count on it– the UK will finally get Brexit.

    Freedom from both the EU and the Zionist empire seems unlikely for the UK.

  3. I don’t know enough about British politics to truly say whether Brexit is good or bad. But there is a downside to this result.

    With the UK out of the European union, there is still going to be mass non-white immigration into Britain. Maybe fewer Muslims, but still lots of non-whites.

    Europe is the only white power-block that is still relatively critical of Zionism. With the UK out, we’re going to see the Anglo world, USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, increasingly ruled by Tel Aviv. Lots of the anti-Labour sentiment is because of Corbyn’s “anti-semitism” which really just means that he doesn’t support the Palestinians being genocided.

    The only hope for white people to survive is to either co-opt the media and finance, or build parallel media and financial institutions. Even “nationalism” per se isn’t going to help. “Nationalism” is meaningless unless we stop non-white immigration. The Trump Republicans and the Johnson Tories are pro-Jewish but anti-white, so all this so-called “populism” isn’t really helping us at all.

    As I’ve been saying for over three years now, Trump is 100% controlled by Israel. The entire growth of the online “alt-right” was basically a spam campaign run by the same people who run Breitbart and the public face of it was more Milo and Ben Shapiro than it was Richard Spencer.

    Boris Johnson and the Tories are basically the British version of Conservative Inc.

  4. Its interesting to note, basically all of the “Thought Leaders” of the Altright, are jerked over from Libertarianism (except Anglin, who is just a tool of smarter men, Weev and co.).

    This is the origin of their social incompetence, which I posted at length about in the Its ok to be white clickbait article or the Styx Paganhammer article (I can’t remember which and its hard to keep track, especially for me because I’m not smart).

    In actual fact, the sheer volume of jerked over libertarians in the Altright would suggest that it should actually have been called the Galtright.

    If you don’t get that reference, read more, because that was hilarious. Fuck off.

    The only consistent folks in this thing have been the Paleocons, Dark Enlightenment types, and SouthNats like our gracious host, who has been pretty patient with my nonsense for a couple years now through various aliases and platforms whether he knows it or not, and for which I am grateful, and yours truly who leaves to you the reader of this cry for help the dubious honor of categorizing me into whichever neet little ideological bucket you feel I am most at home within.

    Also, the latest Rebel Yell podcast by Masonious Rufus at Identity Dixie is well worth the Listen. His co-conspirator Fulwar Skippy, who shit posts here also, was great.

    In my humble opinion, our gracious host should post that episode for the folks’ convenience.

  5. The Labour Party should have run like the French Communist Party in the 70s and 80s – strongly pro-Palestine and third-worldist on foreign policy and also anti-immigration and anti-EU. They would have won in a landslide if they had.

    The French Communist Party has also cucked. They even gave up the hammer and sickle because it was too scary and tankie. Most of their old voting base supports the national front now.

  6. yaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

    you never learn, do you HW? ZOGarbage out,

    ZOGarbage in. And BJ’s first order of business will be to

    “resume negotiations” with the EU on the once and future


  7. This isn’t a refutation of social democracy, because the Labor Party hasn’t been a social democratic party since its 1984 platform. It’s a refutation of rump Britain against the poz and a desperate attempt to, groping in the dark, to try to return to a real Britain. Que the Thatcher globalist Conservative Party let-down.

  8. Bojo’s gonna give the British people a brexit, like blumpfs gonna build a wall it just ain’t freaking happening.

    Tory inc will see to it that it never does theresa may as PM dragged her feet for years on brexit under Tory government Meet the new guy same as the old…

  9. Lets not forget what conservative is. A Conservative is a homosexual Nazi that loves Jews, like Rush Limbog and Sean homo Hannity.

  10. Prediction: The Tories will squander this historic win just like Margaret Thatcher, Reagan and now Trump. They can’t help themselves.

  11. Scotland under English rule : January 1649 – December 2019.

    Only good news about this election.

  12. I hope you are making a collection of these great videos HW. ” We were never asked.”

    You might need to collect them and play them in an open gathering/forum a political gathering of crowds in their hundred of thousands gathering to hear and see a political leader.

    No, not Trump.
    But an upcoming American nationalist, maybe a young man, getting ready to win the nomination of the People.

    A representative openly and intelligently speaking and defending White American identity, American culture and European heritage.

    A charismatic speaker with wise words and resolute in his speech expressing his belief his love of the people he wishes to represent and lead.

    HW, plan for the future, we all need to – its closer then you think.

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