The Integrated School Bus

The hellscape that is American public education is only steadily getting worse for White children as the racial demographics get worse in the youngest age groups:

Imagine if this was your kid.

He goes to the public school where he is taught that he is a racist and his classmates are taught to hate and resent all White people. This is what he has to deal with under integration. The public schools were integrated almost 70 years ago to uplift these people, trillions of dollars has been spent on it, every institution in our society has been transformed around the accusation of racism and at the end of the day decades later not a damn thing changed because of it.

Note: This took place in Hamilton County in North Florida. The elementary school there is 36.6% White, 36.2% black and 22.6% Hispanic.

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  1. It pains me to read about incidents like this. I firmly believe that this would not be happening if our people, white people of European descent, cared about their own. We will stop this from happening again when we truly begin caring about our own.

    • @Stefania

      You’re right.
      So few Whites care.

      Like sheep, if one is being torn apart by wolves the rest just run to another area and start grazing again.

      • well, Whites are individuals. anyone displaying signs of tribal consciousness is called a “nazi” by the left and a “wignat” by the right.

    • Baboons can’t integrate. Blacks are a “different species” of human. All cats are cats … but there are different species. Same with us. We must separate. The most logical solution is A VERY ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY. To achieve this we need to unite America into 4 or 5 new Republics. Each side or “group” gets their own Utopia. Porch monkeys like these never need be bothered by whites again. They can have THEIR own Republic too.

      • They already have their own republic, Liberia, and what a paradise it is! Spend three minutes looking at videos of Monrovia to see what the real Wakanda looks like but I’m sure readers of HW’s site are already familiar with the paradise known as Africa.

  2. “decades later not a damn thing changed because of it.”

    HW, you are so wrong, much has changed.

    The relative spending per pupil has skyrocketed. The academic ability of both Whites and non-Whites has dropped. America has gone from the highest rated school achievement in the world down to about 25th. America is no longer able to keep up in industrialization because of the lack of competent workers.

    People have had to flee to distant suburbs for the sake of their children. Causing a massive increase in fuel usage for commutes resulting in a monster foreign deficit. Much higher stress levels because of higher debt for new homes, long commutes, both parents having to work to pay for the added expenses. Environmental degradation overuse of freeways, congestion and building excessive infrastructure to support the escape from urban hellholes.

    I could go on with dozens of the negative conquences of ‘integration’, but I’ll stop.

    ( I really know what you mean, nothing has improved, as we were promised. I understand 🙂 )

    • “The academic ability of both Whites and non-Whites has dropped.”

      A South African psychologist acquaintance of mine left for the USA. He then disappointedly left to NZ, telling me that he did not once see an apple pie in the USA and that Obamas No Child left Behind policy has dumbed down the country. This coming from someone from a supposedly third world country, so it must be quite bad. The way forward would most probably be private schools, if people can afford it. The Boers in South Africa are slowly busy creating parallel structures to the government functions, like private schools and tertiary establishments, but the process is very slow and public schools (not free of charge) are still the most affordable model (up to now at least).

  3. It also drives the best ppl out of education.
    Who wants to be a teacher in a combat zone?

    The consequences of this race mixing reach much farther and deeper than anyone realizes.

  4. Any white parent who lets his kid attend a public school in a town with so many niggers in it should be charged with negligence.

    • If we had a society like Switzerland, you could take public transportation to any urban location in the country and be within 100 meters of your destination. Try that in America.

      Estonia plans to make public transportation free , throughout the entire nation. Just as they have free WiFi, nationwide.

  5. The niggers have lost their fear of the white man. So what are we going to do about it, vote for more “conservative” candidates, like all the cucks and cowards on this forum are constantly suggesting?

    • Even if they had ‘fear’, that wouldn’t be a solution.
      Just their general incompetence makes them a danger.

      Remember the Big Bayou Canot rail accident ?
      Just one nggr tug pilot caused 50 ppl to die a tortured death and scores more to have lifelong disability and suffering.
      Just having them around, even if friendly, is an immediate danger.

      As our society becomes more advanced, their presence will become a greater danger.

      • Sorry, Arian, I believe you’re wrong. Aren’t you forgetting the Hidden Figures who calculated the Gemini and Apollo trajectories? I believe they also split the atom, discovered penicillin, invented the magnetron tube, developed the GPS system and drove around the first nuclear subs. Movies about those other accomplishments to follow later.

        What about the movie “Red Tails” when negro pilots shot down 3,967 Luftwaffe planes, 2,497 of them F-15s, 3,120 F-4s and 1,678 MiG 21s? Are you forgetting Denzel Washington flew a 737 upside down while drunk and this was after he saved the world from nuclear disaster on a nuclear sub. Killing and injuring a few dozen people in an accident because the negro boat captain couldn’t read his radar screen seems a small price to pay for such excellence.

        The accident wasn’t his fault anyway. According to the Federal Government Raytheon was at fault because the radar didn’t shout to the negro captain: “yo, mofo, turn left and put on the brakes”. Wait until their talents are turned loose on the air traffic control system and nuclear reactors, then you will see what they can really do.

  6. Example #39,648,702 of why tampering with human nature can’t, doesn’t, and never will work. Racial tribes don’t want to live by each other, don’t want to share resources or power with each other. Except for the more open and receptive of the European tribes. I hope that openness will soon get stomped out of existence by hard-won experience in the form of unreasoning anger and violence from POC towards us, but some people don’t want their ideology to be wrong, even if it kills them.

    I lived in a neighborhood where Hmong were the majority, and they avoided the American blacks, who looked down on the Somalis. The few Hispanics moved to where there were more of their own kind. The only ones not getting hostile looks from everyone were the few Whites like me. Not that all was rosy for me there. One time, a couple of “brothers” tried to see if I was an open and receptive European willing to share my resources with them. I told them I wasn’t, and my revolver and expandable baton backed my side of the discussion when they insisted I should be more open to sharing, so fortunately that was that.

    • Good idea to use a revolver. They leave no shell casings and don’t jam. Of course, you’re limited to six or few rounds, but the jigaboos most likely will exfil when you draw a bead on them or fire a warning round past their empty heads. I’m sure you carry speed loads to, eh, Mr. L?

  7. I can guarantee you, if the races were reversed, whites attacking a black, there’d be a federal marshal on every bus for the next 5 year’s.

  8. This isn’t limited to blacks. Similar incidents happen with Mexicans, hmong, vietnamese.

    In a local incident Hmong students beat a White boy into a permanent coma because he had the audacity to sit a the exclusive hmong table , in the school cafeteria.

  9. is linked on the side here but has anyone actually clicked on it a couple times in a week and spent 10 mins reading about all the nonstop ,never ending beyond heinous black on white predation?

    So the kid who was assaulted , i bet his parents pay taxes that bought that bus , fuel it and pay for that person to drive it…yet i bet their concerns and demands will never be met ,even though this is technically a crime that can dish out a literal life sentence with an enhancement.
    Yet the kids whose sperm/egg donors created those demonic monsters who are probably in a cage at NU somewhere or collecting massive social service handouts who are are total drain and liability to the system will be mollycoddled and their future felons will be paw-slapped for committing violent felonies.
    Only in Jewclownwelt

    • At least one of his parents doesn’t pay taxes, but takes them, rather. Click on the twitter link and look at the hashtags. One is #armybrat or something. I got into huge arguments with US military in online forums for selling out and going for their pensions during an age of treason starting around 2014. I started calling things “The battle between the tax takers.” What I meant was that it was false patriot bullshit and denying the benefit of their wars for Jewish domination against bullshit non white empowerment funded and supported by many jews. It was basically the same level of anger that many of you felt at Ron Paul for going turncoat on the border. The military is part of a patronage system, just like affirmative action. Banking is affirmative action for elites. For most, money corrupts, hence I don’t embrace White Nationalism because Whites sin, take bribes, and turn on one another, just like other races. It is a human characteristic. But you cannot legally discriminate against whites, and that’s where I became so enraged when I saw this happening. And when I saw the anti white hatred being embraced, I supported anything to stop it, really. Still, I was screwed with the bank bailouts in 2008 and I really felt betrayed when people didn’t listen to my firsthand experience with jewish banking influence. Goldman Sachs and Wall St. don’t deserve to exist, and when people didn’t understand Trump was owned by them, I felt all was lost. Most here learned. You will be expelled from the republican party for asking the jewish question. I have no sympathy for traitorous Trump supporters. They support jewish supremacy.

  10. As a Zoomer who has attended integrated schools in the South, I am able to see the positive aspects of integration. It taught me hard lessons about human nature that my parents, the school curriculum, Fox News, and the church wouldn’t. The young boy in the video will do one of two things: cry to his parents or fight back the next time he rides on the bus. I had to fight in order to protect myself in middle school just as he will have to. The Christian goyim need these experiences to learn that all people are not created equal, that we are not one nation under God, and that might makes right.

  11. Voluntary segregation is a MUST in an Nationalist society.


    – Human beings ARE NOT ALL EQUAL




    A most crucial bit of advice wisdom that so painfully we are forced to learn from today’s world:

    Egalitarianism, humanism in the abstract/universal sense MUST BE THROWN OUT of the hearts and minds of our European/Western societies As Soon As Possible – the French holocaust “revolution” was the beginning of that DEVOLUTION-DEGENERATION that has brought European/Western societies in the state we are in today!!

    Africans BELONG in Africa Asians belong in ASIA, Europeans belong WHEREVER EUROPEAN Civilization is needed !

    • Uhhh…some European cultures are not even compatible with some other European cultures. And that’s okay. Let’s try to preserve all of them.

      • The core basics of European Civilization is found in every single European race and community.

        Within our European continent, including the rest migrated Europeans, i.e. Western societies.

        Definitely there is a spectrum with either side carrying the extremes.
        That justifies the Rule of thumb.

        Rule of Thumb = All European people partake and propagate European axioms, values and empirical truths that are found common in our European Civilization – always present are the variants !!

  12. This is karma and I don’t feel sorry for what this traitorous white family has done to their child. If you support Trump, you support jewish supremacy. Jewish supremacy destroyed me with the 2008 bank bailouts. This family, if you look at their twitter, also pledge allegiance to the jew controlled military. They are proud of their service to Israel.

    This is a red pill moment for a family of traitors. This is a good news story, not the other way around. I am so thankful that Trump has not stuck up for his supporters, because he always was a selfish piece of trash, and some people need to learn not to be traitors.

  13. The silver lining in the dark cloud is that a whole generation of White youths is learning first hand what Diversity is really about.

    • Are they, really learning?
      Or , are they learning to be delusional, “there’s good and bad in all races”, they parrot that a lot.

      Most ppl aren’t logically consistent, they can maintain many mutually exclusive ideas all at once.

      Most Whites will just flee to safer areas and maintain the delusional ideas that are socially acceptable.

      The rot will continue.

  14. The Hubster and I were out to dinner this evening, and we stopped off at a local store afterwards. We know the clerk; she’s a very smart, savvy lady. She voted for Obama, years ago, because her entire family have been Dems for generations – but she caught on to Racial Reality all on her own, after witnessing years of Diversity Inc on Talmud Vision, under the Obama Admin. We all exchanged pleasantries. The store wasn’t that busy. It’s a Thursday night, after all. I noted that there was no background music playing, for Christmas. She commented that she was glad, that most of the “…new Christmas music is horrible!” and began to openly expound on this one Rap sing that she HATES. She started mocking the thing. I made a bunch of comments about why is Management trying to attract the Ghetto Demo? Of course the music menu is pushed by (((Corporate))). She stated that they’ve received loads of complaints. There was NO disclaimer about (I am not a racist but…” offered. There was other customers in line, as she was checking us out. No one said a word. It’s as though our conversation was…normal. There was no fear. No hushed tones, No one was looking around, to see if…some-one…would…hear.

    I live in White Christian Rural Uber Normie Land. Most of the people here have never lived around non-Whites. The Kushner Admin is still moving Orcs into White areas. Orcs are popping up….but a conversation like I had with the store clerk tonight wouldn’t have happened here, a few years ago, because it would have been taboo to openly, loudly despise anything that’s Vibrant.

    There IS a Zeigeist…and this was one teeny little momentary episode….but…the Spirit of the Age is Whitey’s getting pretty fed up.

    • I understand the clerk’s exasperation at the so called “music” being played. I have been in a similar situation several times. Not wanting to be part of the problem and wanting to be part of the solution I brought some tools to work to help things out.

      Unfortunately I accidentally cut through the plug just enough so the amplifier wouldn’t work. After that was repaired (by someone else) I was adjusting the controls when the knobs fell off and got lost. When that was fixed I stuck a 14 inch long, 1/2 inch flat blade screwdriver into the circuit board to try to get some of the bad electricity out of there that was clogging the works. Unfortunately there were some small sparks, the “music” went silent and stayed that way.

      I felt bad about it but what could I do? Taking a clue from the brothers my answer was “I dindu nuffin”.

  15. Seriously they sound like Howler monkeys at the zoo! Had this been 8 white youth attacking a person of color it would have gone viral and be on CNN, Fox, MSNBC. The president would have had to make a statement and the FBI would open an investigation.

    • Blacks don’t fight fair they attack like a pack of raving laughing hyenas, if they smell fear they take advantage of that. yep i’m sure blumpf is monitoring the situation as we speak, just has to run it by jared and sheldon

      • The schoolyard chant when I was young went, “Fight. Fight. A nigger and a White. If the the nigger doesn’t win, we all jump in.”

        Never relax around blacks.

  16. Did he actually let his son wear a red trump hat to school? Well theres your problem right there wtf did you think was gonna happen daddy dummy?

    Don’t send your kid to school sporting a loser piece of shit fake president colours If this kid was a heeb there would be hell to pay but he was just a goy wearing a bulls target on him to agitate the PoCs

  17. This is why the blanketing push to have more White children regardless of circumstance or environment is utter foolishness.

    Quality over quantity. The minoritization and bottlenecking is going to happen. It’s the inescapable future.

    The highly complex nature of the modern socio-economic landscape in tandem with stark eye opening realizations about our deliberate minoritization hazard urgency balanced with caution.

    Those in White majority areas who are healthy, stable, gainfully employed, insured, married or historically partnered should definitely be having children.

    If you’re surrounded by nogs or other mystery meats, not healthy, not stable, not gainfully employed, without savings, not educated beyond high school, not insured, not married or historically partnered then you should not be having children…….


  18. I personally know people who have pulled their white kids from public school because of the warring black and hispanic gangs (which the schools can’t or won’t deal with). Wonder why 2 million+ Americans are homeschooling?

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