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  1. Labour going the way of the Whigs is an opportunity for a new nationalist party for the white working classes, because under the Tories they have no representation, and mass non-white immigration will continue.

  2. It wasn’t Corbyn per se. It was the entire party identifying itself with social liberalism and the interests of the bourgeois cosmopolitan “Remoaner yuppie” demographic. It ran as the “Remain” party rather than the “Rape the rich with a chainsaw” party which would have won in a landslide.

    Corbyn’s policies on economics, war, Palestine and other issues are far more popular than those of the Blairites (who are just as bad if not worse on immigration, Brexit, etc.) Far more than those of the Tories for that matter. Yet he went along with the rest of the party in making “fight nationalism and bigotry and hate, preserve the values of liberal democracy” and other liberal trash the theme of the Labour campaign.

    But of course, neocons are saying this was a rejection of “socialism” and “anti-Semitism” and the party establishment is following saying we need to drop the “leftist” economics and the anti-imperialism (“anti-Semitism”) while doubling down on social liberalism.

    Also, notice how anyone who is against imperialism is considered an “anti-Semite” nowadays? Really makes you wonder…

  3. Tony Blair destroyed the Labour, which used to the party of White working class people. Corbyn tried to rebuild Labour once again as a working class party but Jews sabotaged him.

  4. Many of the English folks I pay attention to think this is a terrific thing; the brilliant Dr. Dutton and Michael Woodley went MENTAL with joy when the results were announced.

    I’m not so sure this is going to be beneficial. Bot Corbyn and Johnson are mischlings. Johnson, I fear, is merely the JewK’s version of Big Orange Blompf.

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