Good Morning Britain: Election Result Analysis

This isn’t complicated.

The Labour Party ignored the will of the people for over three years and demanded a second referendum on BREXIT. The BREXIT Party vote has gone to the Tories and Labour has split between its Wine Track wing of urbanite liberal progressive voters based in London and other metropolitan areas and the White working class in northern England.

The Left lost the working class because of its insufferable social liberalism:

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  1. Jews Lost in Britain? There is hope? England can rise again, if we just drive out the Xenos the Faggot, and the Jew? Wow. What a concept.

  2. My spies in the UK have inform me that pro-Brexit sentiment has greatly increased since 2016. For all Boris Johnson’s flaws, he has been given a mandate: DELIVER TRUE BREXIT.

  3. Boris Johnson and the Tories are just as socially liberal as Labour (or any of the main parties at Westminster). BJ himself is a known serial adulterer who steals other men’s wives and has a couple of illegitimate children. (He’s currently sharing Downing Street with his new, younger girlfriend while he divorces his wife). These matters have been aired by the media to a limited degree during the election and clearly have not influenced voting. For a start, BJ’s lifestyle is not unusual in modern Britain. The number of genuinely socially conservative people is small.

    • Ugh! Where to start?

      In 2008, while mayor of Londonistan BJ openly cheered and encouraged anarchists and communiststo physically assault Nick Griffin and other members of the BNP on his blog.

      In 2012, BJ and the communist Kevin Livingstone joined together to “no-platform ” BNP candidate Carlos Cortiglia a BBC mayoral debate.

      BJ admits to being pro-immigration even when the rest of the country was going in the opposite direction.

      Jews in Britain hate jeremy corbyn for non being a rabid interventionist, while BJ is a McCain zionist neo-con. He encouraged Blompf to attack Iran just two months after entering 10 Downing Street.

      Finally, BJ is claiming his win is as much a middle finger to “anti-semitism as a green light to Brexit.

  4. “Will Westcott” on Twitter opines that Brexit is going to be disastrous for Britain, because it will remove the EU’s trade protections on struggling British industry, thus leaving the country at the mercy of Free Trade and Global Finance. I fear that is almost certainly what will happen.

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