The Hell Question: Do Trump’s Evangelicals Believe Jews Need Jesus?

I’ve become a big fan of TruNews.

I believe that Rick Wiles and Doc Burkhart are doing some of the most important work that is going on right now. We’ve long needed someone to go after these Christian Zionist mountebanks like John Hagee. This was one of the biggest failings of the Alt-Right.

I promote E. Michael Jones for the same reason. I don’t like what he says about race, but he is great on sexuality and the Jewish Question. What is more important?

As a practical matter, we need people on our side who can explain the Jewish Question to Catholics and evangelical Protestants. White Nationalism and the Alt-Right were too secular and pagan to reach into that disaffected audience and redpill the Religious Right.

Note: The ADL is our common political enemy and waking up millions of Christians to their malign influence is the prerequisite to taking them down under any realistic scenario.

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  1. Ungrateful for favors and forgetful of benefits, the Jews return insult for kindness and impious contempt for goodness. They ought to know the yoke of perpetual enslavement because of their guilt. See to it that the perfidious Jews never in the future grow insolent, but that they always suffer publicly the shame of their sin in servile fear. ~ Pope Gregory IX

    Crucifiers of Christ ought to be held in continual subjection. ~ Pope Innocent III

    It would be licit, according to custom, to hold the Jews in perpetual servitude because of their crime. ~ St. Thomas Aquinas

    The Lord made Cain a wanderer and fugitive over the earth, but set a mark upon him, making his head to shake, lest anyone finding him should slay him. Thus the Jews, against whom the blood of Christ calls out, although they ought not to be killed, nevertheless, as wanderers they must remain upon the earth until their faces are filled with shame and they seek the name of Jesus Christ the Lord. ~ Pope Innocent III

    The Jews, who killed both the Lord Jesus and the prophets, and have persecuted us, do not please God, and they are adversaries to all men, prohibiting us from speaking to the Gentiles that they may be saved, to fill up their sin always: for the wrath of God has come upon them to the end.
    ~ 1 Thessalonians 2: 14-16

    The most holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes, and teaches that the Mosaic Law … cannot be observed without the loss of eternal salvation … Everyone, therefore, who observes circumcision and the Sabbath and the other requirements of the Law, the Church declares not in the least fit … to participate in eternal salvation. ~ Council of Florence

    E. Michael Jones cannot improve on these decrees of the Catholic Church. Most Catholics I know are aware of what I just copied and pasted on here. I could have go on and on but why bother?—-Cristina Romana Alvar. H.

    Post Script——–If anyone believes I am being too harsh on the Jews, all I did was give out our traditional belief which I am bound to support. I can do no more and I will do no less.

    • I am a Traditionalist Catholic as well and I agree one hundred percent. Jews are an evil group who killed Christ and to this day they believe he is in Hell boiling in excrement and semen. That action and statement alone are prime examples of why the kikes are the children of Satan.

        • This is the Catholicism I was raised in, and for which I long that they would return to fellowship with the Orthodox, and heal the ‘Babylonian Captivity’ of the last thousand years, and be One church, One Christendom, ONE BODY, again.

          Thank you Cristina, for being a true and faithful witness to real Christianity.

          • Father John,

            Thank you for such a kind sentiment and comment. I too would see the split between Orthodox and Catholic amended.

    • Jews, Catholics, and even some of these so-called evangelicals have no path to Salvation because they do not have faith/belief in Jesus Christ. They share a common belief that they can work their way into heaven through the works of man.

      Belief in the Pope, John Hagee, or some Jew genius is not a path to Salvation. Only belief in Jesus Christ opens a path to Salvation for you.

      • Kraft- Oh, if ONLY they thought they could WORK their way into heaven, the world wouldn’t be filled with such deeds of sinfulness! Faith engenders GOOD works. All the godless have given us are wood, hay, and stubble, if not downright Scheiß.

    • Cristina, you should know by now that saying anything truthful about Jews that casts them in a bad light is anti-Semitic.

    • My dear child. Christianity is of the Jews. A Jewish God, and a Jewish Christ. Universal brotherhood and egalitarianism. Total rejection of racial identity. We are all of one blood in “Christ”. I know it’s a tough red-pill to swallow, but please research and think. You seem intelligent, more than most on this webzine.

          • November,

            The British “Forensic Anthropology” Researchers came up with a an ugly, rough-looking MUTT for Jesus probably based on current demographics in the area.

            There is no way, no how that Jesus was FUGLY, because he had tons of female followers. For some strange reason, men are convinced that looks aren’t important to women. As a woman, I know how shallow women are. We love beauty every bit as much as you men do.

            Only money changes everything. You see all these beauties on the arm of ugly, older men, but you discount how rich these men are. That’s were pragmatic objectivity of women kicks in.

            Jesus was very handsome. The Shroud of Turin bears this out. This is sculpture based on the image in the shroud. There are many others, but they are exact duplicates of a battered, injured face:


            As you can see, Jesus was a strikingly handsome Caucasoid. What you might expect from someone born in Galilee, the Land of the Gentiles.

          • Clytemnestra,

            Actually, they used skulls found in Galilee dating back to Jesus’ ere. Also, they inferred that jews of that time wore beards and had short hair unlike the the Romans.

            Being from a hot and sunny climate, inhabitants of that region will be weather beaten and have darker pigmentation.

            Remember these are the same expert forensic anthropologists that reconstruct the faces of homicide victims that often look very much how said victims looked like in life from a skull. You can read how they use the skulls to figure out where the musculature attached to the face.

            Don’t blame the messenger that Jesus of Nazareth resembles a typical NYC cab driver.

          • Clytemnestra, et al,

            I could have linked and cited peer reviewed scientific journals, but chose to link the ‘how did Jesus look’ article to one by Christians for Christians.

        • Those Christians didn’t create the concept for Christian reasons. Their Christianity was completely incidental to it. (And if you had in mind anything connected to Biblical ideas about Hamites etc, then the credit for that properly belongs to Jews.)

          And anyway, the ancients might not have thought of it as “racial identity,” but there’s solid evidence they were conscious of racial differences.

          • I’ve never seen any evidence that racial identity or racial differences were of any importance in Antiquity. It is true that the Greeks and Romans were vaguely aware of racial differences, but that was hardly the basis of the social order. All this “Muh White Brothers” were pagans until Christianity came along and ruined it is a myth.

          • Southern europeans are in an intermediate racial position. They’re like the area between the pacific and atlantic oceans. So it’s likely that they could blend in with both middle easterners and northern euroepans.

        • Mr, Wallace,

          Naturally, when everyone around you is of the same essential race then race will be a lesser concern. But the Romans definitely categorized blacks as negroes and a separate race,. There was even a black charioteer who was fairly well known and he was always referred to as the “Negro”. I found this on a book on the Roman Games.

          When the Greeks (Macedonians) conquered Egypt and ruled it for 300 years until the Romans took it the Macedonian conquerers both noble and common man very rarely intermarried with the native Egyptians and the Greeks gave them very few positions of authority and the Egyptians were considered a different race and they were not even black.

          In contrast when the Macedonians conquered Persia and Asia Minor they had no trouble intermarrying and/or giving Near Eastern peoples positions of honor.

          Around 200 A.D. the Roman Emperor Caracalla gave citizenship to all free inhabitants in the Empire in order to get the Death Tax that only citizens had to pay.

          In a book by Jordanes (I believe) he mentioned that the Huns were an alien race different in blood and image than ourselves who make themselves even uglier than nature intended by cutting their faces.

          I could go on of course but the truth is that when large numbers of non-whites were around the ancient Europeans were quite aware of race. The Egyptians were also quite aware of negroes as a separate race.

          Romans living in North Africa wrote how during unsettled times they were apprehensive of raids from farther south and that their daughters might fall into the hands of the black or swarthy raiders.

          Still, when you say that white tribes/ethnic groups and nations etc. did not feel united under normal circumstances and were in competition with each other until Christianity helped form a common European bond you are correct.

          My grandmother’s 1957 Encylopedia mentioned somewhat the same——that it took many centuries of development and interaction with other races before they found a common bond.

      • MPO,

        I thank you for such respectful criticism. Defined dogmas of my religion condemn the Jewish religion quite strongly. It would be sinful for me to contradict them.

      • MPO,

        I forgot to mention that I did not know what all those types of pills were until they were explained to me on this website this past summer. I did not know however their origin or I had forgotten. Well, I recently viewed the Matrix and there they were——the choice between the blue and the red pill.

        I also thought being a “Chad” was bad but now I know it is good. I try to figure these terms without looking them up based on logic. But I think that sometimes the White Nationalist Code Book is not logical.

        I believe I know them all at this point. I could now infiltrate your secret meetings speaking out those terms right and left.

      • MPO,

        In order to give up Christianity I would have to believe that it’s founder Jesus Christ is an evil lying blasphemous imposter. That I can not do. It would also make me the same as what the Jews in the Talmud say and believe.

      • CLY – if you see this – YOU are correct. WOMEN literally paid for Christ’s ministry. WOMEN paid for him. He was NOT an ugly little Semite. He was a Caucasian from Gallilee. There were forced conversion. He had regular, angular features cause Daddy was a Roman soldier. Women of that era would nor have risked life and limb by sneaking money to support some lumpy, greasy, hairy little Semite who looked like EVEY rag trader they’ve dealt with in their entire lives.

        The “evidence” cited here, that Jesus was an ugly little Heeb, was produced by Israelis. Sheesh. Some people are STILL suckered by every lie they tell. PATHETIC!

  2. The central tenet of modern rabbinical Judaism, based on the Talmud and Kabbalah, influencing and influenced by the intellectual movements reviewed in Culture of Critique, is this: The life of a Jew is of infinitely more value than the life of a non-Jew.

    As a logical corollary, the only valid standard of right and wrong is “Is it good for the Jews?”

    Christian Zionism is the attempt to incorporate this teaching into Christianity. (The sect President Lyndon Johnson was raised in, the Christadelphians, taught this heresy long before it became mainstream in the other Evangelical churches of America, which might explain his reaction to the U.S.S. Liberty incident.)

    Support for Israel is merely one aspect of Christian Zionist solicitude for the worldly well-being of Jews. John Hagee and other Christian Zionists display absolute subservience to the likes of Elie Wiesel across a whole range of issues.

    Notably, a desire to somehow “speed up the return of Jesus” by supporting Israel is NOT a tenet of Christian Zionism. This is a myth that Jews have concocted to ease their own consciences, given their own disdain towards their subservient friends, the Christian Zionists.

    The Apostle Paul, throughout his entire ministry but particularly in his letter to the Galatians, opposed the attempts of pseudo-Christian crypto-Pharisees to infiltrate ancient Judaism into the church.

    We should likewise oppose the infiltration of the far more sinister modern rabbinical Judaism.

    Support for Israel stands in the same relation to the modern American church as circumcision did to the ancient church in Galatia. False teachers are telling American Christians that the blood of Our Savior is insufficient to win the favor of God, just as they once did to the Galatians. Just as the false teachers told the Galatians that circumcision was necessary to win the favor of God, so the Christian Zionists interpret God’s promise to Abraham – “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you” – as meaning that subservience to Jews on the part of gentiles is necessary to win the favor of God – ignoring Paul’s clear exposition, in his letter to the Galatians, of the true meaning of God’s promise to Abraham.

    They essentially teach that Our Savior’s work on the cross was insufficient, if you don’t also have the blessing of the ADL.

    Ever pastor of every evangelical church in America infested by Christian Zionism needs to be challenged on this.

    “Why is the flag of a foreign country in our church”?

    “What did God mean when he promised Abraham ‘I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you’? . . . Why does the Apostle Paul give a totally different exposition of that verse in his letter to the Galatians, Pastor?”

    • Judaization is a perennial threat and has a long history. Significantly, the influential second-century writer and bishop, Ignatius of Antioch, warned against it in his Epistle to the Magnesians:

      “Do not be led astray by wrong views or by outmoded tales that count for nothing. For if we still
      go on observing Judaism, we admit we never received grace. The divine prophets themselves lived
      Christ Jesus’ way. That is why they were persecuted, for they were inspired by his grace to
      convince unbelievers that God is one, and that he has revealed himself in his Son Jesus Christ,
      who is his Word issuing from the silence and who won the complete approval of him who sent

      Ignatius also taught against observing the Sabbath on a Saturday, a direct rebuke to Jewish Christians. Ignatius’ letters are not Scripture and there have long been doubts concerning their authenticity, but it is clear that awareness of and hostility to Judaization was a current of thought during the formative Second Century.

  3. As a nonbeliever I have read the New Testament in a sober, objective manner numerous times. And every reading tells me the same thing again and again, namely that jews who do not accept Christ cannot consider themselves the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

    • Spawn, you’re a faker. If you believe that, you are very close to the kingdom of heaven. You are too intelligent to deny the claims of Christ to be King – of at least Israel. Why not of your heart, also?

      “White Nationalism and the Alt-Right were too secular and pagan to reach into that disaffected audience and redpill the Religious Right.” – THANK YOU, HW.

      • The (((Kingdom of Heaven))) consists of sitting in a building made of gold – metal – with EVERY Nation on Earth – every Orc ever shatted out – praising the Volcano Demon of the Jews 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for all Eternity. In the middle of a desert. A DESERT. No water. No grass. No trees. No flowers. No animals. No relief.

        JEWIEST thing EVER.


        Valhalla is so much better!

  4. How one can seriously read the Gospels and the later writings of the apostle Paul and conclude that Jews can find salvation outside of Christ is beyond me. One reaching that conclusion – especially if they have a working knowledge of the Old and New Testaments – is either grossly ignorant or intellectually dishonest. The passages are just too clear and obvious.

    Those like the obese Pastor Hagee are false prophets in the Church. Sadly, even Billy Graham fell into this sort of confused thinking during the latter part of his life. Because the Jewish people are so historically wed to the Bible, many naive Christians think that Jews are allowed to have a special path to God that’s different from gentiles, that Jewish unbelief and rejection of their Messiah is somehow different than it was when Jesus walked the earth.

    The greater majority of Jews don’t even study the Hebrew Bible, and that which they do is filtered by the many conflicting interpretations of the rabbis. These people have one false tradition built upon another, and they have so twisted the plain meaning of Scripture that they cannot see the Truth.

    Jews need to hear the Gospel in its purity, but they also need to hear the Truth about their subversive ways, their promotion of pornography and all manner of deviancy among the gentiles, and their history of promoting social policies designed to destroy their host countries from within. They are not the victims, they are the victimizers.

    The last thing these lying people need are more lies.

  5. Rev.Ted Pike red pilled thousands of Christians at His videos about Zionism and Hate laws are top notch.

  6. ” I promote E. Michael Jones for the same reason. I don’t like what he says about race, but he is great on sexuality and the Jewish Question. What is more important?” EXACTLY

    About time this was said.

    Not because of EM Jones, or any EM Jones for that matter, but of the reasoning you outlined for giving your support.

    If anyone has REAL issues to bring forth about the Catholics are orthodox Christians, ESPECIALLY what they did to us with the crusades – read the History of BETRAYAL where Catholics sided with the ottomans and the Mohammedan hordes to destroy East Rome, Byzantium.

    So your in-house/family little squabbles between Protestants (angry Catholics) and (Vatican Catholics) are a drop in the bucket – both factions are IDIOTS – GET A REALITY CHECK !

  7. So I’m reading boomer conservative comments and they seem totally oblivious to the fact that most of the people involved in the impeachment story are jewish. They really don’t mention it, not even in the most indirect ways. They just play it totally straight. Hard to believe, but see for yourself. Meanwhile, the jewish media is all over the jewishness of the characters. Is there any hope for boomers? Do they really not know? Do they know and don’t care?

    Evangelicals are the biggest problem. Catholics at the grassroots level are culturally suspicious of jews. I grew up in an Evangelical family in one of the the most Catholic parts of the the country. The differences between how my friends and their parents thought about jews and how my Evangelical family members and my church thought about jews were big. Average Catholics understand that jews are an alien ethnic group that is out only for itself. They know not to trust them. They don’t hate jews, but they don’t sympathize with them unless there is some good reason to(like if muslims are killing them, Catholics will take the jews’ side). Average Evangelicals think jews are some kind of mascot for God for something. They treat them like a sacred cow and speak of them only positively in hushed tones. My experience is that they have internalized this and and are not acting out of any kind of coercion or fear.

    The Groypers and Tru News are the nucleus of a new Christian realism in America. Tru News are really the bigger story. Evangelicals have much greater numbers and more power, both political and potential military power than Catholics. The entire reason we didn’t win already is that these Evangelical nitwits are the only right wing of an ethnic group, in this case WASPs, in the entire world that so is unethnocentric. We need strong engagement with the Tru News crowd. Southern nationalists, this is your entire fight. It would be a good idea to make as many boomers aware of Tru News as possible. Freeper types need to have it rubbed in their face that there are still true Evangelical Christians who are faithful to the real old time religion. Use Tru News to troll the cuckgelicals. Red pilled ‘gelicals have much more potential in this country than trad cathism.

    • Tru News are the nucleus of a new Christian realism in America.” Actually, not really. Augustinian Calvinism permeated the US Colonies at the start of this land. It was the Arminian Wesley Brothers, as well as the sectarian Baptists (think of the recent actions of the SBC, for starters) that led America away from her Pauline roots, and landed them into the following fallacies:
      a) Jesus is somehow different from the God of the O.T. (He’s not)
      b) God would not damn people to hell, simply because they don’t know Him [Read Romans 9]
      c) The church is comprised of ‘invisible’ Christians, and not a visible Church, like the State Church of England (which as calvinist at the time, and only beginning to embrace Liberalism/Deism)
      d) Adherence to O.T. Law is not for the Church, (We’re not under law but grace) even though Christ said he came to ESTABLISH the Law.
      e) The Local Congregation is the highest Court (congregationalism/Puritanism) [Sorry, no – rule by Bishops has been teh norm for 2000 years)]
      etc., etc. etc.

      In ONE thing, they were correct, and they got that from their Continental Reformation brethren.
      ROME was (if not the) Antichrist, at least the Whore of Babylon.

      This last lesson has been pounded into my head, even after leaving Rome for the salvation of my soul, since at least VaticanEwww- but JPI’s murder, J2P2’s actions (and cursing) and the Congress of Assisi in the 1980’s) Pederast priests who were trying to seduce me during my 20’s (read ‘Goodbye, Good Men’) and Ratzinger’s liberalism, and scandalous ‘retirement’ which paved the way for Antipope Bergoglio, and the Sodomite Takeover, all are confirmations of that fact. In spades.

    • ” Is there any hope for boomers? “

      I hate to say it but that question, provides its own answer.

      Sort of a, self evident, kind of thing.

  8. Christianity as is with all Abrahamism is anti Dharma, and is diametrically opposed to the eternal natural way. There are a few exceptions in history as with the mystics, but that’s about it. All Abrahamism is my enemy and I’ll fight it just as hard as other enemies. Hunter you’d do well to study Santana Dharma/ the Vedic tradition, and learn true authentic spirituality.

      • No a Hindu is an ethnic term. I’m a White Southerner who embraces the Vedic tradition which was practiced by our ancient ancestors.

        • Kevin,

          One of the boys I go to school with is from southern India and looks European. He and his people are and have been quite aware of racial differences for thousands of years especially on blacks.

          He is Assembly of God religion. I had never heard of that religion but in the USA there are a lot of Protestant sects.

          I keep telling him he looks Italian or Portuguese. He likes to hear that a lot.

    • Thank you. NONE of Humanity would be dealing with the madness and evil currently bedeviling us were is not for the Jew mind worms of Christinsanity and Islime.

  9. It’s all about Money! And (((who controls the banks)))

    At this point hoarding Gold, silver, and platinum!

    Yes it’s a spiritual war with the Abrahamic religions!

    However if you encounter a ghost!

    Reason with it, as and please for the golden calf’s sake use the correct gender pronouns? to transfer the gold to Russia and China from ZOG banks!

    Wait? Russia and China at this present time are stockpiling Gold to off set the American and EU currency’s

    Wheres that Holy Ghost!

    Walking on the plastic floating in the oceans!

  10. The question in my mind is: does baptism and /or affirmation of one’s faith in the Divinity of Jesus the Christ change the jew? As one who has consumed EMJ’s content for a few years now, I’m still unconvinced. As to the Evangelicals, their position is similar. I still consider Evangelicals are charlatans.

    • In a 2014 poll of practitioners of one religion’s views on other religions, jews had the least respect for evangelicals. Jews respected muslims more. Evangelicals truly are the most retarded Whites in the entire world.

    • I heard Jay Dyer bring up an interesting point. Both Bill Bright (Campus Crusade for Christ) and Billy Graham had been on the CIA Payroll. Intelligence Services are always looking for a means of control. Mainline Denominations got Poz’d in the 50s-90s and Vatican II did the same for Catholics. “Reactionary” Elements who felt out of place in liberal churches needed somewhere to go, hence the rise of “Conservative” Evangelicals. I tend to share Dyer’s belief.

  11. Ten Trolling Questions For Christian Zionists.

    1. If Christians have a duty to “Bless” Israel, should they buy pornography?

    2. Why did all Jewish Organizations be they secular or religious denounce George W. Bush for attending a Jews for Jesus Event?

    3. Did you know Jews gave America Gay Marriage according to The Jewish Daily Forward?

    4. With all the “Blessings” Evangelical Christians from the South have given Jews/Israel, why does Hollywood disparage White Southern Christians?

    5. Why is the Abortion Industry so dominated by Jews?

    6. Why are Jews (secular or religious) embarrassed by Christian support of Israel?

    7. Why does your favorite radio personality Dennis Prager recoil in terror when a member of Jews For Jesus gets through his call screener?

    8. Do you know what the Talmud says about Jesus and Mary?

    9. Why is there so much involvement by Jews in New Age/Neo-Pagan/Occult Circles?

    10. Why will Christian Zionists give Atheist Jews a pass, but not Catholics, Mormons, or Orthodox Christians?

    • Zio-“christians” are the Golem of the rabbis – check the jewish legend of the Golem, you’ll get the picture of these so called “christians”.

      • @eksothen
        Jews have had a series of Golems throughout their history. These Golems either turn on them or destroy themselves. Zion-“Christians” are dying out, there are some Gen X “Hangers-On” but the movement is largely a Boomer Thing.

        E. Michael Jones regularly brings up the fact that Blacks were the Jews Golem for many years. However, that alliance started breaking down in the early 70s and cracks started becoming noticeable during the 80s with the anti-Apartheid Movement.

        • You are 100% correct.

          Guess who’s been allocated the role for the Jew’s Golem, these days???
          The tranny/homosexual community.

          • We park our cars in the same garage. Like all golems the Jew creates, eventually it either falls apart or turns on its creator. In the case of Trannies/Homosexuals, I believe you will start seeing more of these people call out Israel for “Pinkwashing”. That is to say, Jews making the claim that Israel is the only country in the Middle East that takes Gay Rights seriously. You will see fags/trannies bring up the plight of Palestinian fags/trannies. Keep in mind, a fag is a fag first and foremost–an injustice to one is an injustice to all.

  12. Trump’s evangelicals don’t believe the Jews need Jesus, they believe the Jews need to buy them aeroplanes! So they can fly nigh high up in the sky where they’re closer to Joosus! 🙂

  13. I have heard Hagee say that God has a dual covenant. One for Jews and one for Christians and that Jews can be saved without becoming Christians. That pretty much upends the Gospels and is incompatible with traditional Christianity. But of course Christian Zionists cannot understand their religion is bringing forth the very Antichrist they claim to oppose. As regards Judeo-Christianity think its the “Great Delusion” people would fall under in the end times whereby they would believe a lie the end result of which would bring the Antichrist to power who would rule from Jerusalem which ,of course Trump just gave them..

  14. I agree with the Tru News mens with their take on jews and their nature. What I don’t agree with is their insipid insistence that jews be changed with a “come to Jesus” movement. That didn’t work in Spain with the conversos, and it isn’t going do any better 500+ years later. Honest jews have admitted that the jew that converts to Christianity does so in name only and remains a camouflaged jew.

    Also, like E. micheal jones, Tru News men are under the mistaken belief that if an African Pygmy or Australian Aborigine finds “Christ,” then they’ll be fine with miscegenation .

    Both jones and Tru News have their Jesus blinder securely fastened.

    The best we can hope it both jones and Tru News redpilling White Christians in the JQ.

    • ” The best we can hope it both jones and Tru News redpilling White Christians in the JQ. “
      That is the whole point ‘November’.

      We all need to realise that NOT everyone can go all the way, either in the JQ or the Race issues.

      As long as every body contributes, then that is fine.
      Contribution and going forward is the issue here.

      Don’t expect every one to be on your level, as others higher then you will not expect from you to be on their level.

      There is ALWAYS someone more based, higher then me or you.

  15. “I don’t like what [EMJ] says about race, but he is great on sexuality and the Jewish Question. What is more important?”

    Race is more important than sexuality—in fact, sex is merely the method used to promote the race—and the Jewish Question is a racial question.

    EMJ is wrong about race, so he’s wrong about the most important question.

    • I tend to disagree.

      Sexuality is more important than race. If you don’t get that right, it is a sure sign that race is going to be disordered as well. The fact that people are confused about whether they are men or women now is even more dysfunctional than anti-racism.

      • HW,

        I believe you’re allowing yourself to been snookered by sensationalist headlines about how prevalent gender fluidity, transsexuality, et cetera are in the West.

        Sure cultural marxist jews and their shabbos goyim useful idiots are attempting to “normalize ” what were almost universally seen as an abnormal pathology, and we should resist their agenda.

        Have you looked into poll results on how the millennial and zoomers view race? They’re overwhelmingly onboard with miscegenation and egalitarianism.

      • “The fact that people are confused about whether they are men or women now is even more dysfunctional than anti-racism.”

        What percentage of the population is sexually confused about their gender identity? Less than one percent, from every statistical analysis I’ve ever seen.

        OK, now compare that “less than one percent” to the percent of the white population that has been brainwashed into being anti-white.

        You religious types are so myopically obsessed on what a tiny minority of perverts are doing, it takes on its own perverse sheen.

        • Something like a third of Generation Z now identifies as LGBT because of the intensity of the propaganda and that is only the most glaring example of how disordered sexuality in the West has become over the last 70 years. Religious types believe that is inseparable from secularism and the rise of atheism.

          • First you said “confused about whether they are men or women,” then you said “LGBT.”

            Different matters entirely.

            Either way, compare your “something like a third of Gen Z” to the quotient of all whites of all generations who recoil at the idea of “whiteness,” and it becomes clear what the bigger problem is.

          • “Something like a third of Generation Z now identifies as LGBT”

            Gen Z is also less religious than all other generations.

            Also far more liberal.

            Someone please tell this to Nick Fuentes.

          • I’m fully aware of that.

            It is not a good thing. There is nothing at all good about Americans becoming less religious. It effectively means that they are becoming more liberal, more degenerate, easier to program with whatever garbage is circulating in popular culture.

      • i opposed attempts of men to give attention to women on political forums for posting pictures long before it was mainstream in those communities (as did other lyceumites). The idea that men need women for some mass movement is something I’ve been against.

  16. Yes, Jews will go to hell if they reject Jesus, but so will everybody else who rejects Jesus. This also includes those who add works to their salvation or worship a false Christ, like Catholics or Mormons. Catholicism is just as false as modern Judaism. Mormonism is a cult with strange beliefs. Catholics who truly get saved get saved despite their catholicism, not because of it.

    • STOP appropriating a lovely, gentle Nordic Goddess Hel. Her realm was that of peaceful sleep, until the next incarnation. Hel was sweet and kind and LOVING. Jews and their stupid Kristard slaves are so evil minded and vicious.

  17. I think it’s useful to attack the problem from multiple angles. Some people will never listen to you about Jews for racial reasons but they will listen for religious or cultural reasons, so it’s good to have people that can connect with them on that basis. I’m not sure how much good that will do, since ideas of religious tolerance are pretty deeply embedded in liberal societies, and I wouldn’t like to see religious criticism become the predominant form of “anti-semitism.” But if it helps normalize the idea that Jews can be criticized just like any other group can, I suppose it’s worth it.

  18. Replacement theology is already mainstream in catholicism. The idea that Jews are no longer the chosen people and it was religiously transmitted to Catholics instead, who are the new chosen people based on their baptism. there’s no need to convince them what they already believe.

    The question of Israel is a secular matter that can only be addressed with secular arguments.

  19. clymenstrata57,

    You had a comment up above somewhere that was very good. A man’s looks is less important to us than the way we look to them but still it matters. Yes, we are shallow. I know it but cannot help it. I like cute guys.

    As for Jesus? It is commonly believed he was very good looking. Like you said many of his followers were female. Do girls follow ugly men? No way!!!

    The book The Life of Jesus Christ by Blessed Anna Catherine Emmerich describes his beauty. It has the Imprimatur and the Nihil Obstat attached to it.

    It has also been said that the two most beautiful women were Mother Mary and Eve.

      • Spahn,

        Do you see what I am dealing with?

        In the book of Genesis, wasn’t it Eve that took the bite out of the apple from the Tree of Knowledge?

        These females want believe that Jesus looked like a young Dolph Lundgren or Bjorn Borg. Sheesh!

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