Jared Taylor: Why Are Whites Dying Of Despair?

Neoliberalism is a toxic social order.

The White working class is not flourishing under these conditions. It is both culturally and economically toxic. More people are just overdosing on drugs or blowing their brains out to escape from life. The Labour Party burned down last night at the hands of its own voters. Good luck trying to explain that malaise solely in terms of economics.

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  1. that’s right. Within

    the (((system))),

    Whites have nowhere to turn.

    (((they))) are killing us. Not to worry, though,

    JT will soon publish some more erudite articles

    written by neo-con Jews

    showing that Blacks are stupid. Here’s the juice:

    if it can’t name the Jew, it’s


  2. ” Jared Taylor: Why Are Whites Dying Of Despair? “

    Maybe, because, probably……..

    ……the majority of white Western/Europeans ALL they have to look forward to is DESPAIR ??? Maybe?? – Oh, Jarred how irrelevant and ineffectual you have become to be.

    You could’ve been up there leading our people with steadfastness and a resolute wisdom & vision.
    But no. You had to go ahead and let jews to be part of your group, of your org.

    Same thing with the other self deluded and self centred “nationalist” mr Richard Spencer.

    At the very least these people are IDIOTS living in their own myths and the very worst they are an OBSTACLE to American nationalists.

  3. Because un-natural and artificial conditions are being imposed on human beings of all stripe.

    Living a life so thoroughly dominated by computers and electronic devices means we are constantly exposed to electromagnetic fields. Since the advent of radio all living organisms are incessantly bathed in both low frequency and high frequency electromagnetic fields. All human blood samples test positive for Teflon and evidence of micro-plastic ingestion.

    Whites are simply more sensitive to the natural order being disrupted than the other mongrel races of the world. Clean air, clean water, clean food, and equilibrium with nature. It’s not a coincidence that Muir, Thoreau, and Schauberger were white.

    • What do you think of Dr. Harold Burr’s ideas of “L-fields”? If you know of this, I mean. Can we use those same electro-magnetic fields to heal ourselves?

  4. All those white people who are in despair could find meaning in their lives if they became jew-wise and racially conscious. Then, instead of inflicting violence on themselves, they could inflict it on those responsible for their misery.

  5. I seriously despise what a cuck Jared Taylor is in the JQ. His only saving grace is that American Renaissance acts as a a gateway to the JQ.

  6. Christianity died, nihilism fills the void until something new comes along.

    This isnt really that hard, is it?

      • @Rob157 no your pagan or atheist/agnostic beliefs are what have helped play a great role in the decline of the white race. Notice how Jews don’t attack pagans or atheists but rather Christian’s specifically Catholics, Orthodox, Lutherans, and Baptists. Pagans and atheists are no threat to the Jews while White European followers of Christ are and they know this which is why they show such hate and contempt towards us. The jews are Satan’s children and they know once their short life on earth is over they will return to hell where they will spend eternity burning with their father.

  7. It is very obvious whites are seeing less and less opportunities. Many now live in multicultural hell holes which means they pay radically more money to live than their parents did. For example, housing is through the roof. Imagine paying 600 k and up just for a dumb house? That is what many do now who live in or near major cities. Their lives are spent commuting to boring jobs just to pay the mortgage and for schooling for their kids whom will most likely be average. All this to come home to a fat wife? If you are not divorced that is. Meanwhile non whites live off gov’t freebies as 300 pound Laquasha pumps out her 5th sprog from her third baby daddy.

    It is so obvious to get the heck away from big cities and their burbs if you want any shot at a life. As Trump said, housing costs are way too much now thanks to immigration and allowing foreign buyers to buy which drives housing costs up.

    Compare this to when our parents and grandparents were young. They literally had an entire nation to choose housing from with little diversity. Diversity squeezes the housing market. Costs for schooling were minimal too thus whites had more kids. Now the losers of society usually have the kids due to them looking to steal gov’t benefits.

    As I see it do your homework and move somewhere white( town/city/or country with reasonable housing costs and send your kids to a realistic and affordable college or two year technical school. Keeping up with the Jones’ has become an expensive death knell for whites. Rebel against it.

    • “It is so obvious to get the heck away from big cities and their burbs”

      Nice to say, but try finding a well paying job with decent benefits, if any job at all. High paying jobs with opportunity to advance, in a rural region, good luck, you’ll need it.

      • Arian: What you say is true of course, but rural white America is also where the majority of opioid addictions and deaths of despair are taking place. Geographic isolation, culturally backwards, depressing rural poverty….Doesn’t sound like a good place for white people to me.

        • “Geographic ISOLATIONIST (((culturally backwards))) depressing rural white pioneers and settlers will survive”

          I took your quotes out of (((context)))

          Boston you’re stomping grounds will be devastated by spics

  8. Taylor and Derbyshire are actually Asian and Ashkenazi supremacists (through the flawed HBD assumptions in which they believe), so their pro-Huwhite writings are automatically suspect in my eyes.

  9. Woke up this morning to see a house in my area being cleaned out by the Chinese owners. The renter was a decent guy. This might sound like bullshit but it’s not. A Marine with a young wife and a newborn. Icy kid that seemed stressed.

    The system is set up to just throw away young people. Zero compassion for whatever issues they are dealing with. The house will probably go section eight. And that is unfortunate for the area for obvious reasons.

    • Ron,

      I believe you, but evicting families with children in my vicinity is more difficult than getting a jew to take the Eucharist.

      That is cold blooded even by East Asian standards. That Zog-USA mercenary won’t be receiving any assistance from uncle schlomo, unless he is a POC.

  10. Dying from the long-term effects of universalism and egalitarianism as exposed by Christianity. Let’s hope that changes soon.

      • This is the predictable morbidity and mortality of the jew flu spread by the Frankfurt School and their gentile allies both Christian and otherwise.

      • It’s more like dying from ….. not having any organizations that advocate, encourage and support Whites.

        Each time someone like david duke , don black etc. try to get something going, like a scholarship program, the )3ws and their lackeys mob destroy it.

  11. I find Lord Jared’s need to be thought of as respectable quite annoying. The Enemy doesn’t think twice about playing dirty.

  12. If all of us would consider our place in the universe, and the reality of the next world, we might as a group become willing to die for a common purpose. If we are willing to die, we might just save our civilization. But do not just go off crazy. The wars are coming.

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