TOTAL MELTDOWN: Leftists Protest Democracy In The UK

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.


These spoiled brats aren’t the working class. They are chanting “Antifascista” and “refugees are welcome here” and “Tory scum off our streets” and are waving the EU flag.

George Galloway is right.


“It was Brexit of course – only the foolhardy deny their own electorate on such a matter, and so brazenly and for so long – but not only Brexit. In former premier Harold MacMillan’s words “it’s never one damned thing, it’s one damned thing after another.”

Labour’s defiance of its own supporters behind its ‘red-wall’ – seats in some cases it had held for a hundred years, seemed to put the tin-hat on things for the British industrial and post industrial heartlands. For American readers, imagine Michigan, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

And that’s after many years of amused bemused tolerance of an increasingly metropolitan liberal Labour Party – which regularly parachuted in such liberals in Labour livery into what were until now safe Labour seats. So, for example, that well known coal-miner Tony Blair dropped in for a while as the MP for the mining town of Sedgefield with his fancy London Barrister ways…

If you live beyond the ‘red wall’ you may just wonder why almost ALL of the top leaders of a party depending on Northern voters had virtually adjoining constituencies in North London.

London left-wing politics should be imagined as a hot-house where only the most exotic political flowers bloom. Nice for a visit but with not much in common with the colder climate to which you are returning home.

I have long proselytized for the view, confirmed amply in the election, that for decades Labour has been conducting a kind of culture war against its own voting base. Instead of country and patriotism the party worshipped the supra-nationalism of the EU. More comfortable with the flag of Bolivia or Venezuela than with their own country’s flag. More interested in the human rights of the criminal than with their victims. Endlessly looking for small minority blocs to patronize, careless that over-identification with one bloc may come at the price of alienation from another, much larger. …”


Hopefully, this is the ass kicking and wake up call Labour needed to move beyond the politics of the insane liberals on display below. I tend to doubt it though.

Note: This is what the day after the 2020 election is likely to look like here.

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  1. “This is what the day after the 2020 Election is going to look like here.” Do you mean when The King of The Jews is re-elected?

    • Some of you must be lucky enough to live in areas that didn’t look like this the following days after blompf was elected, but I say demonstrations worse than this up close and personal.

      If the king of the jews/first jewish president is reelected, I suspect that the shekel financed chaos with be exponentially even worse.

      • Indeed. When the money goes bad (it came within inches of it in 2008) all bets are off. The KOJ has been spending at a higher rate than BHO. He campaigned as (amongst other things) “The King of Debt” and bragged about his bankruptcies. Look for some kind of debt repudiation in a second term during a crisis, a repudiation that will not touch his favorite constituency, of course.

  2. Cultural marxixts no longer accept election results, even if the victor is conservative in name only. This is a good thing. It demonstrates just how divided our societies have become. The political pot is simmering, and at the accelationisr pace it is on, it is sure to boil over sooner than later.

    These “spontaneous ” protests in England are reminiscent of the organized mobs of “protesters ” that flooded the economic centers of large American cities with ready made banners and signs. One difference between these marxists in England and the ones in America is that American blosheviks are quicker to utilize violence knowing there will be no consequences for their actions.

    For all this sound and fury, nothing is going to change on cuck island due to the election results, except possibly Brexit, but all the other pozz will remain and florish.

    • ” This is a good thing “ Yes it is.

      As long as we – our side – does not re-act but act with intelligence and cunningness.

      I said yesterday that the taking of the governments from nationalists, (various ‘flavours’ – nationalism will have various forms and faces in our Western/European movements), will be by my estimates, 5 to 7 years.

      I do believe very much, in the ‘domino’ affect. When one nation’s government becomes nationalist the others sooner rather then later WILL follow suit.

      Just like the emotional heart feeling of cheering for this President D J Trump before and after his election by EVERY NATIONALIST movement in our White worlds.

      You had Serbians wearing t-shirts with Trump’s face on them marching in Belgrade to overthrow their own centrist/leftist government and so on and so forth. This is before the 2016 US Election.

      There is an electrical charge building up in this nationalist ‘capacitor’, call it a wake up call. Call it a conciseness awakening.
      What ever we call it, there is a populace swell waiting to be recognised and to be set in motion !!

      Time is OURS – ” Tomorrow belongs to me. “ That old saying from a German song, will come true!

    • This is one of the good things about DJT, that he is so polarizing, that he divides the sheep from the goats inducing an hysterical reaction in the Left. Establishment Republicans Like Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan bent over backwards to please their enemies then compromised away everything. They were like dogs licking the hand of their masters after getting kicked.

      Unfortunately Trump is mostly bark, very little bite.

  3. “tory cuts drove me to attempt suicide”

    I imagine that faggot Marx wouldn’t have drank from a cup of hemlock to defend his principles either. These people who don’t even have the conviction or honor to kill themselves for their cause believe they have the moral imperative to lead civilization itself.

    The perfect patron saint for the cause is a sperged-out runt Swede girl. Too young to be wise, too dumb to offer a workable solution, too much a woman to lift a hand and actually perform any labor.

  4. What have I been writing all along??

    White liberal women are a SOCIAL CANCEROUS TUMOUR. The are the malignant rot that EATS that DESTROYS our societies from the inside out .

    They are the FACILITATORS FOR EVERY SINGLE LIBERAL/SOCIALIST DEGENERACY, ever pushed on to Western/European societies – EVERY SINGLE ONE one of them !!

    One of the biggest mistakes of human civilization is that WE THE MORONS of the west gave these creatures the right to vote.

    And I ask you:

    Would ever leave the detonating button to a nuclear bomb, in the hands of a child ???
    We have allowed women to be the arbiters of social morality and our social cultural norms.

    That is what, the so called women’s “suffrage” has accomplished !

    • Yes. We have allowed short-sighted and emotional-thinking women to steer our society. Women are destroying themselves and everyone else. Men were weak fools to allow this. No other race on the planet has the suicidal tendencies that whites have. Whites are being culled and it is inevitable due to our behavior. I hope that hardier versions of us are able to survive and clean up the mess before it is too late.

      • To be fair, there are women amongst our folk, stern, strong willed and wise that are worth ten of our best white men.

        I was, referring above to white liberal women. They are worthless to them selves – that’s why they end up becoming cat ladies and end up dying alone and miserable – and most importantly to Our European/Western societies.

  5. Second video just touched the right heart strings…….. bloody brilliant !!

    Oh, God, how we are in dire NEED of another Mosley, another Adolf, another Franco, another Metaxa, another G.L Rockwell, another E Pound….

      • HAHAHAHAHA …..

        Bless you, excellent timing and quick wit !! (by George, this is one is a White man!)

        How I wish, though, that it was true.

        That tomorrow we’ll wake up and right there in the corned of our lives , stands this man charismatic, speaking as if a Seraphim is sounding and a voice that comes from a deep heartfelt belief.

        How I wish .

  6. I find the cognitive dissonance of waving a “queer resistance” sign while standing behind a “no to Islamophobia” sign to be very amusing. Does this idiot not understand that Muslims execute homosexuals?

  7. “The struggle between the people and the hatred amongst them is being nurtured by very specific interested parties. It is a small, rootless, international clique that is turning people against each other, that does not want them to have peace.”

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