Woke Taylor Swift Denounces Toxic Male Privilege

It seems like ages ago when Taylor Swift was liked.


“Taylor Swift was named Billboard’s woman of the decade on Thursday night – but her speech contained none of the usual award show platitudes.

Instead, the star criticised “toxic male privilege” in the music industry, championed fellow female artists and escalated her feud with Scooter Braun.

“Women in music are not allowed to coast,” she observed. “We are held at a higher, sometimes impossible-feeling, standard.”

“I’ve seen a lot,” she added. …”

What did Kid Rock say about her?

She has gone out of her way to ingratiate herself to the woke crowd.

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  1. She’s bitter that she is becoming invisible to younger men, and after having sex with 50+ men has nothing to show for it and will die alone. The only option she has left is to become a cliche of a cat collector and bitter man hatin’ feminist.

    • Taylor and her former fans, ‘We will never, ever, ever, ever, get back together again.”

      30-something slattern.

    • Actually the cat collector cliche is getting played out. I see many of these types of womannzz with two dogs calling them their babies and dressing them up as kids. It’s time to add dogs to the womannzz collection!

  2. Taylor Who? Her ridiculous mewling gets drowned out and forgotten after I listen to a Beethoven symphony or a Rossini overture. While our current culture is dying a well-deserved end, I’m celebrating what will always be great European cultural achievements.

  3. This blown-out Roastie is just pissed that some hebe – Scooter Braun – purchased her label group and therefore he owns the rights to her catalog of music – lol – she laid down with (((Hollywood dogs))) and did not expect to get fleas. She should have just married Wandrew Wanglin, moved to Methville, OH and had a mess of Wanglin’s babies when she had the chance.

  4. She seems to be confusing the “cosmopolitan” types (what grown man uses “Scooter” as his name) who bought her music catalog and run the music/film/media industry with the legion of ex boyfriends who dumped her over the years resulting in the barren wombed “empowered womyn” we see today

    • Swift can always raise her “woke” bonafides by marrying fellow radical femoid Emma Watson. Then they can adopt turd world babies and raise mansions full of cats from California to England.

      • Or adopt 4 dogs and call them their kids and play dress up with the doggos while going on long rides together and annoying patrons at food places with their kids..er dogs..Just being equal opportunity here..Tee hee..?

        • Jeff,

          What you’re writing is correct. I’ve literally seen women pushing baby strollers with small dog in them, but the cat clichè will always be number one because that is a lot more IRL. If I could post a photo of an old dyke’s vehicle with its plethora of pro-cat stickers and license plate, you’d see that like stereotypes, they are based in empirical truth.

          Dogs are man’s best friend. That has been true for several millennia.

  5. Steve sailor says the real issue here is that Taylor Swift is challenging powerful Jews in the entertainment media mafia

    • The people in the entertainment industry all know about jews, because they are the management that rips them off. The issue is she has $400 million dollars of F.U. money and a rabid fan base, so unlike ordinary Americans she has real freedom of speech.

      What has she done with all her money and influence? Has she told the truth? No. She enforces Political Correctness and anti-Whiteness instead. No sympathy from me.

  6. Didn’t she call out George Soros for backing a private equity firm for buying rights to her music without consulting or confirming with her? Isn’t tgat snti-semitic?

  7. At 30 Ms. Not-so-Swift’s days as a pop music idol are pretty much over. 17 year old Billie Eilish is now all the rage (her 18th birthday will be on December 18). So if that marginally talented dingbat wants to become a movie star she better move her aging ass.

  8. Can we remember to put quotes around “woke” to show we know it’s not the normal usage,….and so we don’t all go around looking like we’re as illiterate as the inner city thugs who came up with it originally because they don’t understand verb tense? It’s starting to join the language as if it were normal, and it’s not. Ebonics, even if describing a state of being, is still not standard English, but will the next generation believe us when we tell them that if they’ve seen it used that way all their lives? Thx.

  9. Nice Boomer X! Nice!

    When you breathe clean mountain air, you are oblivious to all the smallness that takes place in the valleys below!

  10. Women are held to a higher standard? Wow, she totally ignores female privilege, to wit: where are all the male music stars who started as young as she did? Oh, there aren’t any, the guys have to wait until they’re a lot older to make the big bucks? How about male pop stars generally. Oh, there are a lot fewer of them now? The 80s had male pop acts like REM and Tears for Fears, but I don’t see very many acts like that in the music charts anymore.

    Taylor herself is an outlier, for the most part the music industry has done a good job killing “white” music forms like rock and metal and killing white musical acts generally.

    Taylor is over 30 now, a bit late for her to get into movies. Movies has the same problem music does, women get in a lot younger than the men do.

    Look who is standing behind her in that photo, fellow moonbat Jameela Jamil.

  11. What is popular music! pooka? Jazz? The Blues? Appalachia folk music that is southern country instruments mixed with gay black rap!

    As one lead vocalist said from Van Halen

    It’s just Folk Music.

    So the rest of western music is from Europe!

    Any one versed in music will know why it has Italian language as applied to its notation and phrasing.

  12. Kid Rock and Hank Williams knows what’s going on in Hollyweird…thats why they live in the backwoods!..and when Rolling Stone went there to interview him, he shot a pig in the head as his first order of business in the interview..thats why Hollyweird doesnt fk with him..lol
    Ritchie is an American treasure!

  13. She sold her soul for fame and fortune. She’ll probably never know the happiness of giving birth to beautiful White babies and raising them.

  14. Most, if not all, of the criticism here is accurate and warranted. That said, she is somewhat awake in that she sees a gaggle of Jews have manipulated her and have stolen her musical posterity for their own uses.

  15. There are some in the white racialist movement that still reverse her as an “Aryan goddess.” But since she made the video Lover featuring her and a black male I suspect she has fallen out of favor. But if she has fallen out of favor with them she has suddenly found favor and a new license on life with the Judeo-Liberal Coalition. They once despised her, then she caved and produced” Lover” and now suddenly she is artist of the decade! The transparency is staggering! And her former antagonist Kayne West is now a Trump supporter.

  16. They are all the same. Pander to blacks 24/7 and be a Democrat and promote homosexuality and murdering unborn babies while being a slut. She will marry within a few years and divorce a few years after that. Rinse and repeat until third husband success or wave the white flag at 48

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