A Brief Note on Long and Seedy History of American Intelligence and the Neoconservatives

Editor’s Note: I’ve heard rumors for years that William F. Buckley and National Review had connections to the CIA and that postwar conservatism was shaped to fit the peculiar ideological needs of American intelligence agencies during the Cold War.

I have never looked into the matter, but it wouldn’t surprise me if a similar project of ideological subversion and management of political dissent was going on today. Who ultimately creates the litmus test of being part of the respectable mainstream Right? – HW

Conspiracy theories are unsettling not because they are mostly false, but because they are mostly true.

Like the classic episodes of the X-Files (not only the greatest sci-fi series of the 1990s, but the greatest sci-fi series ever), which featured authentic, “believe it or not” tales blending together the real (OPERATION: PAPERCLIP) and the not so real (Nazi scientists creating human-alien hybrids), every conspiracy story is at least half true.

For years, “off the meds” lunatics have suggested that the host of neoconservative figures, ranging from Norman Podhoretz and Irving Kristol, the literally Jewish godfathers of the neoconservative movement, to lower tier Catholic neoconservatives like George Weigel and Michael Novak, were working at the behest of the Central Intelligence Agency to coop and subvert the mounting right wing reaction to sixties radicalism, which itself was coopted and subverted by the CIA.

These claims, of course, have been ridiculed and dismissed by the neoconservatives themselves as well as, interestingly, some of their detractors and enemies among both the left and the paleo-conservatives.

However, in a masterpiece of gas-lighting, liberal “Catholic” journalist Peter Steinfels [(((Steinfels)))?] writes in his 1979 The Neoconservatives: The Men Who Are Changing American Politics (a work later given the new subtitle, The Origins of a Movement), that the Neoconservative movement, in addition to having its origins in Troskyites who turned on the Soviet Union when Stalin and later Brezhnev declared a cold war on the Jews in the Russian communist party, was, in fact, financed by the Central Agency.

On page 31 of the original Touchstone, Simon and Schuster edition, Steinfels explains that “a considerable part” of neoconservative politicking by Irving Kristol, Nathan Glazer, Eliot Cohen and Norman Podhoretz during the 1950s “turned out to be financed by the Central Intelligence Agency.”

Steinfels continues on the same page, arguing that the “Cold War efforts” of the early neocons “were waged in the name of ‘cultural freedom’” and “were organized and maintained by the espionage and covert-action arm” of the United States.

These early neoconservatives, who further included Daniel Bell and Sidney Hooks, specifically were working under the auspices of The American Committee for Cultural Freedom from which they published the “influential Anglo-American monthly Encounter” as well as Commentary (Steinfels 29-30).

This point is especially curious for two notorious grifters in our contemporary milieu who have spent much of their careers advocating the ZOG agenda around the world and who have ties to the Central Intelligence Agency.

The first is “crunchy con” and honorary shitlib Ray Oliver “Rod” Dreher, who, very interestingly, briefly worked for the Hudson Institute, a think tank funded by the CIA owned RAND Corporation.

The second is Sohrab Ahmari, an alleged Catholic convert, who spends his time advocating a US-Israeli invasion of his home country of Iran as well as competing with Rod Dreher for most cringe worthy tweets. Ahmari is a writer for none other Commentary magazine, which as Peter Steinfels writes, was working in tangent with the CIA during the 1950s.

Both of these two cringe lords spend a lot of time calling people Nazis on Twitter as well as, at least in the case of Dreher, taking selfies and “foodies.”

However, it is somewhat reassuring to know that these two clowns are not organic, natural phenomena, but rather, like their neoconservative forebears, merely astro-turfed faux culture warriors as hollow and empty as the ideology they sell.


  1. In 1951 he joined for the CIA and published ‘God and Man at Yale: The Superstitions of Academic Freedom’ and ‘The Road to Yenan.’ Buckley ‘left the CIA’ to become editor of ‘The American Mercury’ after supposedly only 19 months with the agency.

    Buckley was instrumental in bringing the Neocons to power while marginalizing guys like Revilo Oliver, Joe Sobran, and James Kilpatrick. Buckley was also an advocate of ‘selective resistance’ to the Left- conserving nothing, losing everything!


  2. This is very old news. The CIA financed many publications and journalists, often against Americans with views they didn’t like. Think it was an accident Buckley went after the Birchers? The JBS smelled some rats having to do with our Vietnam misadventures, those rats being in the CIA. Not to be all conspiratorial, but 9/11 happened a lot like an earlier spook caper called Operation Northwoods. Our intelligence agencies have a long, inglorious history of screwing over the American people. Not to mention they’ve murdered some of us from time to time. If we got out of foreign entanglements, we wouldn’t need the spooks’ “help.”

  3. “Crunchy Con” Dreher. Damn. I thought the bastard had died, I hadn’t heard of him for so long, and here you juxtapose him with Towel Head Ahmari Tamari sauce.

    Well, I guess we’ll just have to pray that God removes these Pharisees from this plane….. quickly.
    DEATH to the Jew World Order.

  4. I think the poppy bush / prescott/ brown bros herriman is still running shadow state.

    It’s why trump is getting so much shit from (((everyone))) on all sides.

    You don’t diss lil Jeb and get away with it!

  5. There are rumors that Dr. Timothy Leary and the Laurel Canyon hippie scene had connections to The Company as well.

    • No rumors. There’s a great series of articles on that. It was absolutely fascinating to read. Makes one distrust the entire ‘rock’ genre. Which is, as it should be…..

  6. Hunter, read Podhoretz’s “Making It” and Heilbraun’s “They Knew They Were Right.” The later has lots of direct evidence of CIA involvement in the neocons’ origin. The former at least has indirect evidence. Podhoretz, before becoming a neocon, was in a kind of anti-Soviet leftist milieu that was full of CIA agents and influence.

  7. Obsessions with supposedly all powerful conspiracy theories is probably the worst curse of the American Right wing Conservatives. These obsessions that everything is controlled by all powerful behind the scenes wire pullers who aren’t even Jewish – this causes so many good White Americans to give up, do nothing.

    The reality is that the CIA in the 1950s, 60s, 70s was overwhelmingly in White non Jewish hands and was doing mostly sensible things like opposing Communists in South America and Asia. Did the CIA help overthrow democratically elected governments in Chile and Iran, install the Shah of Iran? Yeah. And what was wrong with that? The Shah of Iran was great, Iran in the 60s and 70s was a very nice place to live – beautiful Persian/Iranian/Arayanian women dressed in the latest French fashions. What exactly was wrong with that? Look what came later.

    Bill Buckley and National Review were decent overwhelmingly White up until NR was handed over to the cursed #*47@ Jewish Neo Conservatives and fags like David French in the 1990s.

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