The Atlantic: What Does Tucker Carlson Believe?

Tucker Carlson Tonight is the only show that I watch on television.

CNN and MSNBC and the vast majority of FOX News programming is unwatchable Boomer feed. I spend a great deal of time reading True Conservative ™ websites and following and watching those people and their little discussions on Twitter. I see them as irrelevant, illegitimate and primarily as an obstacle in our way. They are like the deck hands on the Titanic.

The Atlantic:

“Four years ago, Paul Ryan, the GOP’s boy-wonder champion of entitlement cuts and immigration reform, was grudgingly settling into the speakership, having been drafted as the best hope of uniting his conference. Four years ago, the governor of Alabama was stumping on behalf of John Kasich in the GOP presidential primary. Four years ago, pundits were still calling Donald Trump a fluke.

Now we are here in this studio, where Carlson is reaping praise for a blistering segment on a Republican mega-donor, Paul Singer, that showcased how the billionaire hedge-funder had sapped a small Nebraska town of jobs after helping engineer the takeover of a sporting-goods chain that was headquartered there. He’s listening as Jeanine Pirro calls the impeachment of Donald Trump “hogwash” and reads passages from The Federalist Papers by way of explanation. In a few minutes, he’ll excoriate the think tank that served as the ideological bedrock of George H. W. Bush’s administration and was predicted to be Paul Ryan’s employer post-Congress.

A lot has happened in four years, and Carlson believes he understands why in a way his Beltway neighbors don’t. Perhaps it’s not right to say, then, that Carlson ensures his appeal to an economics of meaning gets lost when he insists that immigrants litter more than native-born citizens, or when he offers a platform to guys who are too alt-right even for the alt-right. Perhaps it’s that he knows what it takes to keep his audience listening.

So cue the lamentations again, this time from the movement conservatives, who might have hoped to see him contend with populism’s fraught history and Trump-era manifestation and shape it into something different. “Carlson has radically reinvented himself,” says David French, senior editor of the conservative outlet The Dispatch, “and one would hope he’d reinvent himself again, grant the reality of right-wing populism’s race problem, and do something determined and intentional to overcome it.”

When I relayed that sentiment to Carlson, he burst out laughing. “Whatever,” he said. “I’ve made a complete break mentally with the world I used to live in.” He later followed up with an official statement: “David French is a buffoon, one of the least impressive people I’ve ever met. Only in nonprofit conservatism could he have a paying job.”

These people don’t have any idea of what they are doing.

They live in a little ideological bubble in the clouds that has no correspondence to reality. They believe it is their job to conserve liberalism and spread it even further worldwide. These people are going with the flow, with inertia, conforming to the dominant ideology and “morality,” navigating through life, catering to the donors and giving them everything they want, etc.

What is the West going to be like when non-Whites start becoming the majority in formerly European nations? What is the West going to be like when it ceases to be Christian? In so many words, what is the future of the West going to be like after liberalism in the span of a few generations has finished routing True Conservatism ™ and dissolving the foundations of our civilization? Rich Lowry says that everything will be all right because at least we will still have liberalism, the English language, Israel and the Constitution.

This transition isn’t an abstract question for a philosopher to mull over in his study. This is swiftly becoming the new reality every day for more people all over the West. More than anything else, this will be the defining reality of the next thirty to forty years. As we saw with the spectacular collapse of the Labour Party, Muslim rape gangs and terrorism becoming a new feature of life in the UK for the White working class under liberal democracy has political consequences.

Professional Conservatism is drifting in one direction. The people underneath the mainstream parties in all Western countries in the conservative parties and the social democratic parties are moving in the opposite direction. Tucker Carlson is trailing behind us. He is as close to us as he can be while staying within the boundaries of the “mainstream” elite consensus.

How long will it be until the “mainstream” as we have known it collapses though? How do you contain the “far right” when it begins to hit critical mass in the 2020s?

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  1. If they get rid of Tucker I bet they’ll replace him with the neocon Brian Kilmeade. I see him used as a guest host more than I care for.

  2. “What is the West going to be like when non-Whites start becoming the majority in formerly European nations?”

    See South Africa

    I really wish Tucker would’ve mentioned that Singer was a Jew in that segment. The Kvetching would’ve been epic.

  3. Tucker is a staunch civnat, who believes in the myth of assimilation. He is also very outspoken against White Nationalism.

    I don’t even know why I come to this site. It’s always finding anyone to cheer for that might have 1 thing in common with you, while you disregard all the blatant stances they have against you. Saw this with Yang Gang, then Tulsi, and now Tucker.

    Punditry only pays to spectate, not to actually encourage any positive change, like forming groups, orgs, and local networking. These things aren’t promoted. Just more outrage nationalism and cheerleading of cucks. Sad that people pay for that. Glad I don’t.

    • I am not sure we can know what Tucker thinks in his heart of hearts. You are right that on the show, he is a CivNat. If he went full 1488, he would be fired instantly. So, he goes as far as he can without being fired. He seems to me to be too smart to be a CivNat.

      • Exactly, Jud. I suspect many “conservative” commentators and talkshow hosts pull their punches when it comes to certain incendiary (((topics))). They know the truth but have calculated the odds and chosen the safer path. And who can blame them?

    • I agree it’s absurd to think that the neocons who run Fox News would be stupid enough to hire a closet white nationalist, even Striker has been saying that Tucker is secretly “our guy” and that he is just hiding his power level.

      It comes from a need for hope. If we honestly assessed our situation it would seem so absolutely hopeless that many would give up the struggle, therefore personalities in the dissident right prefer to indulge in comforting lies. The truth is that Trump, Coulter and Tucker are all Zionist whores and enemies of our race.

  4. I wouldn’t call David French a buffoon, because such characters are strutting, arrogant, clownish and ignorant fools – like Trump, for example. No, French is weird, creepy and unmanly – a weak, spineless cuckold who enjoys watching his wife get tag-teamed by large, sweaty, muscular Negroes. By contrast Tuckah represents everything that is positive and wholesome – the ideal white family man.

  5. “He later followed up with an official statement: “David French is a buffoon, one of the least impressive people I’ve ever met. Only in nonprofit conservatism could he have a paying job.”

    THANK YOU, JESUS! French the buffoon. The best moniker that bastard phoney non-Christian [Heb. 12:8] could be called.

  6. I rarely watch news anymore. When I do it’s the same stuff repeated over and over. The impeachment mess is Jews one upping other Jews,

    Tucker is deep in it. And I suspect he reads sites like this and aware, he’d have to be in that shit business.

    If he can lightly work the masses I’m okay with that.

  7. On a side note, I was recently banned from Breitbart, a site that is pro everything Conservative Inc.

    They actually have banned the word “Jew”. We are making progress. Slowly but surely. Things happen fast when they start slow.

  8. Tucker Carlson, Lights Out with David Spade and American Dad! are just about the only shows I still watch anymore (Stan Smith reminds me of HW).

  9. you guys are pitiful. Haxo pulled the plug on the Jewbox

    and cut the cable

    more than 2 decades ago. Of course,

    some of you weren’t alive then. TC?

    kind’ve like a male Ann Coulter. Of course,

    AC (6′ tall, shoulders like a middle linebaker, adams apple the size of an apple)

    may also be a male….

    • AC is the very opposite of ugly and is certainly a woman. I think it is sad that she never married and had children like her heroine Phyllis Schafly. I have absolutely no doubt that there were plenty of men after her.

  10. Do you realize how hurtful towards David French that was! My God he will have to go to Africa now and adopt more children to calm himself down!

    • The perfect is the enemy of the good. If Tucker were to tell the truth, all of the truth, he would be fired immediately, no more Tucker. He is the only decent one on FOX TV amongst a cast of idiots and ass lickers, I don’t want to see him go. He is a gateway drug for many normies, most of whom are persuadable into breaking with Cuckservative thinking.

      It will take a crisis in the U.S., probably a series of crisis stacked one upon another to finally move the needle. Massive, white popular support to abandon the current paradigm will come after a crisis of legitimacy for the current regime. We ain’t there yet (but we are within inches).

      If the Atlantic is writing anything about Tucker it shows that Conservatism, Inc. is worried and their keepers on the Left are even more worried. Trump is a tremendous disappointment of course but he has mercilessly antagonized the Left’s untouchables such as the NYT and CNN which has opened up space for the Tuckers of the world. If the Queen Bitch had won in 2016 Tucker, HW and many of the commenters here would be in the gulag by now.

      If you’re receiving flak it means you’re over the target.

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