New York Times: Jews Experience Anxiety Over Hardening National Identities

If national identities continue to “harden” and liberalism collapses over the next 30 years as it dissolves the foundations of Western nations and generates so much ethnic tension that it becomes unsustainable, the worst thing that will happen to anxious Jews is that they will pack their bags and evac to Israel where they will have to become Israelis.

New York Times:

“President Trump’s executive order targeting anti-Semitic and anti-Israel speech on campuses might be framed as a narrow legal matter, but it has touched on a defining issue of our time: Who belongs, and who decides?

The order is ambiguous as to whether it sees Jews as a distinct nationality or a minority race, but either interpretation aligns with Mr. Trump’s preoccupation with defining, and policing, the boundaries of identity.

And the order’s creation of special status for Jews, but not other religious minorities, follows Mr. Trump’s habit of welcoming some demographic groups into the rights and protections of American identity and excluding others. Tellingly, the singling out of Jews for special protection in the order left some feeling still more exposed. …”

The pot is starting to boil.

There are bubbles starting to form.

We’re only at the very beginning of the process now though as the logic of the system works itself out. I can’t imagine what it will be like after the next 30 years of demographics and technological change. If it starts to get really bad though like Yugoslavia tier bad in the West after the collapse of liberalism, Jews will move to Israel like they parachuted out of the Soviet Union and leave the POC holding the bag. Europe was only peaceful for a time because the World Wars sorted itself out into ethnostates and the American Empire and the atomic bomb pacified the continent.

It’s really tragic that we are going down this road. If our foolish elites had been wise enough to avoid swinging too far in the opposite direction after World War II (cosmopolitanism, anti-racism, anti-nationalism, multiculturalism, political correctness, mass immigration, etc.), this future could have likely been avoided. When the ideology ceases to be plausible as it will over the next ten or twenty years, there will be nothing to unite all these people anymore.

Then what do you do?

Gary will be fine.

He will take his money and go wherever.

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  1. White Americans could only hope we end up in a scenario like Croatia did in the 1990’s. Croatians(my family included) finally had enough from the Muzzies and the Serbs so they gave them a bloody nose and have been left alone ever since. Croatia is now a sovereign nation which is Slavic, Catholic, and White! Btw love the last video in this article. Za Dom Spremni!

    • Goes on pro-White website, starts spewing anti-White rhetoric against Serbs. Something something about no more brother wars.

        • @ATBOTL you are wrong on so many levels. Have you been to Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, or Bosnia and Herzegovina? Did you fight in the Balkans? Do you have relatives who still live over there? If your answer to those questions is no then do some research before running your mouth. Croatians wanted their own sovereign state so they fought against the Serbs(Yugoslavia) to achieve that. The Croats did not whine and bitch to the UN or NATO about the Serbs. The Bosniaks started with the false accusations of ethnic cleansing which is why NATO started attacking. Croatians merely used the situation to our advantage to finally create our own country.

      • @Ted I actually don’t hold a grudge against the Serbs but Croats wanted a sovereign state. Learn the facts before you comment.

    • This was one great fun. Was there in 1995 , as a 20 yo UN peacekeeper near Dvor city and never forget the 18th September when the operation Una started.

      UN soldiers were ordered to stand down, so we got into hiding and enjoyed the show.

      It gave also valuable lesson. Diversity is on the run, when white people do not protect them. So the good whites are the main problem.

      In this time, Eastern Europe had not our own peace keeping units, so our platoons were under different Scandinavian commands. I was under Danish Army. Danes are generally liberal cucks but diversity was totally reliant of them.

      Below is the video, how fast muzzies are running, when whites quit defending them. Video states that they were Serbs but actually they were Bosnian Muslims formally under Republika Sprska Army. Behind the Republika Sprska, there was the largest Muslim enclave in Europe this time.

      Watch the video, what will happens, when good whites quit defending diversity…:D

    • And here’s where we part ways. The Serbs were the victims of the Jew World Order and, Slobo was found to have ‘done nothing wrong.’

      “The relentless demonization of Milosevic spills over onto the Serbian people in general. In Sell’s book, the Serbs are aggrandizing nationalists. Kosovo Serbs demonstrating against mistreatment by Albanian nationalists are described as having their “bloodlust up.” And Serb workers demonstrating to defend their rights and hard won gains are dismissed by Sell as “the lowest instruments of the mob.” The Serbs who had lived in Krajina and other parts of Croatia for centuries are dismissed as colonial occupiers. In contrast, the Slovenian, Croatian, and Bosnian Muslim nationalist secessionists, and Kosovo Albanian irredentists are simply seeking “independence,” “self-determination,” and “cultural distinctiveness and sovereignty.” In this book, the Albanian KLA gunmen are not big-time drug dealers, terrorists, and ethnic cleansers, but guerrilla fighters and patriots.” –

      “The ICTY’s exoneration of the late Slobodan Milosevic, the former President of Yugoslavia, for war crimes committed in the Bosnia war, proves again we should take NATO claims regarding its ’official enemies’ not with a pinch of salt, but a huge lorry load. ” –

      The jews (Madeleine Albright, and Gen. Kanne Clark) HATED the Serbs for wanting to restore Orthodoxy in traditional Serbia, and so, for that ‘crime’ had their country carved up like a giant roast pig, and given to the Croats and Albanians.

      Sorry no. Not having a dog in this race, until I came to understand the perfidy of the Clinton machine, I side with the Serbs who lost Kosovo, the very heart of their Orthodox Culture, and have had to endure blasphemy upon blasphemy from godless Romanists, and heretical Moslem scum.

      • “””…I side with the Serbs who lost Kosovo…”””

        I side too. You know, , 5 years later, in 2000 , I was 25 years old and still in the army, so when the bombing ended and ground troops moved in, then I was there too Got even medal from Wesley Clark. I was very proud and thought that not all Jews are bad.

        Slobodan was taken down by genetic white liberals inside the Serbia because he refused to understand the root cause of all problems, genetic white liberal. After his death, genetic white liberals dug him out from the grave and pushed wooden stick though his heart to make sure.

        Jew is the respected gentleman. Messing up with dead body in the middle of the night in the Eastern Europe cemetery or burning witches in the church or making neck shots in the Soviet Union or throwing urine bottles in the US Antifa is not very Jewish. But there are lot of genetic white liberals willing do do the dirty work.

        Slobodan was very tragic man in the history. He refused to understand where the problems really are and paid the price and a lot of Serbian patriots with him.
        A little bit Kosovo military fun also

      • I hold no ill feelings towards the Serbs but from a Croatians perspective that war was solely fought so us Croats could have a country of our own. If a Serb is Orthodox Christian then more power to him just as I am Catholic however we fought them not because of their religion but rather what they were doing to the Croatian people.

    • Interesting to know,even though I live in S.America,it alwayd give me the impression that eastern europe is far better than the “main countries”(France,Germany,Spain).
      Eastern Europe is barely mentioned in the news here,meanwhile the “Main countries”is always in the spotlight.”Look,France is full of Africans and not any French to be seen…is not multiculturalism Go…I mean guys?”is standard news.

      • We are not better, we f.ed up many times.We made the 1917, blew up Chernobyl and so on. After 100 years of fail and after ca 60 million dead now we are finally learning from our mistakes.

  2. Jews remind me of spiders that always crawl up the wall expecting to be swatted at any moment by a rolled-up newspaper.

  3. If Trump doesn’t use the USA to destroy Iran for them, there may not be an Israel in 30 years. However, they are subverting China with their Hollyweird movies, so that is their next intended golem after the West goes down. Also there’s a lot of exciting things going on in space right now, that could change everything. If that pans out, they will become Jews in Spaaaaace!

  4. “expect Drumpf to announce his public circumcision”

    He more than likely is. He’s a boomer born and raised in NYC. They had the highest circumcision rate in US history and northeast urban centers have long had very high rates.

    The remarkably high circumcision rate among boomers in not just the US but also Canada, Australia, and even NZ goes a way towards explaining the infamous philo-semitism of that generation, and that practice in general goes even further towards explaining how Jews were able to ingratiate themselves in our societies.

  5. Jew York Times is trolling us. Jews know they are totally in control of the West and that is not going to change anytime soon. Liberalism is not going away either. All the “nationalist” and “populist” leaders in Europe and America are Kosher-certified and they won’t to anything meaningful to stop the continuing degeneration and degradation of the Christian nations.

  6. The order is ambiguous as to whether it sees Jews as a distinct nationality or a minority race, but either interpretation aligns with Mr. Trump’s preoccupation with defining, and policing, the boundaries of identity.

    Trump does everything the Jews tell him to do, then the Jews blame Trump for doing what they told him to do.

    This is not difficult to figure out. It requires no complex historical Christian theology, nor post-modern “wokeness” identity politics.

    It’s all as blatant as can be.

    The only question is when right-wing Whites will stop putting up with this bullshit.

    The answer? Never. They are too busy tail-gaiting right-wing Jews like Curtis Yarvin and Ben Shapiro who will tell them how to react.

    Conservative Inc.:

    • Can you imagine the worldwide jubilation if Israel were to be laid low? Wow. I mean, it might be muted in some quarters (like reaction to 9/11) but otherwise it would be more or less deafening.

  7. Corbyn should have replied to the antisemitism gambit by Rabbi Mervis by suggesting that he’s being attacked because they are worried that McDonnell would audit the City of London. Couldn’t have hurt as it turns out.

  8. If Jews were as smart as we’re supposed to believe they are they’d be the loyalist, staunchest friends of the host population instead of its most treacherous enemy. Failing that they’d at least have enough sense to keep a low profile and mind their own business. They know all about their miserable history but learn nothing from it.

    • It’s an Historical Pattern they are aware of, but they don’t care. This “moshiac” business for instance; it fits the pattern. When jews rise to power in a goyish country, they come to believe that the arrival of The Messiah is imminent. It usually fails in one way or another, and they fall from grace, so to speak.
      It fits the textbook definition of Insanity…

  9. I didn’t think it was because they feel guilty for telling 6,000,000 lies. Or, that it’s because their group is massively over-represented among the banking crooks and many, many other deviant behaviors. The list is endless. Need I go on?

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