New York Times: Military Investigating Suspected ‘White Power’ Hand Gestures Flashed at Game

The ADL has officially designated the OK sign as a “white supremacist hand gesture.” Surely, that must be how it is being used here.

New York Times:

“United States military officials said they were investigating whether Army cadets and Navy midshipmen had flashed hand symbols associated with hate groups at their football game on Saturday.

A broadcast showed cadets from the United States Military Academy and midshipmen from the Naval Academy in the stands displaying the sign at least five times behind ESPN broadcaster Rece Davis at the game, which was held at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia on Saturday.

President Trump attended the game and met with players in both locker rooms before the game. …”

Yes, this is stupid.

This is the world we live in though.

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      • Join the Coast Guard or Merchant Marine if you need to wear the uniform of Zog-USA. Otherwise, don’t expect one iota of sympathy when you come home from fighting wars fir international jewry maimed, psychologically impaired, or in a body bag.

        Personally, I hope the entire USA military was comprised of trannies, homosexuals, soy boys, blue haired feminist sjws, et cetera. Let Zog-America wage war or violate Posse Comitatus with those freaks.

      • It already is and traitors. At least since the end of the Cold War the US military has become a positive evil abroad and a useless guardian at home.

  1. )3ws are very attuned to this, because of their secret hand signals, to identify each other. They are very suspicious.

    • Like Spock’s Live Long and Prosper hand sign in “Star Trek.” Wikipedia: “(Actor Leonard) Nimoy wrote that he based it on the Priestly Blessing performed by Jewish Kohanim with both hands, thumb to thumb in this same position, representing the Hebrew letter Shin (?), which has three upward strokes similar to the position of the thumb and fingers in the gesture.” Nerds have been giving each other Jooish salutes for decades.

  2. 4Chan trolling is far more powerful than anyone realized.

    The “It’s OK to be White” troll has been causing havoc in academia and the media for going on three years now.

    • I’d love to see them try a “It’s OK to be Wh…” or “It’s OK to be what” variation. The first one invites you to fill in the blank. With the second, you can claim the whole message was “supposed” to say “…what you are.”

  3. They may have the military hardware, technology and more, but I have to think that on a one-against-one basis the average US soldier would lose against an opponent from a reasonably modern country.

    I don’t think the Chinese or Iranian or the Russian military spends much time on diversity training, gay pride month, sexual harrassment workshops, welcoming transsexuals or acting on ADL pronouncements.

  4. “average US soldier would lose”

    No, they just put added burden on White troops. He’ll either shoulder the burden or go commit suicide, as many do.

    (They) know Whitey is a chump.

  5. Whether it is the military, politicians, government employees, corporations, doctors, schools, or celebrities, etc. it appears to me they all are on board the same agenda which also appears quite synchronized. Do you still believe the power isn’t one source above them all?

    “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” ~ Woodrow Wilson

    Obviously, it was a dictatorship back then and it’s a dictatorship right now.

    Even Lester Maddox and George Wallace realized resistance was futile.

    Never, ever give up your mind. For any price.

    • I can confirm.Here in S.America this sign means “F You”.The hole between your fingers would refer to the “butthole”.

  6. In some cultures , what we call the ok gesture is the equivalent of the finger. Maybe the hyper-sensitives thought they were being told to eff off.?

    • Stephen, as you are a Novus Ordo devotee, and a Jew by race, perhaps you don’t understand that your countrymen do these sorts of things, to scare the Whites that live under them, as they strive to control US.

      Perhaps this quote from St. John Chrysostom is illuminative, for all of us… including you.

      “The Jews frighten you as if you were little children, and you do not see it. Many wicked slaves show frightening and ridiculous masks to youngsters-the masks are not frightening by their nature, but they seem so to the children’s simple minds-and in this way they stir up many a laugh. This is the way the Jews frighten the simpler-minded Christians with the bugbears and hobgoblins of their shrines. Yet how could their ridiculous and disgraceful synagogues frighten you? Are they not the shrines of men who have been rejected, dishonored, and condemned?”

      Jews want to CONTROL us. Therefore, ANYTHING that would seek to give them legitimacy (like the cavil of ‘Anti-Semite,’ for instance?) NEEDS TO BE SHORN OF ALL POWER. If that’s ‘ok’, then show it via that hand sign!

      ‘Anti-Semitism? It’s a trick. WE ALWAYS USE IT to stifle legitimate Criticism of Zionist Israel.
      – Shulamit Aloni, former Israel Cabinet Member. Winner of the 2000 Israeli Prize.

    • Just one side of (their) beat-down method.
      Keep beating down , from all directions.
      Just like their ghetto counterparts, who do it physically.

  7. Shaking my head and laughing. Some internet trolls end up convincing some twitty Semite ninnies that the innocuous “okay” sign is a secret White Power signal. The people who fell for the okie-dokie are idiots who need to get a life.

    Of course, by reacting so hysterically and taking this shit seriously, THEY have made “okay” a White Power sign. I wonder how many people make a point of doing it simply for the joy of watching the Jews in the media lose their fucking minds over it and make total fools out of themselves. Not to mention totally wasting a bunch of manpower and money on investigating any possible “White Supremacist” perps out there.

    I predict that the 4-Chan Trolls are going to get very creative after watching this nonsense. And the more the Usual Suspects try to shut it down, the worse it’s going to get for them. Guys like HW aren’t their problem. THEY are!

    This whole thing reminds me of the flap about that French mulatto comic, Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala (French mother, African Cameroonian father) and his “Shoananas” shtick. Remember how French Jewish hysterics determined the “quenelle” which was their version of giving someone the finger into an “inverted Nazi salute?”

    The miscegenation they like to celebrate has become the bane of their existence, LOL. DATGOY (Dark And Terrible God Of ironY) strikes again.


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