Boris Johnson Plans To Move Forward With Anti-BDS Law

UPDATE: Boris is moving with lightning speed on Brexit. Very smart. In contrast, Trump moved on Paul Ryan’s Better Way agenda.


“The government plans to ask MPs to vote on Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill on Friday, Downing Street has said.

The PM’s spokesman said the government planned to start the process in Parliament before Christmas in the “proper constitutional way”.

The Withdrawal Agreement Bill is the legislation that will enable Brexit to happen – the UK is due to leave the EU on 31 January.

It comes as the PM prepares to address his new MPs in Westminster.

Many of the 109 new Conservative MPs won in areas traditionally held by Labour in Thursday’s election, which saw the party gain an 80-seat majority. …”

We’re not excited about Boris Johnson’s new Red Tory majority in the UK. While the Labour Party deserved to lose and its demise is rightly worth celebrating, the Conservatives didn’t deserve to win and we should remain highly skeptical of their agenda.

Times of Israel:

“Newly reelected British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to unveil proposed legislation aimed at undermining the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel later this week, local media reported.

According to daily newspaper “i,” the measure will be listed among the legislative priorities of the Johnson administration during the Queen’s Speech on Thursday. The speech, which is traditionally given by the reigning monarch at the opening of parliament, is written by the queen’s ministers and reflects the priorities of the incoming government.

Johnson’s Conservative Party, which won a landslide victory in Thursday’s general election, had pledged to ban local councils from boycotting products from foreign countries, including Israel, in its election policy manifesto released last month. …”

I feel like I am getting déjà vu here.

The GOP spent all of 2019 doing nothing but promoting Jexodus and pushing the anti-BDS bill through Congress. The only thing that GOP has to show for 2019 is Trump’s executive order on anti-Semitism. Virtually nothing else was done except for the failed coup in Venezuela.

Boris Johnson will probably “get Brexit done” which is more than we can say about the Trump administration. The people who switched parties to vote for him will at least feel like they got something. It remains to be seen what else will they get though under this Tory majority. It is interesting that an anti-BDS bill seems to be at the top of their agenda. Surely, it was that which the White working class in the Midlands and north of England were crying out for and it was outrage over Corbyn’s anti-Semitism and unfairness to Israel which drove this election.

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  1. Bo-jo smallhat proves, once again, that his First loyalty is to his tribe and his fellow tribalists.

  2. Dropping trou and bending over for Jooish interests isn’t even going over well here anymore, the land of Christian Zionism and all-inclusive civic nationalism. In Europe, the British miner and French farmer cares even less about Israel, and if asked about the issue they would probably be pro-Palestinian.

  3. Not at all surprised. This guy is another Trump. I knew he was a sellout when he tweeted about continuing immigration post Brexit. Brexit, like the wall, and more importantly about everything it represents, will receive the lowest priority if it receives any at all.

  4. BJ is half jewish on his mother’s side which make him a jew. All that cheering some commentators were making about BJ winning were short-sided. Like Blompf, BJ is a mega-ziocuck, and his election has dampened any real nationalist uprising.

  5. HW, the Religious Zionist right-wing in the US government offers false hope to our people and poses a greater danger than the Judeo-Bolshevik left. Within Christianity, dispensationalists preach that an apocalypse will occur soon and that one’s problems will be solved by the return of a Jewish savior. This Zionist narrative embeds itself easily within the fundamentalist protestant meta-narrative. Trump and Boris Johnson both prevent a racial consciousness from developing. They both subvert our natural ethnocentricity and channel it into American and British civic nationalism respectively. The Judeo-Bolsheviks bring people into our movement. The Religious Zionists retard racial consciousness and constitute the primary enemy to our movement. Do you believe that the Civic or Pseudo National Populist political parties pose a greater danger to real nationalists than their Judeo- Bolshevik enemies?

  6. At least Corbyn might have refused to extradite Julian Assange, not pushed anti-BDS laws, recognized Palestinian rights, rejected American-style subservience to Israel, and refused to participate in more American-led wars for Israel. I see no reason at all to celebrate the victory of the jew Boris Johnson.

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