Justin Trudeau Orders Cabinet To Regulate Internet Hate Speech

As I pointed out in the Hallmark article, liberal totalitarianism enforces cultural uniformity like any other totalitarian state.

True North:

“Justin Trudeau has told four of his cabinet ministers in his mandate letters to them that they are tasked with regulating online hate speech. Trudeau told the new heritage minister that he’s to “create new regulations for social media platforms, starting with a strong requirement that all platforms remove illegal content, including hate speech, within 24 hours or face significant penalties.” Except Trudeau doesn’t include a definition of “hate speech,” nor does he direct the heritage minister to come up with a definition. …”

What kind of censorship and repression do you want?

Do you want censorship and repression by the ADL and Canadian Human Rights Commission in order to cultivate and promote mass immigration and cultural degeneration? Alternatively, would you prefer a system of censorship and repression that discourages these things and promotes nationalism? If they are going to censor us, why not censor them?

Note: Andrew Scheer wasn’t the man for this moment. He was a boring milquetoast conservative who didn’t motivate working class voters.

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  1. It’s coming here, of course. We already have massive censorship through Big Tech, and the federal and some state gov’ts have moved to protect heebs from criticism. Cuckservatives aren’t up in arms about the violations of the supposedly sacrosanct First Amendment, and the left is already all-in on wanting to destroy those daring to disagree with multiculturalism. If free expression was a critter, it would be on the endangered species list.

  2. I wonder if that includes Hate Speech against Christians and White People? Probably not….Hate Speech Laws are a tool used by our enemies that will soon evolve into White Genocide. Well I got news for our enemies… we’re fighting back! White Power! Deo Vindice !

  3. Here we go………. President Kushner just published an (((opinion piece))) in the Jew York Times asking for the same type of legislation….hmmm….I wonder if this is a Cohencidence….

  4. > The difference between Chinese totalitarianism and American liberal totalitarianism is that the repression and uniformity in China is imposed by the state while in the United States it is distributed to unaccountable private groups like GLAAD and the ADL…

    Exactly. Since we’re going to have repression one way or another, it might as well be us doing it directly through the state rather than (((them))) doing it indirectly through private (((organizations))).

    • You know what? I’m almost looking forward to the upcoming 300 years of Chinese rule over the West. It will be a liberation from the past 300 years of jew/capitalist tyranny.

  5. Full-court press on The Goyim Know/Shut It Down now – the Zios have all their Shabbos Goy in place – Trump, BoJo, Trudeau, that bitch in NZ, etc.

  6. Im in Ottawa, Canada..my hometown, I came back here from the west coast to get up in the face of this commie mongrel, satano pedo “Justin Trudeau”..the levels of oppression in Canada are fkn outrageous, they are gangstalking dissidents in “Zersetzen” style “disrupt and discredit” campaigns reminiscent of communist east Germany. They follow us around and make sure Im surrounded by red vehicles everytime I step out my door and try to smear me as some sort of “super villain” to the community I live in…the problem with that is my family has been in this area for 300 years. When a bunch of us from all over Canada decided to visit Parliament Hill in the “United We Roll Convoy for Canada” (The longest non military convoy in history, 36km long)..they were all shitting their pants thinking we were going to storm their offices…lol
    I will tell you all this: Ive seen these people in action, Ive looked them in the eye while they are conducting these operations..they are weak, balding, scared, scrawny or fat jews and their pets..and no matter what bullshit laws or games they play, when the time comes, we will crush them like the cockroaches they are!..they are FAR weaker than they appear.

      • Canadian,

        A decade ago, I was seriously looking into moving to Nova Scotia, but as I’ve watched what has occurred over these last ten years, there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that I’d ever live there full time. With my extroverted and outspoken nature, I’d be incarcerated for thought crimes in mere hours north of the jewnited states border.

        You have some of the most beautiful women and natural scenery on earth, but Canada is in a photo finish for winner of the most pozzed and Orwellian nation with (not) Great Britain and Sweden.

        • Nova scotia is truly beautiful but its a high taxed maritime province and not alot of job opportunites and constant job shortages plus lots of layoffs. Even if you are a experienced worker don’t expect to get payed too well

          Sweden and UK are arguably worse with gang violence and gang rapes but they are all pozzed canada isn’t that far off tho

  7. The speed in which the English speaking Anglosphere is ratcheting up the torque on “hate speech ” is accelerating and frightening, but no one will follow das judens dictates with more gusto and willingness than Anglos.

  8. I take revenge against Jewish Supremacist oppression all the time, on my own time, and in my own way…….

    You have to learn how to be creative and have fun while you’re at it…..


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