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  1. ” I don’t see much future for the Americans… it’s a decayed country. And they have their racial problems and the problem of social inequalities… everything about the behavior of American society reveals that is half judaised and the other half negrified. How can one expect a state like that to hold together?”
    -Adolf Hitler

    • Otto Skorzeny,

      Did he really say that in the 1930’s? Was it that bad and obvious in the USA even then?

      If Adolf Hitler really recognized that a long time ago then I have to admit he was highly intelligent. I wonder if I have under estimated him. I tend to be cautious on the National Socialists. Perhaps because some modern propaganda has effected me despite myself.

      • Cristina,

        That quote attributed to Herr Hitler is genuine. If I am not mistake, it Is from secret recordings made during Hitler’s conversations with Martin Bormann between the years 1941-1944.


        Der Führer was incredibly wise and intelligent. He was human, so he wasn’t infallible. It is often stated that the two names jews have the most hate and disdain for are Jesus Christ and Adolf Hitler. Pretty good company to be in, huh?

        • November,

          Well my first 2 classes of the day are Physical Education and Study Resources (study hall) and I with parental permission missed them. The sudden cold weather made me sick. I am not used to cold weather.

          Thank you for this valuable information. I supposed it is true that Jews hate God and Adolf Hitler the most. They are like crucifixes to a vampire. Yes I love a good vampire movie. Notice I said good.

          On another thread you mentioned to Spahn how difficult it is to deal with females because of our irrationality. That was funny.
          I sometimes look back on my comments and it seems to be a combination of logic with girlish immaturity.

          Within a few days I leave for Mexico until after New Years Day.

      • Our Fuhrer made that quote in January 1942, shortly after the Reich had no choice but to go to war against the Great Satan, aka, the United States, miss.

      • Affected, Srta. Cristina. Effected is something else. But yes, you are correct. It’s very difficult to gain ANY sort of ‘dispassionate’ understanding of Hitler, because the Deicides see him as ‘Bad Man incarnate’ and the entire West followed stupidly along, as if the ‘Jews’ had some sort of ‘moral barometer’ in their accursed race, religion, or talmud to tell them that supposed [sic] “Truth.”

        Evan-jelly-goo’s still think of Bonhoeffer as ‘Saint Dietrich’ when he was nothing but a deracinated liberal, before it was chic to be one, slumming in the jazz clubs of Harlem, and having nigger ‘friends’ only until he went back to his Aryan privilege in Deutschland…. while thinking Jewish ‘theologians’ had something he could ‘learn’ from (Hint- Jews have NOTHING to tell the Church- NOTHING- they are without grace, without the pnevma, and without God, since AD 70)

        Both ‘paragons of (cough, hack) virtue’ are dead cisterns, empty caskets, lying heaps of dung.
        Hitler will need to be completely re-assesed and given his due, after every single Jew is dead and buried… by any means necessary.

        • Father John,

          I always get effected confused with affected. Thank you for the clarification.

          I know that Adolph Hitler signed a 1933 Concordant with the Church. That it is no sin to be a National Socialist. That I would feel safer walking down the streets of Germany in those days than I do in the current USA or Mexico or most countries.

          That the national socialists of the time would not insult me racially or religiously like in current Texas. Or in the USA and Great Britain and the Soviet Union in the 1940’s.

          That is decisive for me.

      • I predict that by the the middle of the next decade either CBS, NBC, ABC, or FOX will air babies having hammer fights inside a dumpster from the ghetto live, and it will be a huge ratings success.

    • “I don’t see much future for the Americans”

      Because we have a fantastic amount of natural resources and land and open access to two oceans and more people of German blood than Germany.

  2. HW,

    I totally agree with you. This timeline is atrocious in its unrelenting bottom of the barrel promotions of everything unnatural, unhealthy, and unreal.

    Often, I think about parallel worlds and universes that are completely opposite of what we’re experiencing in the present. Now unfortunately, more evidence is showing that we aren’t living in an “ancestor simulation.” At least, under some extraterrestrial SIMs program this madness could be chalked up to a corrupted file, malicious virus, or sadistic highly technically advanced civilization of extra biological organisms.

    Sadly, it’s just another ‘$h!t sandwich, and we all have to take a bite.

  3. Nothing surprises me anymore with the Jews at the helm of the entertainment industry. The coarser and more bizarre the entertainment becomes, the closer we get to the heart and inner workings of the Hebrew mind. This is the kind of thing Hitler tried to save the world from.

    • The jews without their shabbos goyim in England and the USA could never have defeated of destroyed the Third Reich.

      • @Nov

        So true !
        Also starving and sacrificing over 20 million Russians.
        Over 80% of German troops died on the Russian Front.

        Look at a globe, look @ Germany’s land size, compare that to Russia+US+British Empire. Amazingly they weren’t crushed in a week.

  4. They should have had a video screen with the lyrics displayed and you could “just follow the bouncing buttocks.”

    I saw Queen Latifah in the audience. Today, in addition to being a groundbreaking female rap artiste, she is also a spokesperson for Strayer University. Even though, she never earned a degree, she was given an honorary doctorate in “Humane Letters” from Delaware State. She does ads for Cigna Health Care, but Negroes don’t have to buy health insurance. They just sign up for whatever government programs that they feel entitled to, or go to the free health fairs sponsored by charities. And, she is featured in commercials for A.T. & T. Although, she doesn’t know what A.T. & T. stands for. She is a real role model for Negroes who need to be reminded that they don’t actually have to possess any knowledge or ability to be presented as an authority on anything and everything. She is a genuine source of Black pride and Negroid dignity.

  5. “Jews at the helm of the entertainment industry.”

    Much more than that, news, banking, law , government etc.
    That’s why they are analogized to octopus, arms in everything.

  6. Some coloreds realize they are being exploited by their jew masters. If they can understand what the hell is going on then Whitey has no excuse.

  7. cowtown rebel seems to be right.
    I saw on the news where some black guy and his girlfriend went to Mexico, and he had to go to the hospital in connection with his diabetes, and was hospitalized. he had no health insurance, no money, and the Mexican hospital wouldn’t let him leave until he settled a 14,000 bill with them. ‘Hep me!’ He cried to America, and Tyler Perry came to the rescue and paid his bill.
    They always seem to be waiting for a sugar daddy somewhere, and in this case it was a black movie star instead of the usual guilty whites.
    Boy, Cristina, mexicans don’t kid around do they?

    • Dargason,

      No we do not.

      I wrote some more relaxed comments on King Frederick of Prussia. Notice I will address him now with respect due to his lawful authority.

  8. I say this all the time. It’s like the dumb, the decadent, the demonic are the ones who get rewarded now. No doubt the kosherites are behind a lot of it.

    Lizzo represents a growing trash America. This is what happens when the dumb people have all the kids. Logically, all people on welfare should be restricted in terms of how many kids they can have. But instead dumb whitey has allowed a baby mama culture that creates a Lizzo. Couple this with mass third world immigration and America becomes exactly like a third world dump country. Many of our cities are there.

    Treason black ballplayers making obscene money, disgusting rappers like Jay Z and too many similar with extreme wealth, the increasingly anti white singer Rihanna and others. Now we get this fat welfare looking slob Lizzo who will be worth 100 million in no time. Throw in various treason black actors.

    The dumb and treasonous are being rewarded in the sinking ship called America. This is why I like Trump no matter what. He brought the key to open the door for issues like a wall, third world immigration and crypto whistling that without whitey it’s over. In fact when he wins again I expect riots. Don’t be in crowds or around black and brown areas when it is election night or some time after, when the Jews media whips em into a frenzy…especially in a close election.

  9. She and like her DO NOT represent America and the American people.

    This is negro culture. Their songs their behaviour their mannerism their way of thinking.

    It is a DEVOLUTION a DETERIORATION a DEBASED form of social norms.

    European/American Heritage and norms, our cultural values and expressions are NOT debased.
    Our values express a higher order of Life and of Living.

  10. I cannot stand that negro cunt Lizzo. I hear her trash anytime my girlfriend puts the top 40 radio on in the car, and can’t imagine how anyone, especially a white person, can enjoy listening to her. Atrocious voice, nigger tier lyrics, thumping ass nigger bass…what the hell sort of non-black can enjoy this? I try not to think about it too much lest I start to question how much of the white race is actually salvageable…

  11. Best entertainer of the year? You got to be joking based on what exactly? her fat disgusting obese ass lol

    This truly is satans world and the devils chosens doing putting this uninspired rot on a pedestal of fame Do people actually buy times magazine? What a joke and its not even aprils fools yet

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