DW: Back To The Future? Weimar Today

I’m about to watch this liberal documentary about AfD.

I’m ready to be educated about the wickedness of “rightwing extremism.”

Are there parallels between our times and the 1920s and 1930s? In some ways, there are parallels like Joseph Goebbels here on the Lügenpresse. In other ways, there is no appetite for a European war between nation-states to resettle old scores like there was after World War I. Militarism is gone. There are other fin-de-siècle cultural currents like Social Darwinism, Sorelian violence and vitalism expressed in war to overcome nihilism and bourgeois decadence which are gone. Russia is no longer in the communist camp. China is nationalist.

Nationalism was its own worst enemy in the early 20th century and demolished itself in the World Wars. It was channeled horizontally against other nations rather than vertically against liberal elites. Liberalism won the Second World War. We have learned from our mistakes. The Nordicism and eugenics of the Third Reich hasn’t translated into the 21st century either. If the Third Reich hadn’t had such a terrible foreign policy, what would the world be like today?

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    • Typical )ewish hysteria. Oy Vey , get the token goy to whip up media drama.

      Two kids in a schoolyard do a Roman Salute and the world is ending.

  1. They always compare everything to the “Nazis”, but the fact is, the German PEOPLE elected the National Socialists after 12 years of being a political party…the German PEOPLE rejected judeo Bolshevism and the cancerous social upheaval and despair it was creating…same as the German PEOPLE are doing today!…I don’t think the ” Nazis” are back, I think PEOPLE are once again rejecting communism…but this time on a global level..when the PEOPLE take their countries back there’s gonna be a whole bunch of Rosa Luxemburgs getting their come uppins….for obvious reasons!

    • “Remember that thing we did in Germany, you know, where the whole country turned on us and put us in camps?…let’s do that again!..but this time in ALL western countries!” -Schlomo Stupidberg after WW2

    • Really? WHEN? The Jews just won again in Oklahoma. OKLAHOMA. The Jess just forced Third Graders in Oklahoma to drop a live Nativity in the Chisholm School district. Kristatds are SO strong in their faith in Jeebuz that they’ll do ANYTHING to prove their faith – except when Jews threaten a lawsuit, Than – Jesus what can ya do?

      • Perhaps if the Churches were stripped of their tax exempt status they might have an incentive to grow a backbone?

  2. I have seen this before. I knew right from the beginning, when they started with gratuitous shots of NOTHING but Wignats… And then brought out a black kid to lecture Germans about the Holocaust that it was going to be a fair and thoughtfully produced documentary….

  3. I doubt highly that we have learned from our mistakes

    Nationalism necessarily requires a figurehead to act as an avatar of the state. Real people (White people) dont follow abstractions, they follow bigger men than themselves, often blindly, driven by a hope for a part in something bigger than themselves. This aspirational reflex is in our nature. It is neither good or bad. It just is.

    Because of this we still get in line behind toxic grifters and autistic sociopaths simply because of their slightest charisma. Our desire for a good king (a healthy and natural impulse for a tribal animal, (Whitey has always been this way)) makes us hopelessly susceptible to pretenders.

    The nationalists of the 20th century made this mistake. Hitler was a charismatic man. He led his nation to their destruction.

    We’ve already made this mistake again with Trump in 2016, and again with the personality cults of the Altright.

    We got a big orange race traitor for president, with the potential to become a dynastic dictator, wholly enthrall to our enemy.

    With the Altright we got a cornucopia of jerked over libertarian fruits, wholly disfunctional in their personal lives, and fully willing to destroy a fledgling political movement with enormous potential for the betterment of our people, simply to secure a small echo chamber of fringe sycophants and subscription shekels to insulate and orbit their meaningless self inflated egos.

    Big talkers. Small doers. Im done with all of them. I will never support any of them. Any of the star personas of the edrama of the Altright. I will never support the big orange pretender.

    Wake me up when Aragorn takes the throne.

    There is no Nationalism with no nation. Right now, I dont trust anybody as an equal, let alone to lead.

      • I see it as a small example of Nationalism gone awry.

        European Nationalists have a better chance of making it work because of existing commonalities in those demographics.

        Southnats might be able to make it work here.

        The Amnats are doomed.

    • @IronicSockAccount

      “He led his nation to their destruction.”

      That’s a very false characterization of the matter. He did everything to preserve his people and keep peace. They were crushed by overwhelming odds and ruthless tactics (chemical weapons and terror bombing).

      • If hitler had contented himself with fortifying the ethnically german sections of Europe, and setting up a hermit kingdom, the germans would have had a chance.

        He rolled the dice on an aggressive expansionism he didnt have the men and material to pull off.

        At the time between the two world wars, nationalism was growing in all Western nations. Hitlers aggressive expansionism gave the political enemies of all nationalists the perfect argument for a global mobilization against Germany.

        Clearly he did what he thought was best. Clearly he lost. Clearly, the German people paid the price for it.

        You can be a hitler fanboy while still acknowledging the truth.

        • Ironic Sock Puppet,
          Not ANOTHER Southron hating on the Third Reich!?!

          Neville Chamberlain, Lioyd George, and King Edward VIII all felt that they could work together with Hitler to keep the peace in Europe. It wasn’t until the drunken jew controlled churchill was prime minister did diplomatic relations between England and Germany.

          The Polish government was mistreating ethnic Germans in lands that belonged to German but were stolen in the treaty of Versailles. Both the French and the cursed british encouraged the Poles not to negotiate with von Ribbontrop or Hitler, as they guaranteed the Poles that they would keep their defense agreement with Poland and declare war on Germany. On September 2, 1939 (((england))) and france declared war on Germany, but unironically, neither nation declared war on the Soviet Union when it invaded Poland on September 17, 1939 because the jew’s fix was in. Whether the (((democracies))) or the (((communists))) were victorious, international jewry was going to be the victor.

          In the United States, the country was overwhelmingly in a isolationist non-interventionist mood. FDR and pos churchill cooked up tschemes to bring America in the war against Germany by lies (e.g., the “map” of German plans for invading South America and abolishing Christianity) and the bullshit “sneak attack ” on Pearl Harbor.

          “The war now being proposed is for the purpose of establishing Jewish hegemony throughout the world.”

          – American Brigadier General George Van Horn Mosely in The New York Tribune on March 29, 1939

          ” You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless of whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest.”

          -Winston Churchill

          “Judaea declares war on Germany.”

          Multiple Newspaper Headlines on March 24, 1933

          Southern secessionists would have had an friend in Hitler’s Germany. Instead of fighting a war and wearing the patch on the Yankee Nation, that was the time for y’all to secede. In all likelihood, Germany would have been the first nation to recognize a sovereign Dixie.

          By the way, there are a whole lot of fugitive slaves wandering around. When you find the time, you might want to look into doing something about that.

          • November,

            I read somewhere that either right before or right after the war had begun between Germany and Poland that Jews in Poland attacked tortured and killed several hundred German ethnic civilians living in Poland at the time.

            I wish I could remember the name of the massacre which is of course ignored by the Allies then and now.

        • What you say is true, the word “cautious” wasn’t in Hitler’s vocabulary. He put everything on the table and gambled it all away. But if you’re going to lose then you might as well do so in the most spectacular way imaginable. Unfortunately somewhere between 6 and 8 million Germans lost their lives in the process.

  4. HW,

    You’ve accused National Socialist Germany of having “terrible foreign policies ” twice in as many months.

    Otto Braun was a diplomatic aide to Reich Foreign Minister Ribbontrop. Here is an essay he wrote about German and American foreign policies between the years 1933-1945.

    Over and over, I’ve read Southern Nationalists bad mouth the Third Reich. Does this animus come from the region’s Anglo Saxon ancestry?


    • No, I agree with Oswald Mosley who also thought it was terrible. It was so terrible that I am not sure where to begin. The alliance with Italy? The alliance with Japan? Invading the Soviet Union? Where to start?

      • Mr. Wallace,

        The crusade against communism had to be conducted. If your country would have been decent they would have joined Germany to get rid of Communism. Instead you fought for the Synagogue of Satan. And committed mass atrocities against the Germans. I am aware everyone committed atrocities in the war.

        Unrestricted bombing of civilians, Unconditional Surrender policy etc. Giving away eastern Europe to the Devil.

        My religion traditionally and officially has taught that any support for Communism is a mortal sin and that is what the USA/Great Britain did in the war.

        I noticed the Soviet Union took some of Poland, all of Estonia, Lativia, Estonia in 1939 and no one cared. Did they not attack Finland as well.

        Regardless of the shortcomings of the foreign policy of NS Germany real or imagined they would have won if it was not for the WASP countries of Britain and the USA. What is currently happening to your countries is well deserved. Unfortunately, you are exporting your sickness elsewhere.

        The alliance with Italy seemed good at the time. Who else was going to ally with him? I am not so sure on the Japanese alliance.

        If the USA would have been a decent country and supported Germany or been neutral then Germany’s foreign policy would have been a success.

        So I condemn the USA especially for the result of WW2. Yes. I am extremely anti American.

        Just when the conversation is exciting I have to get ready for half a day at school.

        • The United States won the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Germany would have been far better off developing the atomic bomb and its rocket program than going to war with the Soviet Union, not to mention getting dragged into other wars by Japan and Italy.

          • @HW

            “….than going to war with the Soviet Union, ”

            Germans weren’t stupid.

            German reconnaissance photos showed Russians massing near the border, building FORWARD airbasess and massing aircraft. ( no one builds forward airbase
            s for defense, they do the opposite).
            Germany had to attack USSR, before the Soviets could pounce on all of Europe. Hitler caught them flat footed, that’s what so stunned Stalin.

            The Germans had the ju86r, which flew too high to be detected. The Germans had the Russians under constant surveillance, without the Russians being aware. The Russian s didn’t know that.

          • I know every-one regards the Indio as an adorable young lady, of the finest pedigree,, but I’m wondering why White Advocates don’t tire of the relentless condemnation of America/Anglos/etc by a MEXICAN from Mexico? Because Mexico is a Light Unto Nations and all

          • Mr. Wallace

            I agree that Japan and Italy were liabilities and of course developing the atomic bomb would have been nice but to me the attack on Communism is a moral crusade.

          • Nobody wishes that the Third Reich developed nuclear weapons and ICBMs more than I do. They were building both an American Bomber and a missile that would have the range to hit the American eastern seaboard.

          • Arian,

            In former Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev’s memoirs “Malaya Zemlya,” he openly admits that the Soviets were intending to attack Germany while it was distracted and weakened in Western Europe and North Africa.

            On commencement of Operation Barbarossa, invading German Armys encountered enormous concentrations of Soviet forces being mobilized against Germany and Western Europe. That is the reason why the Germans took so many Soviet prisoners in the summer of 1941.

        • Cristina:

          You are mostly right. I am always at great pains to explain to my kids, eg, that the American fleecing of Hitler and Nazi Germany is very reminiscent of an earlier war fought between the States, of course less technologically advanced, but likewise just as advanced in the way of lying like dogs about which side was in the right, and which side, therefore, had the moral imperative of getting the world on its side.

          I hate the Yankee nation. I will always hate the Yankee nation! I’m not them and they’re not me; they can kiss my Southron white ass, end of story!

          Wait!, did I just say that?! Yep, I think I did. Ha, ha.

          • @T. Morris – yup. Keep hating the Yanquis. Because the Yanquis, not the Jews, have been embedded in Dixie from the BEGINNING, and have screwed Southrons left right and center. Not the Jews – but the Yanquis. And I guess ya’ll have loads and loads and loads of “solidarity” with the Mestizos of MeHEEco. Habla Espanol, y’alll? You’d better learn fast, Gringo.

          • Southrons are the biggest arse-lickers of the Yankee nation. They wave flags, wear MAGA hats, shout ‘God bless USA’ and proceed to enlist in the ZOG wars to impose “Judeo-Christian” values on the rest of the world.

          • T.Morris,

            Yes. The song I am a Good Ole Rebel is a song that expresses my viewpoint completely.

          • @NTR – There is NO Yankee Nation. There are Jews. I am listening to TAP right now. ECCE, from CA is warning about what’s happening in Virginia RIGHT NOW.


            One of the original colonies. Ralph Northam, Son of the South born and bred, is overseeing the attempts to take guns away from Whites. Jason, also Virginian born and bred, is talking about how the major cities in VA are crawling with every non-White from EVERY shit hole on Earth. Imported to disenfranchise and replace the Founding Stock. This is happening everywhere in the South, as well as every other place.

            Yet these Dixie Rebs are STILL fighting the Damned Yanquis from the Rothchilds Cotton War

            Some people are exhibiting Nigger Tier IQ’s

        • A very good post, Miss Cristina. However the sad truth is that the alliances with Italy and Japan were bad mistakes. They caused more problems than solutions. What you say about the U.S. and Britain is true. But Britain was under the control of a German-hating, war-loving egomaniac. And America was controlled by communist sympathizers.

          • Powell,

            Thank you for your comment. Yes, i tend to agree those alliances did not work out. Keeping the Italian Empire as a buffer to the south of Germany seems better strategy.

            As for Japan? I think just trade and be friendly with them. Sooner or later the Japanese would fight the Soviets anyway. There was a war in Mongolia between Soviets and Japan in 1939.

            Wise diplomacy means let others do most of the fighting while preserving the men. After all, a wise ruler knows that those men are our fathers, brothers, sons etc.

            Anytime a ruler forgets that then they should visit a hospital or attend funerals and see close up what war is.

  5. Deutsche Welle is nothing but liberal state propaganda, like our own NPR. The Establishment is always warning the boob-boisie about a “resurgence” in “Nazism”. But when the hell is it actually going to happen???

    • “Deutsche Welle is nothing but liberal state propaganda”

      Pretty much, but if you pan it carefully you can take away some nuggets of truth.

  6. Amazing! The things Goebbles is talking about, are the same things we’re contending with today. However, when we deal with the problem, lets hope we don’t fall for a smooth-talking huckster, who will take away our tradition liberties, while freeing us from the Jewish influence.

  7. “The invasion of the Soviet Union”

    Had to be done! Read Victor Suvorov who had access to many of the Soviet military documents after 1989! The reason so many Russians died in the first 6 months of ‘Operation Barbarossa’ was because the Russian army was in an offensive position! Below is Suvorov discussing the matter in 2009


  8. Whatever brings to power the Radical Right, the Hard Right, the Extreme Right works for me. I can’t wait to see this entire filthy degenerate liberal edifice burnt to the ground.

  9. Macron 55%, LePen 45%. Nationalists around 25% in most countries. Center right now willing to work with nationalists and echoing their rhetoric. That’s why they are panicking now. The dominos start falling in the 2020’s.

  10. God Bless those that HATE democracy, liberalism, libertarianism, progressives, socialists and commies.

    Those are the enemies of OUR movement of national Family of our European Heritage or Our Civilization of ALL who believe in their Racial Identity of true Blood & Soil patriots!

    They, pour enemies have declared WAR of EVERYTHING to do with European Civilization and European Heritage.

    And we declare them to be our ETERNAL ENEMIES !

    I dee “AfD” to be the forerunner, the soft touch that will break the cosmopolitan curse in the German people.
    The will come proper and true Nationalism !!

  11. The eugenics movement had more foundation in America than it did in Germany. But America no longer wanted to own up to that after the war, so it conveniently obscured and twisted the facts to demonize Germany.

    • Yes, America was on the right path and Hitler knew it.
      Maybe that’s one of the reasons, his personal train was named ‘Amerika’.

  12. Quick historical point.

    In the second video where A. Hitler makes a speech. In the first few seconds where he is about to walk on to the podium watch carefully the security personnel, that have surround the podium cordoning it off.

    There is a few scenes where they allow some persons to approach and enter their circle.
    Pay close attention how they make the circle with their hand, holding one another’s hands cording off the rest of the crowd.

    The way they are holding each other is an ancient symbol in Hellas.

    We call it ‘Maiandros”” (Maeander) “.
    It is the official symbol of Xrisi Avgi.

  13. I just watched the following film. I cannot commend it enough !

    (” The Way Back is the critically acclaimed new release from renowned director Peter Weir (Master and Commander, The Truman Show), starring Colin Farrell, Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris, Mark Strong and Saoirse Ronan. Inspired by an incredible true story, this epic film of survival against-the-odds tells the story of a group of seven prisoners who escaped from a Soviet gulag in Stalin-era Russia and walked over 4,000 miles across some of the most unforgiving terrain in the world, crossing the Siberian Arctic, the Gobi desert and the Himalayas before finally arriving in British-ruled India.”)

    “The Way Back” (2010) – trailer

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