DW: The Rise of Vladimir Putin (Extended Cut)

Editor’s Note: I’m feeling really sick and don’t have the energy today to do much but lay in bed and watch some documentaries.

I’m watching another liberal documentary.

This one is on Vladimir Putin. I posted the first part of this a few days. This extended cut version includes the second half.

Note: This is the second part if you want to skip ahead to it.

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  1. It’s a shame the inbreeding of white Slavic’s of eastern north Europe from Mongolia to Kazhar and Tarter/Turkish invasions breeding mixing, rape and incest. It shows in the eastern Slavic facial features!

    • ” of white Slavic’s “

      That’s a curious phrase…. “white slavic” ?!?!?!

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      Hey, (((sunburn))), olive complexions, especially the ones from the middle eastern region, are not easily …. sun-burned !!!

  2. Mansky? A jewish name? What’s with all the Hitchcockian music, the gray/black opening credits, etc.? Impartial? Somehow, I doubt it seriously. Oooh, nice touch, with the hammer and sickle. OK, it’s going back to when we in the USA had Y2K (I STILL have canned food in my basement, now 20 years old!). Nevertheless, I still wonder- is Mansky a Jew?

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