The Heritage Foundation: The Problem of Nationalism

I really enjoyed this panel discussion.

This is an excellent summation of the worldview and beliefs of Conservatism, Inc. These people are cosmopolitan liberals. Their goal IS NOT to conserve any of the things that disaffected conservative voters want them to conserve whether it is their race, ethnicity, culture, religion or their language. They are the trustees of a version of liberalism which is totally detached and indifferent to all of these things because that is what is called “American exceptionalism.” Conservative liberals believe that American national identity is synonymous with liberal abstractions because that is what “makes us different” as a nation.

This is a cute little story that they have told themselves which is based on a historical fairy tale. The truth is that the hollowing out of American national identity was a liberal project that began in the 1860s with the Radical Republicans and which only culminated in the 1960s. It has nothing to do with the American Founding. The Founding Fathers didn’t create a unitary liberal proposition nation. They created a federal republic (something foreign to liberalism) that divided sovereignty between the states and the national government. What’s more, concerns about race, ethnicity, culture, language and religion were all salient here and shaped American national identity down to the 1950s and 1960s. The only reason that America was nearly 90% White in the 1960s was because these values had always shaped who we wanted to be as a nation. Then the “conservative” movement came along in the 1950s and decided none of this mattered.

Conservative liberalism when taken to its logical conclusion will degenerate, disintegrate and destroy our culture. I mean what is left of it after losing every battle in the culture war for 70 years. It will also turn America into a gigantic shopping mall of foreigners and aliens who have nothing in common with the native population and who will soon be able to outvote them and seize control of the government. The GDP and the stock market will rise and the wealthy who are shielded from social decay in their gated enclaves will profit by owning most of the stock market while the suicide rate increases among the White working class. The goal of our movement is to vanquish precisely the thing – an ultra version of liberalism that is ungrounded, unrestrained and unbounded in anything meaningful – that conservative liberals want to conserve.

“Conservative” has become a pejorative word because it was claimed by these liberals. There is nothing substantially “conservative” about their worldview at all though and we can see the result all around us. We are burdened with massive insoluble social problems which are multiplying by the day largely because these people have been in power for so long.

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  1. Have any of these “think tank” geniuses ever had an honest job? Have they ever had to deal, up close and personal, not on terms theydefine and limit, with the wonderful diversity they profess to love so much?

    I didn’t think so.

  2. These fools need to go. Replaced, die, prison, whatever.

    Their ideology is anathema to a Christian, to a White Man, to an European, who knows who they are, and why we must preserved, and maintain, and PROMULGATE our traditions, culture, language, religion, and race.

  3. Max Keiser, a financial analyst with a show on RT, has said that the elites are trying to turn the stock market into a neo-feudalist state. The elites will own the S&P 500 stocks, the central banks will keep flooding money into their investments, and we’ll be stuck with the bill for the money printing, along with the devalued currency and rising prices. Prices that the elites won’t care about, because they’ll keep getting bigger currency cushions to protect them from pesky things like inflation.

    The markets will sustain their artificial rise based on currency of no discernible value, because the wizards at the Fed have cast a spell that everyone believes in: the historic gains of the stock market means our economy has never been better or stronger. (A friend of mine doesn’t like that advisors are sucking fees out of her stock market account that eat a big portion of her gains, so I’ve suggested to her moving it into an index fund based on the S&P 500. The really-rich parked their/our money there, after all.) It’s all based on worthless paper, but shut up about that and watch genetic freaks play sportsball while thoughtlessly scarfing down name-brand snack food, peons.

  4. There is only one salient point. Our enemies have the money to finance such projects and to buy politicians and media outlets, and we don’t.

    Until and unless that situation is remedied, nothing can or will change.

  5. This is going to be very interesting indeed because Boris has secured for himself dictatorial power in the UK. When he flexes it’s going to be quite a sight to behold. Like Thatcher in her pomp.

    I don’t think many of your readers recall her untrammelled power back on the 80s. There’s nothing like a Tory with a majority in the Commons for 5 years. He’ll reshape the world.

  6. I read Kim Holmes’s nonsensical article related to this video yesterday. I personally wouldn’t waste any time watching the video, but I’m glad someone has more patience for this kind of bullshit than I have. You’ve done a nice job of summing up what these idiots think and believe about the Proposition Nation they seem to think our founders intended to create. I saw where some of the commenters under Holmes’s article “can’t believe you are Executive Vice President of the Heritage Foundation.” They don’t know much about the Heritage Foundations, obviously. Kay Coles James is its President, and she’s a blooming (Conservative LIberal) idiot!

    • Haxo – alas, many, many, many alleged White Advocate types seem to have a really interesting disconnect on this 2000+ years of evidence thingy…

  7. When we started The League of the South in 1994, I was approached in October of that year at our first conference in Charleston, SC, by three representatives of the Heritage Foundation. Long story short: they offered me $100,000 to basically become a Southern pawn in their “liberal conservative” game. I told them to fuck off.

  8. Anything that is promoted in an abstract form, in meanings that are not clear and concise, when there is no clarity of goals and aims with clear cut descriptions of what is to be achieved.

    Then you know you are been taken for a ride. You are been prepared to be cannon fodder, for someone else’s agenda/dreams !

  9. I’ve been in that room at Heritage, I listened to a similar talk about a decade ago. Thank god they’re getting killed by our guys in the comments. Conservative Inc. is dying.

  10. The problem isn’t nationalism, it’s millions of white people whose cowardice, complicity and indifference allow a well-organized hostile alien elite to rule over us. And the Heritage Foundation is one of its gentile front-groups.

  11. Everyone should watch at least some of this for entertainment. It’s hilarious. These Conservatism Inc. clowns are dumb pseudo-intellectuals who just regurgitate tired cliches. The look like slobs and talk like old palookas.
    They don’t address anything of substance and even claim that Americans are doing well economically compared to a generation ago. It would be epic to watch our guys debate these fools. We have to find a way to get groyper style question askers in these kinds of events. The questioners were clueless bobble head college wammenz. Are these Heritage talks open to the public?

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