Donald Trump OFFICIALLY Impeached

Editor’s Note: There isn’t any disagreement in our community on the Russia and Ukraine conspiracy hoax and impeachment. No one thinks this is anything but bullshit.- HW

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  1. The Rising Tide of Color has likewise impeached our people, they are just waiting for the votes to remove us.

    I’ve been disappointed with Trump, but now I’m backing him 1000%.

    • The letter he sent to Pelosi (the godless BITCH) is the Trump I voted for. NOW is your hour, DT. NOW is the time to RESTORE AMERICA with the promises you made in 2016.



      or pass into history, as the coward you currently have become. The choice is yours.

      • Trump is a mischling Jew. Ivanka is a blood Jew. He will never disown her. She is the ONLY thing in the world that matters to him, excepting his own ego . Jews practice and celebrate incest. I believe this is what Ivanka and her flatowm Chabad mate Kushner have on him.

        Do you ever stop fooling yourself? Ever?

    • There is only one way I could vote to re-elect that arrogant, inept buffoon – if by doing so he hastens the collapse and fall of this evil, rotten empire.

  2. The impeachment is designed to make the scumbag Trump into a sympathetic figure and to get him re-elected, even after he betrayed his voters. It is all staged.

    • Too bad for the MAGA types that the impeachment will be ancient history for everyone but them by Nov. 3rd, 2020 and no one will care about it. Instead, economic troubles and potential war for “our greatest ally” may be destroying what’s left of the country and wrecking DJT’s reelection chances. The MAGA types act as though the election is next week instead of next year.

      The failure to secure the borders and kick out the wogs will help tilt the election in the Democrats’ favor in places like Texas, Florida and Georgia. Demography is destiny and Trump’s single biggest, catastrophic failure is his failure to address this issue, the issue above all else that got him elected. He may sneak by in 2020 but the demographics preclude Republican success after that.

      Tax cuts, globohomo, moving the embassy, tariffs etc. will all be for nothing once the Democrats get control. The Republicans have one, maybe two election cycles left then they are gone permanently, killed off by demographic change just like the country. The tragedy is it was all preventable and Trump offered the last, best peaceful chance of fixing the country.

    • “It is all staged.”

      When all of us come to understand that EVERYTHING the (((government))) does is staged, then we’ll truly understand exactly what’s going on.

    • And this cynicism is also very JEWISH. I wonder. Would the entirety of the loser class (Demon-rats) REALLY do this as a ‘staged ploy’? Is Brexit part of this ‘staged ploy’? Is Greta Thunberg part of this ‘staged ploy’? Is Pastor Steven Anderson? Are you? Am I? Is this a Jew Coup, or not?

      Whose side are you on?


      A little more sane analysis, and a little less willingness to do what the Juden tell us to do….

  3. Impeachment, Russiagate, Ukrainegate are all designed to be a fundraising mechanism for both parties. It is the pinnacle of the cynical corruption endemic to the current political paradigm.

    Caring about this one way or the other, is as wojack tier caved in head dumb, as is getting bent out of shape about sportsball or who gets voted off of Dancing With the Stars.

    • Agreed 100%. Both sides just got millions of worked-up clowns to send checks to the Uniparty.

      Apparently, from the looks of his CAPSLOCK and frenzy, Fr. “Smashed Another Keyboard” John sent a very large check to the Repukes and is now in a sweat to get everyone to agree that his being ripped off like a rube was really political wisdom. And Christian principle, too, probably. So that he doesn’t need to feel like an idiot for being so credulous as to believe this tedious nonsense. 😉

  4. I’m glad Trump was impeached. All he’s done is given tax cuts to his big donors, pollute the air, water and sea with reckless deregulation, Tweet & Grift. He hasn’t “owned the Libs”, he himself is “owned”.

  5. Regardless of the character of the two headed Hydra that we call Republicans and Democrats, there are definite and identifiable differences between people who are on the right and those who are on the left.

    I like to think that if it weren’t for the mainstream conservatism that they’ve been shepherded into, many of these Neo-Cons might be salvageable. A prolonged exposure to Paleo-Conservative and Paleo-Libertarian, American ideals as espoused by the founders might help to guide them toward original intent and allow them to shed the modern re-interpretations that have enveloped them in a farce masquerading as Constitutional principles.

    The problem with this is multifold: First, the accumulation of applicable quotes and precedents can be very time consuming. Second, finding the best way to present the information in a concise and coherent manner is a formidable task. Third, the most efficient way to transmit the material is a matter of question. Can you really reach more people on the internet, than you can by engaging people directly? How many people read this site regularly? How many other sites are there competing for our attention? And, of those who only visit the site by chance, how many have been converted by reading only an article or two, as opposed to the number who have become automatically indignant and angry at the insinuation that Israel is something other than our greatest ally, or that Trump isn’t Making America Great Again? Lastly, how do you get someone to listen to anything you have to say when they’ve already dismissed you because you laid an uncomfortable truth on them that they simply can’t accept because it goes against all that they’ve been indoctrinated with?

    Sadly, these are usually fairly decent people. They work for a living. They obey the law. They believe in God. They’re generally honest. However, most genuinely believe in being unbiased and they’re willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Or, at least, they’re aren’t going to say otherwise, lest someone call them a (gasp!) RACIST.

    The Left, on the other hand, is full of irredeemables. Some might be pulled out of the Abyss, but most are rapidly spiraling into a bottomless pit of decadence. They have no morals, no scruples, and no sense of propriety. They know only of civil rights and nothing of civic responsibility. They don’t have a work ethic. They don’t practice fidelity in their relationships. They don’t obey rules and laws that make life livable for everyone else, or even follow basic guidelines that are designed to prevent them from injuring themselves; and to insist, or even suggest, that they do, is to infringe upon their warped notions of civil rights. They are selfish, self absorbed and self important and obsessed with taking selfies of doing things that they should be ashamed of. If Trump getting re-elected makes them so despondent that they collectively leap off a cliff like a bunch of lemmings, then I will vote for him twice!

    • Your characterization of liberals and conservatives is a bit simplistic, sir. There are many liberals who have professional careers, are happily married and have normal children. By contrast there are many conservatives who are quite dysfunctional and totally screwed-up.

      • Yes, I know, but my observations suggest that, on average, Liberals are far more out of touch with the basic concepts of Sovereignty, Biology, Social Order and other important aspects of life. Everything Free! Free!! Free!!! And, Look at ME! ME!! ME!!! No One is Illegal! Only One Race, The Human Race! (except for Negroes, Hispanics, etc…), Responsibility and the Consequences of Irresponsibility and Who the Burden should rest on for Indiscretions. They are, all too frequently, looking at the World’s problems and coming up with solutions that are either idealistic pipe dreams or just another chance to cite White racism as the cause, no matter how remote the locale. Idealism has its place. It has surely inspired men to do things that others thought impossible. But, at some point, it runs smack into the brick wall of reality. And, these people are speeding towards it like a car full of Crash Dummies. However, I will say that many Liberals do seem to exhibit artistic expression more readily and more effectively than most Conservatives.

        Whereas, many Conservatives frequently suffer from a Judeo-Christian, Dual Identity Crisis, and the aforementioned, Israel is Our Greatest Ally! Syndrome. Many others have adopted watered down attitudes about sexuality, religion, immigration (legal), gender roles and other issues that they used to have a firmer stance on. Hoodwinked by the politicians they support and the news commentators they trust, they blindly swear their allegiance to whomever they believe is going to ride in on a white horse to save them; willing to overlook their broken promises, and to excuse their transgressions. Unfortunately, many seem to lack a sense of humor and they’re often not very creative. Thinking outside of the box, or breaking away from the pack, are usually not among their strengths.

        And, yes, I agree, there are multitudes of people calling themselves Conservative who are pompous, morally bankrupt, untrustworthy, avaricious, abusive, conniving, and possess every other type of undesirable personality traits. Still, I stand by what my eyes and mind have revealed to me: That, by and large, those who identify as Conservative are far better grounded in reality than those who label themselves as Liberal.

  6. Just listened to a speech delivered on the Senate floor by McConnell. It was restrained, somewhat angry, yet enigmatic regarding the impeachment vote in the House last night. Then he asked to be reminded what’s on the calendar for consideration by the Senate. I’m wondering if he’ll allow the Impeachment to proceed?

  7. I read this site almost every day. I think that what Hunter Wallace is trying to do with his process of educating his readers is excellent. I have to say however that all this Anti Trump stuff is sheer stupidity and indicative that nobody really understands the point of Trump. If you are waiting for the perfect man to arise and lead you all to utopia then you are of a childish mindset and will be waiting forever. Do not be so foolish. If Trump loses every one of us loses. If your desire is to see your country collapse then you do not care for your children or your ancestry. Trump, to his supporters is a symbol of hope. He has assumed mythological status that transcends his reality. He is the start of something they perceive but cannot yet articulate. They sense in him a resurrection. He is the energy that is bringing forward the reaction to almost one hundred years of bad management. He has attacked the corrupted institutions, he has made visible the enemy and he has initiated a movement that with luck will live on after him. If you choose to not support him at the polls then you are dooming yourself thru despondency to watching yourselves become outcasts and finally persecuted. You will see your children live in bondage and you will live in regret for the rest of your time. Do not underestimate the power of his symbolism to the decent half of this land. Modifications can be made as we progress and regain strength but do not in your impatience destroy the one chance you have of starting the revolution you have sought. Trump is more important then it seems is appreciated here.

    • Yes.
      This is a useful and valuable, for all the right reasons, site.

      ” Do not underestimate the power of his symbolism to the decent half of this land. Modifications can be made as we progress and regain strength but do not in your impatience destroy the one chance you have of starting the revolution you have sought.

      Trump is more important then it seems….

      Bullseye !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Trump is an inept buffoon. He is protecting us from nothing. This country has become a lot more dangerous for whites since he conned his way into the Dark House. Quit acting like an old capon.

  8. Even if I changed my heart about President trump….

    Even If I fell out of love of what he represented and that passion he showed during his primaries and running for the Presidency…….

    Even if someone proved that President Trump used his office to gain financialy and personally
    Even if he had shot someone in broad day ligh in Times Square…..

    Even if ALL of the above were true……

    I would DEFINITELY and without a second thought, vote for the man that inspired (and still does) nationalist movements (maybe for all the wrong reasons) through out the West.

    President and then candidate, Donald J Trump, has been a GAME CHANGER for White all around this globe. We cannot deny that reality !

  9. Trump may be stupid, vain, arrogant and narcissistic but I’ll say one thing for him – he doesn’t let his enemies get under his skin. He has the armor plating of a stegosaurus.

  10. I wonder if Castizo Nick will become next big thing or just another flash in the pan, as Madame has suggested?

  11. Oh goodie, more promotion of Nick Fuentes! I was beginning to think that OD had a problem with our big tent coalition of edgy hipster conservatives, LGBTQ activists and Jewish subverters.

    Thank you for putting America FIRST, Hunter!

    Long live the King of the Jews, President Donald J. Trump!

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