Facebook and Instagram Ban Promotion of Guns, Vaping and Tobacco

Big government?

It is Big Tech that has become Big Brother.


“Facebook and Instagram will no longer allow influencers to promote vaping, tobacco products or weapons on its platforms using “branded content.”

Instagram announced Wednesday it would no longer allow “branded content” that promotes those goods on either platform. In June, Instagram a change that would let advertisers promote posts from influencers, or users who work with brands to promote services or products. Users see a “paid partnership with” tag on a post when viewing that branded content on Instagram.

This change closes a loophole in Facebook’s advertising policies. Even though Facebook’s ad policies have banned the advertising of vaping, tobacco and weapons, private users can post about them, and until now advertisers could theoretically put paid promotion behind those posts. …”


“Facebook and Instagram already ban ads for guns and e-cigarettes, but now they’re shutting down a loophole that let merchants pitch the products regardless. The social networks have announced that they’re banning “branded content” (read: influencer posting) that promotes weapons, tobacco and vaping. You’ll also see “special restrictions” on posts that market products like alcohol and diet supplements.

Enforcement for the new rules should take effect in the “coming weeks,” Facebook said. It’s also working on tools to help creators honor the new policy, such as setting minimum age requirements or their content. …”

Big Tech now decides what you can say about politics on its platforms, who can use payment processors, who is blacklisted from social media, whose books can be sold online and now it is expanding its regulation of tobacco products, vaping and guns. It now wields more power over our lives than the federal government and it is totally unaccountable.

Solution? More tax cuts and deregulation!

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  1. Notice how they lump guns in with known harmful activities, tobacco.
    Denigration by association.

    ( No ban on things related to alcohol , perhaps the greatest of all social ills?)

  2. 1) Digital separation en route to physical and political separation

    2) You Tube etc took 20 years to develop, even if we started from scratch and had to blindly develop these platforms (which we wouldn’t have to do blindly or start from scratch) wouldn’t it be worth it have a You Tube etc in 20 years?

    3) The ability to communicate is the chief aspect of sovereignty and freedom; the guns in the closets and safes collect dust, while they brazenly “Come and Take It”

    4) I observed at the peak of the Alt Right (Hitler salutes, etc) that if you wanted Fascism, now you will get it. It turned out those people really don’t like real life fascism. It turns out that while people may not give a care about the freedom of others, they howl when their own is infringed.

    5) First say, then think, then do.

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