British Parliament Passes Brexit Bill

It’s over.

I can hardly believe it.

After all this time, Brexit is finally going to happen …

New York Times:

“LONDON — After more than three years of anguished national debate, multiple cliff-hanging votes, and two general elections, Britain’s Parliament voted by a wide margin on Friday to advance Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan, paving the way for the country to leave the European Union next month.

For all the drama of the moment, the vote, 358 to 234, was a foregone conclusion. After the landslide victory of Mr. Johnson and his Conservative Party last week, the outcome was never in doubt — proof, as politicians like to say, that elections have consequences.

With Parliament now firmly under the grip of the Conservatives, the days of fierce debate over Britain’s future, which had thwarted Mr. Johnson and his predecessor, Theresa May, are gone. The House of Commons, so recently a grand arena for democratic defiance, has become an efficient vehicle to enact Brexit.

The House of Lords must still give its imprimatur, but it is unlikely to obstruct a bill that was enshrined in the manifesto of the Conservative Party and formed the centerpiece of Mr. Johnson’s winning campaign. …”

Boris Johnson has now accomplished more of his working class agenda for his base in a week than Donald Trump has in three years. He struck while the iron was hot. Whatever else he does in his office, Boris has earned “tremendous credit” for getting this done.

Note: The Anglos have taken their country back from Brussels. Will they allow it to be given away by Westminster or has the fight only just begun?

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  1. The bitches in Brussels have all kinds of explainin’ to do and they know they didn’t hide their air holes as good as they thought…so running to the bunkers is kinda moot…lol!

  2. Merry Christmas Anglos. Your long lost mongrel cousins here in the new world, salute you.

    I would now fully expect the dissolution of the UK in a few years. Scotland will want to stay in the EU i am guessing. North Ireland potentially also.

  3. As gratifying as it may be to see, this is no victory for working men, but a realignment orchestrated by dark factions in pursuit of their own ends.

  4. “With Parliament now firmly under the grip of the Conservatives, ”
    “The Anglos have taken their country back from Brussels.”

    Two marvelous sentences. Let’s see if we can now rid Britain of the Uruk-Hai that infect that very soil.

  5. Still a zog shill but its nice this issue is finally resolved but lets see how this plays out Its will be nice to see those EU pricks piss themselves over this

    • It’s hard to believe the Euro Fags in Bruxelles will let this go. Their policy is to not let one square mile, one square yard, one square foot or one square inch of territory under control of these monsters break free lest the whole house of cards come tumbling down. They spent a fortune to keep Greece in the EU when it was a financial black hole because of the bad precedent that would have set.

      The UK leaving is vastly more serious and sets a precedent the geniuses in Bruxelles cannot allow to stand. No doubt the Usual Suspects and the rest of the ruling class in London will do their best to sabotage Brexit, they don’t want anyone else getting any good ideas.

  6. Many believe that the EU is a forerunner of the coming Beast power referred to in the Book of Revelation. Some have predicted for decades that Britain would not be part of the Beast and that she would finally come out. Whether she gets sucked back in for a while remains to be seen but she most likely will come out in the end.

  7. good insofar as it will encourage other EU-captive White nations to break the (((bankster))) chains. But

    as to Britain….(((BJ))) has served notice that shitskin insourcing will now increase.

  8. I can hardly believe it either. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. BJ has already indicated he has no intentions of halting immigration.

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