Seattle Times Changes ‘Black’ and ‘White’ Usage After Consulting Diversity Taskforce

Does the Seattle Times read this blog? Years ago, I fell into the habit of capitalizing White. If memory serves, a commentator had asked me to do so because Jew is capitalized. It was just a courtesy and I didn’t like using the uncapitalized jew.

My Northwest:

“The Seattle Times informed staff that they’re changing the way they use the terms “black” and “white” after conversations with senior editors at the Diversity & Inclusion task force, according to an internal email sent to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH.

“We’re making a change to The Seattle Times stylebook that takes effect today,” according to an internal memo written by PM news desk chief Melissa Davis on the morning of December 18. “The decision was made after research by staffers, discussions with members of the Diversity & Inclusion task force and senior editors. …

Black (adj.): Belonging to people who are part of the African diaspora. Capitalize Black because it is a reflection of shared cultures and experiences (foods, languages, music, religious traditions, etc.). Do not use as a singular or plural noun. When ethnicity is relevant to the story, ask the source which ethnic identifier they use. Black is not necessarily synonymous with African American; some argue the term Black is more inclusive of the collective experiences of the U.S. population, which encompasses recent immigrants.

white (adj.): Belonging to people with light-colored skin, especially those of European descent. Unlike Black, it is lower case, as its use is a physical description of people whose backgrounds may spring from many different cultures. Capitalized white is often used by the white nationalist/white supremacist movement. Do not use as a singular or plural noun. When ethnicity is relevant to the story, ask the source which personal ethnic identifier they use. …”

Capitalized white is white supremacy.

The same is true of the O.K. hand gesture. Except it wasn’t.

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  1. It was Linder who came up with whites with a capital W to indicate whites as a political entity, not just white bovine goyim

  2. A newspaper has a Diversity Taskforce? No sane person could make this up.

    As for the particulars? Well since it has to do with race both black and White should either be capitalized or both not capitalized. The culture aspect as an excuse is irrelevant and ridiculous.

    I imagine that Asians will still be capitalized even though different Asian groups have different cultures.

    The USA is becoming more and more like what I was told the USSR was like. Except I have the feeling the Soviets were not insane like this.

    Yes, I deliberately capitalized White in the second paragraph above but not black.

  3. So what they’ve said is that negros are all the same so we can call them a thing, but whites are just way to diverse to call a thing….plus we can’t even give the impression that whites can be a thing because that’s white supremacy and it leads to gas chambers.

  4. Anti-White logic: There’s no such thing as a “White race” but all the evil in the world is caused by White people.

    • Exactly. How many subscribers do they have left and how old are they, 90 years old on average, all 52 of them? Good riddance to bad trash. Every time I read that another newspaper/magazine has failed or is laying off staff I cheer.

      The only time I see a magazine like ‘Time’ is in the dentist’s office and it’s mostly adds anyway. I never see ‘Time’ outside a doctor’s waiting room and I’ve never heard anyone quote the magazine, it’s irrelevant. After browsing Time magazine in the waiting room I’m ready for the dentist’s chair, it’s less painful.

  5. The Seattle Times can take their anally retentive, anti-White neuroses and stick them up their collective ass. No one reads their worthless garbage propaganda anyway.

  6. Actually decades ago the NSWPP newspaper (White Power) in an editorial pointed out how Marxists and Liberals never capitalized the word white and consequently as a matter of principle the word White would always be capitalized in party publications.

  7. It would be quite interesting to get a peek at the members of the diversity and inclusion task force. I’m confident that it would be exactly what we think it would look like. A whole lot of bar and bat mitzvah veterans, a few cornel west types, an lgbt puerto rican lesbian, and sarah jeong for her ‘media credentials.’

    The only thing keeping these (((msm))) “news” papers, talk radio stations, and broadcast enemies of the truth afloat are the boomers.

  8. “…When ethnicity is relevant to the story, ask the source which ethnic identifier they use….”

    Except when a negro is running rampant in civil society committing heinous violent crimes by the dozen… Then blatantly ignore the black and focus on the oppression obvs connected to rampages. (Pg 62 diversity and inclusion stylebook, Seattle times 2019)

  9. Blacks are a defined, DIFFERENT “THING” than Whites? Well, at least they got THAT MUCH correct.

    But WHITES are still God’s Elect. Blacks- meh.

  10. Only in America were these “color terms” used. White, black, red, yellow. It’s nothing but a shorthand anyway.

    The reason these anti-white are so careful about these terms is because the real term for us – “American” – is being stole by “immigrants.” “Anyone can be an America” etc.

    People like HW and I are actual Americans; actually the posterity of the Founding Fathers, descendants of Jamestown and Plymouth. The Ellis Island people are “American” only to the degree they marry into our families. African-Americans are just that, a separate nation and always have been. The savage Indian tribes are not “Americans” – you can call them by their tribal names or just “Turtle Islanders.”

    Jews don’t call themselves “Jewish-Americans” they call themselves “American Jews” because they recognize that they are Jews that happen to reside in North American currently.

    Mestizos are Mexicans, Cubans, Dominicans, etc. Not Americans.

    They go out of their way to demonize the American ethnicity because they want to genocide us, quite literally, and conquer our homeland.

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