J.K. Rowling Has Been Outed As a TERF

While I was out Christmas shopping yesterday, I saw the Twitter mob descend on J.K. Rowling for gently pushing back against the intersection of cancel culture and the militant transgender activists who are demanding that sex be treated as a social construct. It is now a controversial opinion for women to say in public that sex has a biological basis.


“A tweet may be limited to only 280 characters, but it can convey so much more. In the case of celebrated author J.K. Rowling, who rose to fame with her best-selling Harry Potter series of wizardry and other fantastic tales, a single tweet she sent Thursday confirmed suspicions that she is a TERF.

“TERF” is an acronym for transgender exclusionary radical feminist, a term reportedly coined more than a decade ago by a cisgender heterosexual woman who works as a writer in Sydney, Australia. To some, TERF is a slur; to others, a descriptive. Viv Smythe wrote in The Guardian last year that the term she invented has “been weaponized at times by both those who advocate trans-inclusion in feminist/female spaces, and those who push for trans-exclusion from female-only spaces.”

While Rowling did not go so far as to advocate for physical exclusion of trans women, her tweet — her first in a month — makes clear she supports those who argue against including trans women in the very idea of “female.”

Transsexuals are taking over female spaces.

In the UK, this all started when a TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist) named Maya Forstater lost her job at a think tank for tweets like “men cannot change into women” and “it is unfair and unsafe for trans women to compete in women’s sport” and comments like “I believe that there are only two sexes in human beings and indeed in all mammals: male and female.”

She filed a complaint with the Central London employment tribunal and claimed that her tweets were protected by the 2010 Equality Act. The judge in the case recently ruled that her view that sex is biological is not “worthy of respect in a democratic society.”

This was Forstater’s response after losing the case:

The Guardian:

“My belief … is that sex is a biological fact, and is immutable. There are two sexes, male and female. Men and boys are male. Women and girls are female. It is impossible to change sex. These were until very recently understood as basic facts of life by almost everyone.“…

This judgment removes women’s rights and the right to freedom of belief and speech. It gives judicial licence for women and men who speak up for objective truth and clear debate to be subject to aggression, bullying, no-platforming and economic punishment.

“I will consider the judgment closely with my legal team to determine what can be done to challenge it.

She is right.

This is exactly what the consequences will be as we saw yesterday when J.K. Rowling expressed her sympathy on Twitter, but this is only part and parcel of living under the slippery slope that is liberal democracy. Your life is consumed by a perpetual state of social revolution.

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  1. Looks like there’s no magical spell against the Poz. The magical beast that answers to Ma’am has powerful Khazarian mass-communications magic.

    At least she had the chance to retroactively make Hermione black and Dumbledore a fag before she was torn apart by the SJW mob. Stiff upper lip you dumb bitch!

  2. Let liberal white woman such as J.K. Rowling who dare to express a ounce of common and biological sense be eaten alive by today’s freak-parade. Let these same women be driven to our side by the sheer craziness of the Left. Let there be such widespread and unrepairable divisions that all hope for reconciliation and unity is forever banished from their thinking. Let America’s freak-show worsen and reach new heights of insanity so that the entire system crumbles to the ground.

    Only then will Americans start to long for some sense of sanity to be restored. But it won’t happen until we begin to vomit up all the filth and degeneracy this country has feasted on for the past 50 years or so.

    Let the collective puking begin.

    • “I saw the Twitter mob descend on J.K. Rowling for gently pushing back against the intersection of cancel culture and the militant transgender activists who are demanding that sex be treated as a social construct.”

      And while no one on THIS forum winces when I say public stoning of Sodomites, Lesbians, and Transfreaks MUST happen, so that the community AS A WHOLE can rid the WORLD of this evil, the sentence above clearly shows that, when the Patriarchy is re-established, the Awakened Saxon’s fury must be white-hot, focused, and many-pronged, to ride the entire WORLD of this evil, once and for all.

      Something akin to YHWH’s command to utterly destroy the ‘nations round about’ Biblical Israel, when they entered into the Promised Land; which the Twelve Tribes did NOT do….. the first time we had the chance.

  3. Trannies are the hill that shit libs are going to die on. It’s just too naturally repulsive to people, and it’s just too obviously being pressed top down on the population.

    The big key is…..linking trannies to Jews in the nation’s conciousness.

    • But why is it then, that every time I hear ‘Tranny, ‘ I can only think of Tim Curry? (and NOT with an-ti-ci-PA-tion!)

      THAT’S where the Kulturkampf’s barriers were broken down, for my generation. Not Dame Edna, (was he a Yid?); not Milton Berle (though he was a Yid); not even Milo (He’s a Yid!)… but the idiocy of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Who wrote it, produced it, promoted it? Surely, the Yids…. yes?

  4. Twitter is not necessarily indicative of how the rest of society thinks because only the shittiest of shit-libs are permitted to use it.

  5. XX, XY! If there are more chromosomes than these that determine male or female sexuality then why hasn’t science discovered them and what letter will be given to these “new” chromosomes? ( As if liberal dogma itself can change genetic reality thorough sheer force of belief) And thus do I call them the Lunatic Left because they are as psychotic as they are malevolent!

  6. The jews are finished using women against white men to destroy the West, so they are throwing these useful idiots under the bus. Their next useul idiots are the trannies. No sympathy for traitors!

  7. This tyrannical lunacy is bringing an equal and opposite reaction from feminists like Posie Parker (not the US actress, but a UK activist) who now won’t even accept the idea of gender dysphoria. Transsexualism has become a mental illness to formerly woke people like Parker, who now believes in biological reality. She even says having a “former” man in a women’s bathroom is a threat to women. I love to watch the cosmopolitans go all cannibal on each other.

  8. The feral wahmen of the modern era took great delight in using the power of the state to trample on men, to enjoy immense social power and status, to spit on males for their “toxic masculinity” and declare, with gloating, hate-filled, bitchy triumphalism, “The future is female!”

    Now they’re complaining because a bunch of utterly unscrupulous and demented men have AGREED with them, and used a combination of male ambition, initiative, and will to power with female “women are sacred, holy beings” BS to deftly turn the feminist tyranny on its head. By making themselves “female,” but with male ambition and ruthlessness and intelligence thrown in, they’ve conquered the “female” space and out-bitched the bitches to put themselves back at the top of the social power structure — where men were supposed to be to begin with.

    Whine more, you uppity, useless … wenches.

    Your natural place is as subordinates. Men are dominant and meant by nature to be in control; women are out-of-control, profoundly stupid, insane, and maliciously destructive when they’re turned loose from male control and male-imposed limits.

    The trannies, through their grotesque unnaturalness but clear understanding of how you’ve gleefully made “females are angels and should have total social power and immunity from responsibility, men are devils who should be beaten down, crushed, and enslaved,” have demonstrated that men WILL get the upper hand no matter what it takes.

    Broads sit there and expect power to be handed to them, just like they expect everything else to be handed to them. They stand no chance against masculine drive, initiative, and will to power, which doesn’t sit there like c***y baby birds screaming “gimme gimme gimme” while doing nothing, but TAKES what it wants. And then defends its power against all comers. It reveals that women are unfit to have power, and do not have a nature suited to obtaining, defending, or using power.

    The feminists and the trannies who are defeating them have managed to demonstrate that:

    1. Men will figure out a way to prevail, no matter what it costs them. It is in male nature, just as submission is in female nature, and in an unnatural situation where women are given dominance by stupid, revolting White Knights and a tyrannical (((government))), men will STILL figure out a way to dominate them, because it is written in the book of fate, and deep in the DNA.
    2. Our “c***s are supreme and wonderful” culture is sick, sick, sick to the core. The whole idea of the “future is female” is sick to the core. The trannies are the perfect illustration of it because the only way that men can now gain true social status and power is to mutilate themselves into grotesque mockeries of women.

    Female power and status, and anti-male culture, is obscene, detestable, diseased. The trannies highlight exactly what has been done to men — and the need to put women back in their place, give men and masculinity social power and control again.

    Back to the kitchen. And f***ing stay there this time.

    • Whether they consciously realize it or not “feminists” who misbehave are actually demanding that men put them back in their place. It’s the same with our unruly Negroes.

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