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    • I’m afraid Mr. “Hu-White” (note how I still capitalized the W!?) is stuck in his boomerworld, even though we are toughly the same age. This is because he came to his views early on, and he is merely footnoting his life’s work, as he enters into Gerontism. Whereas I have just begun

      I have worked only in the last twenty-five years, to seriously re-think through EVERY element of my worldview, and have been helped immensely by sites such as this one (and DS, even though Spawn thinks ‘there is nothing good that can come out of Ohio’- referencing the Biblical Nathanael episode) to see the ‘links and ties’ to all of the myriad issues that plague our world. And not just the Jews, but that was the primary motivational factor that started me down this path of discovery. Call me a late bloomer, if you will.

      Where I draw the line about becoming/remaining/observing the ‘new hip,’ is the utterly odd lingo you ‘youngsters’ use. I’ve gotten used to ‘normies’ and a few others, but as I told ‘Oi,’ even as you write with all the buzz phrases, at least please use correct grammar and punctuation, to make your points clear – especially for the oldsters on this site. LOL

  1. Yes Jarred. Yes.

    Something, we – Ethno Nationalists – have been saying for almost a decade now.

    Nice to see, you are following suit………You’re a bit of a tortoise aren’t you Mr Taylor ?

  2. The remaining 10 or 20% of white people will fight back. They will be the ones who deserve to survive. Stop watching monkeyball, white man. Only cuckolds like David French should do that.

  3. We know Jared. Now tell us what tribe created the social and political movements that allowed this phenomenon to occur.

  4. Diversity means no White people, no White people means no civilisation, no civilisation means no surviving wogs and the parasites will need a new host, probably China this time.

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