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  1. There are already sadistic barbarians out there doing vegan bow hunting! What kind of a sick world are we living in?

    • Ah, The Young Ones. Far ahead of it’s time, it is such a realistic portrayal of the hippies (Neil) and the wannabe anarchists (pRick), that it should be required viewing for the snowflake generation. They should be duct-taped to a toilet with their eyes pried open, ala A Clockwork Orange, and forced to view it, non stop, for a month. They could be fed intravenously and, anytime they whimpered, moaned or attempted to utter a word of complaint, Vivian would be authorized to severely reprimand them. Meanwhile, Mike would rummage through, and pilfer, their belongings.

  2. Reminds me of a short story I read years ago about a schizophrenic who could hear plants crying when they were cut.

  3. If the plant is living, why shouldn’t it make itself known, when we either cut the stem, or steal the fruit?
    But as Ironic noted, giving thanks to the Almighty is only right and fitting. For He created us, as well as the plants that feed us, as well as the meat that once was a living chicken, pig, or steer.

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