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    • True, just look at the former European colonies in Africa for Exhibit 1 as to what happens when the White man leaves. According to the UN scumbags, miles of paved roads declines, harbors, power plants, agriculture etc. also decline rapidly.

      Some things do increase rapidly however. Disease, starvation, endemic violence etc. See South Africa, The Belgian Congo, Rhodesia for Exhibit 2 in this case.

      Asia is prospering for now but we have seen this act before. Without the West, particularly the U.S. Asia will also descend into barbarity, it will just take longer than Africa.

      • Our once jewel of Africa, our Nation of South Africa, is now a failed economic state.

        In much more dire position economically, infrastructure, production, trade and diplomacy then what Greece is.

        There is no social cohesion, it is turning in to another Haiti, after the Europeans left it.

        Sorry, after they were MASSACRED !

          • Not true at all. Can’t you see how moronic it is to think he was picking up “pre-positioned” magazines off the floor, while on camera?

          • Can’t you see how moronic it is to believe the psyops put on by a global governmedia that wants you dead, and your entire race genocided?

            The thing about Renegade is everyone hates their guts, but they’ve been more right than anyone else in the movement. Back in 2016 while all you shills/bozos were campaigning for ZOG puppet Donald Trump for FREE, they were the only ones calling him out.

            And since you’re a big Daily Stormer fanboi, here’s some info care of Hunter Wallace, on the administrator of your favourte jew run website:


        • Have you watched the “Christchurch ‘Massacre'” video @Maxx Power?..if you have, maybe you can explain how the dead guy in barefeet in the first part of the video, put on blue socks for the second part…or maybe you can explain how the shell casings were “disappearing” mid frame?..I have the video!..it is one of the lamest green screen shows Ive ever seen…total fake!!

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