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  1. They always mislead in the headlines. They frame it as if Romans weren’t white. Funnily enough the paint they found for the flesh tones were generally a peach flesh tone eg modern northern/western European skin tones. Others obviously had olive med skin tones as well, both are white but its funny because more were closer to what we think of as northern/western European skin tones than to med skin tones.

    They did display many with olive skin tones as well which shows they weren’t trying to lie or bothered by it.

  2. This always seems to rustle American whites. Mike Enoch has attacked this premise only latter to accept it but then say “yeah but it want that gaudy”

    What’s the matter with being gaudy?

    Architecture, clothing and artwork focuses the unconscious mind.

    In bland tasteless america our clothing and architecture tells us to be cogs. I was watching a YouTube video of a guy with his modified ford raptor. Raptors are 80k trucks, the guy threw another 20k + into his suspensions, wheels/tires. A comment on the video with over 3k likes said “guy owns a 100k truck but still wears Walmart brand gym shorts, my man knows how to stay humble”

    I couldn’t think of a better encapsulation of what’s wrong with Americans. The image he and many other upper middle class whites like himself project is that he is a power-cog. Don’t worry about me, I have no desire to rule! All I want to do is play tonka. If you got a job to do I’m your man!

    The power-cog much like a power bottom displays passive aggresive subservience. Power bottoms will obnoxiously spray cologne at people in public for getting too close and power-cogs will spray diesel fumes from their 10k exhaust system they had installed simply to roll coal at people.

    Both aggressively preen to elites that they’re no threat.

    Back to colorful vs efficiency focused fashion. I want Europeans to feel cocky. I want Europeans to feel entitled. What many describe as vanity is simply self interested and serious people. Vanity would be losing sight of anything but yourself, but spending 30-60 mins in the hour getting ready before you leave the house isn’t vanity, it simply means your a serious person. People should and do judge you by your appearance, it shows you respect others. (Think Sundays best)

    Obviously appearance is only that and if you can’t back it up it ain’t going to save you. But dressing in Walmart gym shorts while driving a 100k vehicle is clown shit. You’re basically broadcasting to the world, I’m a good work, a really good worker, but that’s all I am is a good worker.

    I traveled Europe before the migrant crisis and the atmosphere created by being surrounded by thousands of *THIN* attractive white people all wearing well fitting stylish cloths was very inspiring. Being around that many well put together people makes you sharpen your game up. The French don’t think its cute to play dumb or not know what you’re talking about. Everyone was expected to be well put together physically, aesthetically and mentally.

    It’s a society for adults. Middle American men getting fat as they age and wearing trash bag cloths eg cargo shorts sucks the seriousness out of the air. Why try hard at anything? Who cares? We’re all just frumpy lumps of fat waiting to take orders

    • A big part of the problem is the “Disabilities Act” that was passed about 30 years ago. Before then you didn’t have motorized shopping carts in stores, or handicap parking spaces, and other such nonsense, people were forced to walk off their fat!

      Another trend, American’s have been sold on pasta, and now more White people look like fat, happy Italians. LOL. Even pasta diets have been pushed. Then there’s all the Mexican food that has become popular, and is loaded with carbs. Mexicans are obese for a reason!

      Then everything today is super-sized, and larger portions, mean larger revenue for the food business.

      • I told my co-workers I don’t eat sugar. You’d think a bolt of lightning had hit nearby, judging by their reaction.

      • The Disabilities Act has been abused and taken advantage of by the lazy and unscrupulous. As envisioned, the act would have enabled those with true disabilities, like paraplegics and those with mild mental retardation, to enter the work force and to either support themselves or to, at least, be able to contribute to the household. Many of those genuinely handicapped and otherwise physically or cognitively challenged people desperately wanted some sense of independence and a chance to prove their worth.

        In my old neighborhood, there was a young man with a slight case of mental retardation. (He looked a little like Ken Berry). He was married to a woman who was also mildly retarded. They had a child who was normal. He had two jobs. He worked at a grocery store sacking groceries and he had a small pick up truck that he used to deliver newspapers. They had their own home and seemed to be doing o.k.

        Then, along came those with an aching back, carpal tunnel, and a multitude of conditions that won’t allow them to stand, or sit, at a job. They are too fat to be mobile and too weak to lift anything. They need medication and a puppy to help them cope with the difficulties in life. They have bi-polar disorder which is an excuse for not being able to behave in a normal manner, and they retain water which is why they are morbidly obese. It really is a slap in the face to those who, through no fault of their own, have serious limitations and who just want an opportunity to live like everyone else.

        • The exception doesn’t make the rule.

          Too bad we closed all of our “funny farms” because they served a purpose, and, they were available to the mildly retarded on an outpatient basis. It would also help with our homeless situation too.

  3. we wuz:







    Nawmsayin muhfuggahz!

    I mean, never you mind that 60-90% of nogs don’t know their daddy buck-ape, they are the ancestors of King Tut because Egypt beez in da muthalanz!!!

  4. Some editing assistance:

    “Scientists Heard Plants Produce Loud Screams WHEN Damaged”

    “Vox: The White Lie We’ve Been Told About Roman STATUES”

  5. The Apollo Belvedere is the “epitome of beauty” because, in addition to skin color and tone, the white or Caucasian race most perfectly represents the most beautiful features, symmetry, grace, form, dignity and intelligence. Apollo Belvedere was described by the 19th Century French-American Geographer, Arnold Guyot, to be the perfect representation of “Typical Man,” all other races and their features being more or less atypical and imperfect types. See here (beginning pg. 114):


    Raciss bastard! Ha, ha.

  6. The ancients really liked their marble, and really went out of their way to find different types of marble and other stone. While there is evidence that they did paint some statues, they didn’t paint all statues. Like today things went in and out of style.

    One sign of the Fall of The Roman Empire was the disappearance of roofing tiles after 475 AD.

  7. Nice statue there of Caesar Augusus. Surely it is a “flattering” depiction. Perhaps he did not look exactly that goid in real life.

    Although he was pure Patrician in blood, no intermarriage was allowed by law. This was Etruscan blood, pure white

    Glancing at the statue, apart from the color, we see the shape of the eyes, the shape and size of the ears, the cheekbones, the lips, the straight hair, the patrician nose. All of it depicts a white man, pure white.

    The Jews, be sure of this, they ENVY our beautiful white Artan bodies.

  8. If MLK’s statue was painted white would that make him a Whiteman? Race is obviously more than skin color.

  9. Classical statues were painted. There is one funeral monument at the Museum of Art in Columbia, Mo, ‘Farewell,Noble Levira, Free From Pain.’ If you look close, you can see some corners where the paint remained. It looked like it would have been very colorful.

    As for the Apollo Belvedere, Kenneth Clark, in his Civilization series, compared it to an African mask, and noted how superior the Apollo is, noting a world of light, confidence, a view of gods as strong and graceful. The African mask, he noted, showed fear, a closed world, and a rigid theological order.

    Clark noted that (in 1970), his views would be seen as very unfashionable.

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