Anglo-Saxons, Britain and Christianity

Why did the Anglo-Saxons convert to Christianity? Why did they abandon the old pagan gods? Let’s go back to the late 6th and early 7th centuries and take a look.

There wasn’t an England at this time.

There were Angles in the north and east of England, Saxon kingdoms in the south of England and Britons in the west in what is now Cornwall and Wales. A unified England only emerged in the 10th century and it was the result of the conversion to Christianity of the Angles, Saxons and Danes and the conquest of all of these other kingdoms by King Alfred and the West Saxons.

Christianity had a number of things going for it. It created a common identity and culture that helped unify the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms especially during the struggle with the heathen Vikings. It also put the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms on better terms with the continent where the Franks had converted to Christianity.

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    • HW, if you are listening to a podcast called ‘The History of the Papacy’ when discussing MEDIEVAL Britain, prior to the Norman Conquest, you are listening to FAKE CHRISTIANITY- the equivalent of ‘fake news’ today.

      The only religion present in Medieval Britain was ORTHODOX Christianity. Papism only started AFTER the Schism.

      If you truly, honestly want to know about Christian Britain, you need to read Fr. Andrew Phillips’
      Orthodoxy and the English Tradition.” And/or read this interview with him.

  1. Alfred was the first – and possibly greatest – Christian English king. Conversion led to the Saxons becoming a beacon of culture and civilization.

  2. Though risking a sacrilege of which I don’t believe, this day may be the best of timing. Notwithstanding the numerous pedagogical machinations and other contortions that various Christian sects have attempted though history, the sect was a strictly Jewish creation, with its christ/god Yahweh; and it never did anything for the European peoples they wouldn’t have accomplished without it. Although Aryanized by Europeans though the Middle Ages (only known as the Dark Ages by the sect’s creators), the golem eventually did it’s intended work. Racial dissonance, universal brotherhood of all races under Yahweh, and every other racial subversion meant to play on European peoples instinctive nature of honor, self sacrifice, and compassion. For those who need a scholarly exposition, see the work of Revilo P. Oliver at least.

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