Baltimore Breaks City Record For Killings Per Capita In 2019

Why is this happening in King Elijah’s Baltimore?

Obviously, I don’t have to tell you it is due to the rise of Trump, the legacy of slavery, white supremacy and privilege, racism and so forth, not black majority rule.

ABC News:

“BALTIMORE — Baltimore broke its annual per capita homicide record after reaching 342 killings Friday.

With just over 600,000 residents, the city hit a historically high homicide rate of about 57 per 100,000 people after recent relentless gunfire saw eight people shot — three fatally — in one day and nine others — one fatally — another day.

The new rate eclipses that of 1993, when the city had a record 353 killings but was much more populous before years of population exodus. …”

It can never be due to black people. It can never be due black people in particular failing to prosper under all the various assumptions of the liberal paradigm.

Note: I’m not saying that White people are flourishing under liberalism either. It has taken a greater toll on us over time.

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  1. Hey everyone! I am a long-time white nationalist who recently started reading this blog. I love it! But I have a question.
    I’m wondering if it’s OK to work with antifa and other anti-white forces against other white nationalists if those other white nationalists are feds or degenerates who we don’t need in the movement?

    I’m thinking about this because where I live in southern Missouri there are bunch of local white nationalists (1488er wignat types) and one of them is a young white woman who claims to be Aryan, yet she is a single mother (whore). Obviously single mothers and sluts have no place in white nationalism, and I have a lot of personal and contact information about her, her family and associates. There is a local Antifa chapter that I could go undercover and spread this information to, and they can use it to ruin the stupid whore’s life. It’s a pretty based idea – use Antifa to promote traditional values and make them think they are fighting fascism in doing so.

    The only problem I see though is this could set a precedent for white nationalists who hate each other for stupid infighting reasons to go undercover and snitch to antifa because they don’t like another white nationalist for reasons that aren’t legitimate. We can all agree that we need to keep out roasties but we shouldn’t use this to attack each other over things like religion.

    Should I send antifa the information or not? Would it still be helping our enemies too much?

        • I agree. “O’Flannery” seems to be an over eager junior G-man looking to outshine his fellow shabbos goys, i.e.a self-hating white man (womyn?) who has watched to many Talmudywood movies. The tell, “There is a local Antifa chapter that I could go undercover ” … he already is “going undercover” … here, among us!

        • I think your instincts are correct on this one. Ya know, a certain kind of cop, it is said, “will turn on his own mother.” It is instructive that the type is never spoken well of. This is essentially what I never really understood about the thought patterns of persons who marry and divorce numerous times. Almost invariably they choose for a (2nd, 3rd, 4th, whatever) mate someone who has been disloyal and/or unfaithful in his/her previous marriage(s). What in God’s Holy name makes such people believe that all of a sudden these new mates of theirs are going to turn loyal and faithful, etc? I mean, I just don’t get it; it defies common sense. The only way any of this kind of thing makes any sense is if you take into consideration that people are generally drawn to the same sorts of characteristics or traits no matter what. So, in essence, best to stick to what you got originally since, almost invariably, you’re going to choose wrongly the second time, etc., based on the same characteristic flaws in your own nature and the nature of the persons you’re most attracted to.

        • Seems the “screener” wanted this screed to be published or wrote it itself to force a discussion or plant some seeds?

          Not sure the motives but it smells really bad.

      • I’m thinking about starting a betting pool whenever we get obvious set-ups like this one. Is the sad, obvious little creep an employee of: ADL, SPLC, or FBI; or an Antifa soymutant fishing for Soros money?

    • If you want to do something really useful start spreading Mantra memes and forget about undercover work.

    • Hello Hymie! Hymie Schlomo O”Flanneryberg has decided to pay us a visit! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Princess – you have to be a bit more subtle.

      I can’t tell if an (((SPLC Fed))) or a Daily Sewer Twink. It’s so FAGGY.

      • So I am a Jew because I uphold traditional family values? Because I uphold true National Socialism?

        Hitler actually said in Mein Kampf that it is OK to work with the state to suppress degenerates claiming to be national socialists. That is what Andrew Torba rightly does with the wignat scum on his site. Working with antifa is a bit different from working with based cops though, as antifa are commie scum. So that’s what I was wondering about.

        The kind of wignats I was describing are the kind of poor, low IQ degenerates Hitler rightly had long-knived. There was no place for homosexuals, single mothers, welfare queens and similar degenerates in the NSDAP once pederast Roehm and traitor Strasser and their merry band of communist proles were thrown out. National Socialism is a movement of the middle and upper classes. The underclass is NOT welcome.

        Mr. Wallace I understand that antifa are their enemy. Is there some alternative way to make this dumb bitch realize that she is not welcome in anything truly pro-white and that it is only because of sickening leftist degeneracy that she is even allowed to breathe? If I can’t ruin her life I should at least be able get her to shut the hell up about 1488 and start hopping on black dick where she belongs. Maybe even get her self-deport to Africa where her degeneracy is the norm.

        • Ah ha! You are one of Wanglin’s kikefag Twinks. LOL! I’m not into Negroes at all – but I would never interfere with your pet Darkies drilling into joo. HA hahaha!

      • “Daily Sewer Twink”. LOL, so true, madam! Every time I visit the Daily Sausagefest (which is seldom) I feel like I need to go in there with baggies on my shoes. What a dark, unsavory place Anglin’s homo adult bookstore is.

          • Arian – the Daily Sewer was run out of a Chabad Jew’s apartment in Jew York City, by one of the Jew Weev’s Jew Pals. I don’t know if this is still the case – but need I continue?

      • The reason it’s only 342 and not 2,342 is because niggers are retarded/poor and use fmj ammo usually 9mm or .380 auto which does minimal damage. Now if they were using .45acp 230 grain Gold Dot Hollow points or .223 remington 69 grain otm rounds then that body count would substantially higher.

        • Chicago numbahs

          Year to Date
          Shot & Killed: 454
          Shot & Wounded: 2266
          Total Shot: 2720
          Total Homicides: 507

          With correct ammo and some ramge time, these numbahs can be increased

          • Anti-boasian,

            I r ad a few years back that Navy Corpsman and Special Forces 18-D (delta) were doing rotations at crook county hospital in Chicongo before deploying ‘down range.’

        • Croat0517,

          Advances in treating gunshot trauma has improved exponentially in the last 20 years thanks to our endless wars for Israel.

          • I understand. I served with the 10th Mountain Division from 1998-2005(before I was woke to the JQ). Fmj ammo has and always will be shit. It’s meant for target practice and that’s it. If you want stopping power you need hollow points, otm rounds, or soft points. When someone gets hit with hollow points and soft points(especially multiple projectiles) it causes a massive and rapid drop in blood pressure which results in incapacitation/death. Fmj wounds even with the 5.56/.223 often poke holes through people and cause very little blood loss/organ damage.

  2. All I can say is: Go team, go! If you can’t shoot em, no one can!..We need a bigger record to break next year and blame it on dem guns instead of dem blacks!

    • This whole dindu’s shootin’ thing sucks. Their matriarchs bitch about “gun violence” and what solution do the pol’s reach for? Disarm White folks…niggers are too lazy and stupid to care about proper ammo or marksmanship. That’s a White Thing, in case you haven’t noticed.

  3. Malt liquor and Fried Chicken fuel the Nog on Nog battle’s in Baltimore.

    Every block or row houses has a stockpile hidden in trench urban warfare.

    If only city hall of Baltimore was a Popeyes distribution center.

    We would have equality, peace, and prosperity.

  4. In five years time (2014-2019), according to Neighborhood Scout, Baltimore City has climbed the ranks of the Top 100 most dangerous places to live in the U.S. on average roughly five spots per year, from #29 in 2014 to #6 this year. If Baltimore maintains its momentum and continues apace (and why wouldn’t she?) she’ll have broken into the top 3 this time next year, and will have surpassed Bessemer, AL for top honors by Christmas, 2021. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

    P.S. Z-Man and James LaFond, get the hell outta there while you still can.

    • Add to that that blacks are extremely low IQ and passion driven, and that Jews know this about blacks and are extremely prone to incite black passion against their common (perceived) enemy – whitey.

  5. Philadelphia will be in contention to break Baltimore’s record in 2020. Philly has a Soros DA, Larry Krassner, whose primary goal is releasing violent criminals instead of prosecuting them.

    • Nah. Philadelphia has been trending downward since 2012 on America’s most violent and dangerous cities list, currently sitting at #88. Whereas Baltimore has simultaneously been trending upward over the same time period, and at an accelerated rate. Philly has never been above #50 on the list, whereas Baltimore has never been below #29 during that seven year time period. Moreover, Philly is only roughly 43% black (57% non-white), whereas Baltimore is roughly 63% black (70% non-white). In short, Philadelphia doesn’t have the demographic or genetic makeup just yet to compete with the likes of Baltimore (et al) in the violent crime per capita/most dangerous cities category in spite of Krassner and his policies. However, over the next five to ten years you could definitely see a reversal in these numbers in Philly if Krassner and Co. (or whomever) continue these policies and the white population decreases (“white flight”) by comparison to the black population as a result.

      Again, it will be interesting to watch this all play itself out over the next decade or so.

  6. “Give them room to destroy.” Bulletmore was already circling the toilet bowl, but the negress mayor and district attorney cutting the balls off of Baltimore PD for crackhead freddy grey was typical jigaboo behavior of whipping the knuckle dragging natives into a simian rage of murder.

    I’d like to see others countries tourist warnings to shithole cities in the USA.

    • France did warn its citizens travelling to the U.S. a few years ago about Newark, Baltimore, several other cities and especially New Orleans, they were the Gold Medal winner in under 50 yards shooting Olympics at that time. I can’t find the link now but I remember some part of the U.S. Government mildly objected but the French government agency cited U.S. Government statistics for the basis of its warning.

      • Newark has been undergoing a major transformation since then. Here is an excerpt from the Neighborhood Scout article I linked to in a comment above:

        Newark, NJ is also getting safer. Like Chelsea is close to Boston, Newark is close to New York City. Newark has gone from 30th most dangerous city in the U.S. in 2015, to 51st in 2016, 55th in 2017, 85th in 2018, to 96th this year. If this trend continues, Newark could be off the list completely by next year.

        Look at the language used in the article explaining why Chelsea, Mass. has fallen off the 100 most dangerous U.S. cities list, btw:

        Chelsea, Massachusetts, after being on the NeighborhoodScout most dangerous cities list for years, has fallen off the list. High real estate prices in neighboring Boston are partly to blame, driving prices up in Chelsea, and crime down. The community has been revitalizing rapidly.

        ‘High real estate prices is partly to blame,’ as if to say that Chelsea’s reduced crime rate and removal from the top 100 Blackest shit holes list is a bad thing. LOL. I got a big kick out of that!

      • 12AX7,

        I recall the Chinese government providing their citizens traveling abroad to stay in the “White area” of large metropolitan cities.

        Kudos to the Chinese for spelling it out blatantly in non-politically correct terms.

        • Indeed. Say what you will about the Chinese, at least they look out for their own and are race realists although they do have an exalted view of their own people.

  7. 57/100,000 is reaching Honduras and Guatemala tier on the murder rate. That is right up there with the highest murder rates in the world.

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