Viking Influence on the English Language

It is the end of the year.

I don’t feel like engaging tonight with current events. The world sucks under liberal democracy. Mainstream conservatives are pretending to oppose transgenderism to whip up their voters for the 2020 election. See the previous 75 articles on that phony culture war.

Instead of gawking at modern degenerates, I feel like continuing to explore the Vikings and the Early Middle Ages which is the historical rabbit hole that I am currently running down in my research. In these two videos, we explore the question of why and how Old English (which sounds like a foreign language to modern English speakers) evolved into Middle English and whether English is a West Germanic language or a North Germanic language that was influenced by Old Norse after the Viking conquest and settlement of England.

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  1. When I was younger, I lived for 5 years in Africa and there was a particular ancient proverb that I internalized that I found most interesting:

    “It’s not the lions that you can see that you must be concerned with, it’s the lions you can’t see that must be of concern to you”

    A graduated level of understanding understands that some events are NOT ACCIDENTAL and manifest just how secure and well-organized they are at times. The timid and confused will cry ‘coincidence’ and move on!

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