The Decadent West

What is the cause of this degenerate garbage?

Is this due to Christianity? Is this due to paganism? If so, why don’t we find anything like this in history when Britain, Sweden, Germany or the Netherlands were still Christian or pagan? What kind of country teaches its children how to be homosexuals or invites foreigners to come settle in their nation en masse and teaches them how to have sex with their women?

The cause of this is 1.) liberalism being the basis of the social order which celebrates perversion and the destruction of all hierarchies in the name of freedom and equality, 2.) the Jews who have been empowered as a hostile cultural elite as a result of liberalism and 3.) the unprecedented erosion of our culture over the last two generations which has opened up the space for this poison which is being pumped in to fill the void.

Note: If you object to the homosexual, gender bending, pro-miscegenation agenda being shoved down our throats, you are the “extremist.” It is another way of saying you object to liberalism which is assumed to be mainstream and normal.

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  1. HW, I ust read this. Is Christianity to blame? Only if you call it “Cucktianity,” which is what 95% of the Protestant and Roman catholic Novus Ordo CULTS are…..

    “The Media leads us to believe Christians vote in droves for Republicans. Moreover, conservatives don’t want to vote for the party that pushes fourth-trimester abortions, strict gun control, and hate speech laws, so who’s voting for Democrats?

    Well, peeking into the Pew data, we see that a particular religious group does not vote for historically conservative parties, i.e. the politicians who strongly support the second amendment, free speech, pro-life, etc. That’s a brain-buster, to whom does this refer? It seems as if blacks, even the Christian conservative ones, refuse to vote for the Republican Party.

    The Church of God in Christ, with more than six million members, votes 75 percent for Democrats. The National Baptist Convention, with 7.5 million members, votes 87 percent for Dems and the African Methodist Episcopal Church, which has 3.5 million members, votes a resounding 92 percent in favor of Democrats. That’s roughly 14.2 million votes for the Democratic Party, which is more than one-fifth of Clinton’s votes in 2016. Take note, too, that a Tennessee-based Church has African in its title with no mention of America. Forget election tampering or illegal voting procedures, Christians are keeping Republicans out of offices across the country.

    Furthermore, about 9 of 10 of all blacks voted for Clinton in 2016 and 95 percent of Black Protestants voted for Obama in 2012 (79 percent of white evangelical Protestants voted for Romney). Hispanics supported Trump much more than blacks, yet fewer than 3 in 10 voted for him, which is the same as they did for Mitt Romney in 2012.”

    Orthodoxy (Big ‘O’ and small ‘o’) or Death.

    • @ Fr. John,

      My objection with your comment is simple…

      This is NOT the time in our struggle and the place to air our inter-faith dirty laundry !

      This type of “conservation” and delegating blame towards other Christian denominations and non-Christian Europeans needs to END.

      We will NOT do the jews work for them, of division. This is not a matter of right and wrong, it is a matter of division OR UNITY !!

      orthodox Christians also are not blameless …..
      Byzantine Emperor, Theodosius I.
      Look him up and how he slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Hellenes, just because they did not convert to Christianity and BANNED the Olympian games.

  2. I don’t understand how compulsory belief in a Levantine god-man cult strengthens the moral fibre of society, HW. The world goes through continuous cycles of birth, maturation, decline and death. We are now approaching the end of the Kali Yuga and awaiting the arrival of Lord Kalki to take us into the Satya Yuga.

    • People cling to what they know, People need to believe in something. It’s really, really, really difficult to “let go”. ESPECIALLY when there seems like there’s nothing else there. It took me years to see through the scam of (((christianinsanity))). I still have a vestigial sentimental attachment. It;svery bittersweet.

      But when one begins to cleanse one’s soul in our VolkSpirit – well – you realize that Our Things are so much better…..

    • Spawn, we are NOT on a never-ending cyclical wheel of Fate. We are on a trajectory (as Christians, and as the West, formed for two millennia as Christian) toward a culmination of our race.

      Therein is the difference between a pagan and a christian view of the world.

      • Of course, saying that, one must understand from the sources on other comments on this thread that I have made, is that modern “Cucktianity” is NOT the ‘Christianity’ I am advocating… which I am pretty much sure you understand, but I had to say it, just to be clear……

          • Spahn hit on it a few months ago. As the early Christians were forced to practice their faith in secret, so to will the gospel and bible based Christians of today. It is true that your various Christian denominations have been infiltrated from the ground up and filled with the the absolute worst heretical pozz that runaway liberalism can muster.

  3. Recently, I’ve been seeing on some YT dissident-right videos that we must acknowledge the multiculti elites are in charge of media, gov’t, entertainment, schools, and aren’t going anywhere, so we have to engage with the system if we want to get changes.

    But that assumes the system is open to change. The lashing out (everything from censorship to imprisonment) at those not agreeing with civilizational death by the currently-controlling system should tell people it isn’t. As the ruling classes seek to replace (kill) us, by hook or by crook, the only real hopes are revolution or developing opposing institutions, aren’t they? The exception is if the voters support a “national populist” movement AND the pols keep their word can institutions be turned around as they currently are, but that means getting opponents to the cosmopolitan elites into power. So “engaging with the system” ultimately equates with challenging it and taking control away from the elites, no matter how you look at it. Accommodating the elites is death to ourselves and our civilization.

  4. thats right. jews did this. this is the problem with free speech and every other law that allows jews to sew their poison. why on earth would subversion be legal? BECAUSE A WEAKENED CITIZENRY IS EASIER TO CONTROL. GOVERNMENTS LOVE WHAT JEWS DO.

    • briliant, fantastic, the Christian inter-faith jabs and scorn continues amongst our ranks……. (major sarcasm)

      Seriously, one would gave to be an idiot and or an ignoramus to write such comments !

        • Powell,

          British Protestant elites such as Lord Palmerston paid passage for Irish Catholics to leave their homeland for America and Canada, in order to exploit the infamous Irish potato famine, and fill the ancestral Irish lands with British Prots.

          So very Protestant and British.

          Between the Brits and the Ashkenazi, it’s a photo finish as to who is best at alienating friends and creating enemies.

          Just as European created nations across the globe are being inundated by the muslim migration (sand and jungle) by way of jewish financial assistance and America’s wars for in the Middle East and central Africa at the behest of Zog.

  5. Build that wall and deport THEM all. By THEM I mean illegals and all those who support illegals, homosexuality, miscegenation, gender blending, etc … If they fight back then declare them enemies of the state and wage war against them and shoot to kill.

    Trump was suppose to be turning this country back around. Instead he became our first Zionist president and everyone else can look elsewhere for help.

    The Christian ministers who taught me were against homosexuality, against interracial marriages, were against adultery, incest, etc. This country and the world around us has gone to “hell”.

  6. The Jew and other perverted Communists are trying to make moral whites in this country so sick of their own nation that they will be willing to stand up against the Federal government and its military might so that they all will be easily slaughtered and completely destroyed so these perverts can loot and gather in the spoil left in the aftermath and then go play this same perverted game somewhere else.

  7. These images showing the promotion of miscegenation in Europe truly are powerful. Any white man that sees them and doesn’t get angry or see anything wrong with it probably can never be redpilled and are disgusting subhumans.

  8. Whether it be in land carved out of South America, Greenland, Europe, Arctic, or North America White homeland; statues of Adolf Hitler will be erected that will make the Colossus of Rhodes look like a garden gnome.

    We must never ever forget that we allowed ourselves to get to the precipice of civilizational and genetic erasure.

    • YES !

      Time will come where that visionary man, A Hitler will be recognised for the Truths that he preached and lived by.

      AS a former MP in the Greek parliament, Illias Kasidiaris said, from the parliamentary podium that History has not yet had its final say about Hitler’s reign in Europe.

      By the way, the same MP, inside a liberal parliament from the podium, called out zionism and recognised the conspiracy against all Europeans by the creators of the protocols of the elders of zion – In fact he read certain excerpts from that document!!

      (unfortunately it is only in greek)

        • Here is another tell tale sign…

          Who visited the then (2012 – 2013) greek in name only government, to DEMAND that one political party which was elected by the people, according to their rules of their democracy, to be BANNED and placed in Jail??

          Mr David Harris the then president of the American Jewish Committee(AJC) & Ronald Lauder the then president or the World Jewish Congress(WJC).

          And what was the outcome the result of those visits??

          September of 2013, they arrest the WHOLE party leadership around 18 ELECTED MP’s and throw them in jail on made up charges, for 18 months – solitary confinement for most of them !!!

          This is their democracy, this is their liberal modern world. And we aim to BLOW IT UP leave it rumbles not even one stone upon another.

          • I am familiar with zionist subterfuge and pressure put on Greece to ban the Golden Dawn political party.

            What happened after that was typical Mossad “by way of deception ” tradecraft in fronting “right wing ” parties to co-op Golden Dawn’s platform, but in a watered down pro-European Union and non-nationalistic (National Socialist) imposter.

          • To November last remark to me…

            You’re on point on that one !
            (I know that you do, it’s for the benefit of other nationalists to see what enemies we face)

            Exactly what happened.
            At the same time they had murdered 2 x low level members of the party – execution style out in a busy street at peek traffic time – as a psyop against anyone wishing to join and become a member.

    • Most German Nationalists that I’ve spoken to have no intention of building a giant Hitler statue inside Germany.

      Real Germans understand that Hitler’s personality cult needs to be allowed to fade away.

      • Can we restore the Hohenzollerns and Wittelsbachs to their respective thrones? Can we restore the Kingdom of Prussia?

      • Alex,

        That a simpleton’s take on Hitler. There was a powerful will to power bio-spirit in the man, as well as an ideology for the ages to be adapted to each European nation.

        Germans have been deracinated by Zog-USA since 1946, so what to you expect modern Germans to believe when they’ve been fed constant jewish propaganda for 76 years?

      • @ Alex,

        Personality cult you say…..

        Well there is a a difference between an everyday personality cult that carries no substance and no truth/value and someone who has, carries, and divulges Truths which then JUSTIFY any form of adoration towards his persona.

        Classic example of a personality cult, was and is Christ for all the RIGHT REASONS.

        TRUTH always DRAWS peoples adoration !!!

        Personality cult you say, in relation to Adolf Hitler??

        I say HELL YEAH !!!!

    • May I suggest a more closer to the truth, response ??

      Jews want to erase-dilute and where possible delete OUR EUROPEAN GENOME – end of story !

    • You are simplifying the situation to an extreme extent.

      The organized Jewish Lobby & Organized White Liberals (OWLs) spend far more effort undermining nations with largely brunette populations (like Germany & Britain) than blonder and poorer nations like Ukraine or Latvia.

      This is about control and knocking off a potential rival. The Jews see the industrialized peoples of Western Europe (primarily Germany, secondarily Britain, France, & the Nordics, thirdly everyone else) as a much bigger potential threat than the blonde people of little countries like the Baltics.

      • What you say is true, but I believe they have a special hatred and jealousy of recessive-trait whites. The goal is to mongrelize everyone. The recessive traits will be the first to go extinct in a sea of brown.

      • yep, it is somewhat of an oversimplification.

        the roots of this animosity and hatred towards European/Western man are historically and conspiratorially very deep and more complex in details and relations.

        You are also correct with the other faction you name “owl’s” – they are as destructive and animus towards us, equal if not more in some occasions then the majority of the yids.

        Our guide to the truth is our ability to form and understand historical patterns and historical outcomes/results.

        That is why Nationalism, at least in Europe, is in its nature a revisionist form of nationalism.

        We aim NOT just to overthrow this post modern and modern world of theirs.

        We aim to ROLL IT BACK, if possible before the 1789, the milestone of the victory from the crypto jewish group ….. the Jacobins!

  9. These accursed people are and always will be destroyers. I used to believe the old shibboleths preached by those who are in love with the Jews. How my eyes were opened when I believed real big T traditional Catholicism. The Jews can only produce filth everywhere they go. From Weimar Germany to big lib America. They literally made a pact with Satan before Pilate, IMHO.

  10. Here is another by-product of liberalism and liberal world view that the boomers – with exceptionally infinitesimal percentages – are comfortable and willing to accept:

    UK: 75% of Adults Aren’t Friends with Any of Their Neighbors, Survey Finds
    Now, a new survey of 2,000 British adults shows the staggering extent to which the concept of a neighborhood community has fallen by the wayside. In all, 75% say they consider their neighbors mere acquaintances at best. Sadly, nearly a quarter wouldn’t dream of knocking on one of their doors uninvited because there is “no sense of community spirit” in their neighborhood.
    …./….. “

    Rhetorical questions for a pacifist that wants to “save” liberals, make them see their errors…

    What do you have to say to this liberal “reality” my fellow blogger – “IronicSockAccount ” ??

    How would you “save” them from them selves, huh???
    I really, Really, REALLY like to know your answer !

  11. Full-on, Weimar-tier decadence, The barbarians – Islamic, Slavic, Chinese – are at the gates (and even within) and we prance about with this nonsense-ponce-sense.

  12. What about the idea of reframing arguments with White-haters? Don’t let them define terms or define you; tell them whenever they start name-calling that you won’t put up with their anti-White racism. If it’s a waste of time to try to have a discussion with them, tell them it’s good to know they’re for the destruction of Western mankind. (Stolen from No White Guilt.)

  13. There is an inconsistency in the blame being ascribed here, an avoidance of confronting the WHITE OLIGARCHY who are in fact more powerful than Jews, a white oligarchy selling out white common people

    On the one hand the ‘Jews who have been empowered’ are blamed – a group of people – but on the other hand, these Jews are said to have their power because of ‘liberalism’ – an abstraction

    What is missing here, is WHO pushed ‘liberalism’ and WHY and HOW ‘liberalism’ – and the Jewish mafias – have gotten their power

    And the answer is, the Western oligarchs themselves, ‘fellow white Europeans’, who accepted the ever-recurring Jewish leadership offer to have an alliance with local Powers That Be, making a joint programme which included the marketing of ‘liberalism’ etc

    Jews are 40% of USA billionaires … the majority 60% are WHITE EUROPEANS, who can jettison and crush Jewish power anytime they want … but they do not do so, as, for now, they find no other mafia as useful as the Jewish one

    Mafia Jews are only and forever #2 in the pecking order … historically at times, various kings and aristocracies and oligarchies, have jettisoned and repulsed Jews, as a control tactic

    The WHITE OLIGARCHS – race traitors etc yes – are the ultimate power in the West, and they specifically use the elite Jews as a beard and shield to distract from their own power … and as elite Jews themselves know and feel, causing the perpetual Jewish anxiety and insecurity – Jews can also be jettisoned once again if the leading oligarchs will again find that useful

    • Yes about the white liberal oligarchs.

      But you make the mistake to assume the jewish elites/and world organised jewry are the puppets the cannon fodder of these “owl’s”.

      I would say it is the other way around !

  14. Someone (too bad HAC Covington passed away) should write and updated Protocols of L E of Zion, also someone should do an update of “Who Rules America, who monopolizes the US Media”

  15. “Jews are 40% of USA billionaires … the majority 60% are WHITE EUROPEANS, who can jettison and crush Jewish power anytime they want … but they do not do so, as, for now, they find no other mafia as useful as the Jewish one”

    I respond:

    I have to disagree. Look what happens to any White Gentile American who just “notices” Jewish domination, monopoly of the USA media. President Nixon, Mel Gibson, that Sanches guy White Hispanic at CNN. They get their careers completely destroyed, the Jewish media basically crucified President Richard Nixon over some really trivial stuff.

  16. But, I recommend not obsessing about this filth and corruptions, instead promote positive education, positive sports, positive music – it’s hard to find, sure but with some hard work it can be done.

    Also, I recommend that our readers all study the “Benedict Option” to begin the new year 2020.

    The Benedict Option is to increasingly separate and withdraw from this corrupt, anti Christ society and politics. Don’t get so bent out of shape about some individual Jewish movie, TV show that insults us, threatens to replace us, mocks Christianity, worships MLK Jr or Obama as a God, even celebrates the mass invasion of Muslim migrant rapists to Europe, UK and Tennessee.

    Every day of Jeff Zucker’s CNN is full on hatred for our people, it’s like having a fat, foul mouthed Jew Jeff Zucker camped in our living rooms corrupting our children.

    The Benedict Option is to withdraw from all this corruption, build new communities, new institutions. It’s like Orania in South Africa.

    It would help if we had exclusive languages and churches/religions that only our people were in. The fact that easily 500 million Blacks, bad Asians speak English and have some link to something “Christian” this is a huge disadvantage that White Hungarians, White Afrikanners don’t have.

    Never teach the worst Jews, Blacks your language or share your Gods.

    I think that JRR Tolkien hinted that the Elves mistakely taught the Dark Lord Sauron lots of his tricks/powers.

    • the main premise/suggestions in your comment is something that deserves a whole discussion thread by itself. Work out its merits and the parts that are not so realistic.

      I stand with this small phrase.
      Here is wisdom:
      Never teach the worst Jews, Blacks your language or share your Gods.

      we gave access, to our enemies, to EVERYTHING that we hold dear and sacred.
      And now, they use that against us.

      We gave our pearls to the humanoid SWINE !

  17. “Trump was suppose to be turning this country back around. Instead he became our first Zionist president and everyone else can look elsewhere for help.”

    I respond:

    Oh please.

    The last US Presidents to even remotely oppose the Zionists were Ike and John F Kennedy.

  18. None of this has anything to do with liberalism, hierarchies, freedom or equality.

    It’s an attack on European peoples, and it is coming from ethnic rivals. It’s as simple as that. Trying to blame this on liberalism, hierarchies, freedom and equality is simply protecting the guilty by distracting from what they are doing.

    • Sure it does.

      Liberalism is an ideological worldview like communism. In the West, it has become the basis of the social order, particularly in the United States. Yes, we are being attacked by ethnic rivals, BUT why are those people even here? Why are tolerated in the first place? Why have they been allowed to hijack our culture? Why is this hostile elite considered legitimate? Because, their wealth, power and influence flows from the liberal order. It is a consequence of it.

      • “Because, their wealth, power and influence flows from the liberal order”

        How can you say that?

        They had great wealth and power centuries b4 liberalism.
        They mastered and manipulated the kingdoms of Europe and Asia long ago.

        • They mastered and manipulated the kingdoms of Europe and Asia long ago.

          Jews had great influence in the Pale of Settlement (Western Russia and Poland) and the Medieval Polish Kingdom but they had relatively little influence in most of Western Europe until very recently:

          – The Spaniards kicked them out in the late 15th century.

          – French Jews were emancipated by the French Revolution.

          – Jews living in England didn’t have full legal rights until the late 19th century (roughly 100 years after receiving full legal rights in the USA and 70 years after receiving legal equality in France).

          There was a Jewish Lobby in the west, but overall, their influence was far weaker before the rise of Liberalism.

          • “– The Spaniards kicked them out in the late 15th century.”

            Less than half were kicked out. Most went crypto or converso.

        • Without putting words in to someone else’s mouth.

          I think what HW, is saying with his reference to liberalism, is this.

          Liberalism is the socio-political structure that facilitates and perpetuates the elites/oligarchy in ruling the “unwashed” masses.
          It accomplishes this in a two pronged way.

          First, liberalism promotes a social-communal kind of pseudo morality – void of any religious/faith based context – where this bullying/peer group pressure of not following the liberal agenda, thus not being “moral”, is used to keep everyone in line and complying.

          Second, the elites/oligarchs can hide behind this liberal mindset that is pushed down the throat of the “unwashed” masses as they pretend to push liberal/social justice projects with moral outlook for society – and yet behind doors do and act completely the opposite.

          You see, today’s liberalism is the yesteryears classification we read about in school books, of Tyrants & Oligarchs. Today to be a tyrant and an oligarch you have to wear the robe of a liberal.

          It is the same thing with democracy.
          Democracy is used to keep the masses believing that they have a claim and a say in how their government acts and behaves. yet democracy is a masquerade for the elites and mainly the kikes that push democracy everywhere.

          Anyway that’s what I reckon.

  19. Perhaps the term you are looking for is the Judeo-Liberal Coalition or JLC. The greatest enemy is the enemy within and this term does not give white liberals a pass just because they are white. Or perhaps JLGC-Judeo-Liberal Globalist Cabal?

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