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  1. Let’s hope that in the 2020s, white nationalists embrace socialism and start siding with the poor rather than the rich. It’s long overdue.

    • It’s true Comrade, our Struggle is not just racial, it’s a class struggle as well. The reactionaries here on OD refuse to understand that, because they are blockheads. And that’s why they shall always fail.

      • If you think

        You can get elected

        On race and the JQ alone

        You’re a

        Goddamn fool.

        The NSDAP campaigned on bread and butter issues.

        That’s how they won,

        You dummy.

      • Merit socialism would advance us very quickly, however the kosher ((socialism)) is the very opposite of that.
        As if (((someone))) wanted to gut all the common sense out of a very good social structure.

      • Holy shit, what a fucktarded, reactionary Boomer you are.

        Imagine unironically believing that the capitalist kike parties are “socialist”. Imagine thinking that you are going to get anywhere talking about race if you combine it with discredited capitalist horseshit.

        Holy fucking shit.

  2. Some contend that the beginning of the new decade is 2021. Much like the argument as to whether the 21st century began on January 1st 2000 or January 1st 2001.

  3. The 2020s do not officially begin for another year, HW. As the South’s preeminent scholar and intellectual you should’ve known that.

  4. Be nice if White folks could finally figure a way to create and maintain pro-White organizations, many of them.

    Anyway , Happy New Year to all the good White folk and friends.

  5. I have been thinking a lot lately about how I can advance the pro-White movement in the next decade. However some of my methods may be a bit unconventional.

    I am a nationalist and agree with the tenets of Fascist ideology, but I am currently considering a career in writing porno stories because I can’t make good money any other way that I would see as conducive to white nationalism. I actually have some good ideas that would surely draw a lot of money out of thirsty coomers, and would hurt the jewish-dominated mainstream porn industry in the process.

    My main idea is a story about a hot White 18-year-old girl who lives in the projects somewhere in the rust belt, and it graphically describes in the most disgusting detail how she is brutally and sadistically gang-raped by a group of of local niggers when she disrespects their gang. She is also beaten, bruised, spat on, jizzed on and, while most of the time she is screaming and crying and begging for it to stop, at certain points starts actually orgasming from the BBC despite the brutality of the rape, which makes her feel even more ashamed and degraded and worthless. The story is extremely “politically incorrect” as both the girl and the niggers are described in the most degrading, dehumanizing ways imaginable with near-constant use of slurs, and the girl in particular is referred to by the narrator as nothing but disposable fuckmeat.

    Do you think I should write this story and get it published or not? Keep in mind that I’m just talking about stories, not actually making videos with white women and black men. I think it could wake up the coom-and-consoom, beta losers who buy it to the reality of a multiracial society. On the other hand, most people would probably consider if she lives in the projects she deserves it (consider the popular reaction to grooming gangs in the UK which targeted “chav slags”) so it would be a good test. Would it be wrong for me, as a White Nationalist, to pursue this?

  6. I cannot tolerate racial activists who would rather lose because of Muh Principles than adopt a winning strategy. The idea of winning absolutely terrifies them (so does talking to a girl).

  7. This is the decade of the start of true SciFi world. Hold on to your seats and enjoy the ride.

    What do you think that Space Force is for?

    • Honestly, I think the Space Force is just going to be another wing to suck trillions of dollars from taxpayers to the military industrial complex.

      I hope your feeling is correct though.

  8. I didn’t celebrate the start of a new year. I celebrated the end of an old year. Since 2019 sucked BIG TIME, I celebrated its passing. Good riddance!

    I’ll celebrate 2020 on December 31st either for all its memorable gains or for all its losses ending. Why do we celebrate the start of a year of unknown consequences?

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