President Trump Deploys Hundreds Of Troops To Middle East

In spite of what you heard about an “America First” foreign policy, there are now more American troops in the Middle East in 2020 than when Donald Trump became president in 2017.


“WASHINGTON (AP) — Charging that Iran was “fully responsible” for an attack on the U.S. Embassy in Iraq, President Donald Trump ordered about 750 U.S. soldiers deployed to the Middle East as about 3,000 more prepared for possible deployment in the next several days.

No U.S. casualties or evacuations were reported after the attack Tuesday by dozens of Iran-supported militiamen. U.S. Marines were sent from Kuwait to reinforce the compound.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Tuesday night that “in response to recent events” in Iraq, and at Trump’s direction, he authorized the immediate deployment of the infantry battalion from the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He did not specify the soldiers’ destination, but a U.S. official familiar with the decision said they will go to Kuwait. …”

It is true that defending the embassy can be justified.

It is true that Trump hasn’t started a new war yet on his watch.

It is true that Trump has reduced our military footprint in Syria.

It is also true that the war in Afghanistan seems to be winding down and Trump has been negotiating with the Taliban to withdraw American troops.

It is true that the alternative to Trump is likely worse and that we would still be in Syria under Hillary Clinton.

All these things are true and yet it is also true that President Trump has not been a meaningful departure from the American Empire which he has preserved and rearmed. There hasn’t been any retreat from the burden of our enormous military footprint abroad as the latest fiasco in Iraq so clearly demonstrates. The last few months have shown how much easier it is to pass ever larger military budgets and send more troops overseas than to bring them home. It is far easier for the two parties to get that done than to pass a trillion dollar domestic infrastructure bill.

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  1. Trump is going to do all that he can to get a war with Iran. That is for his tribe. His family’s tribe.
    We matter NOT AT ALL to him.
    Israel Ratchets-Up Religious War against Christians

    The tribe has the White Christian in dire circumstances, they are also working on the Moslems to considerable effect. The question is how much longer will white Christians keep PAYING TAXES to fund their own demise?

  2. If Crooked Cankles was president it would have been Full Tilt Boogaloo by now. Trump is just delaying the inevitable, god dammit.

  3. That 2nd tweet from blumpf is tikkun olam in action lol We have been lying, cheating you stealing your opium and oil, bombing you, screwing you every which way to subvert your country and Palestine but hey get rid of that pesky Iranian influence and we’ll stop lol just unbelievable

  4. Meanwhile, on The Home Front: The sewers are collapsing; the gas lines are exploding; the bridges are dilapidated; sinkholes are swallowing homes and vehicles; “the millions of newly created jobs” pay peanuts; homelessness is skyrocketing; Django is unchained; the Mexican invasion remains virtually unchecked; the LGBQTXYZ has emerged as the unquestioned authority on all things moral and spiritual; Asylum Seekers and Refugees continue to flood into the country from Shit Holes around the Globe courtesy of the Military that we’re supposed to feel indebted to and express our appreciation for; And, Anyone who notices these things and dares to say something about it is labeled a Radical, Racist, Reprobate who must be publicly shamed, censored, silenced, and, ultimately, incarcerated or eliminated.

    Remember to “Thank A Veteran for Their Disservice to The Country.” How many Hollywood or Nashville Neo-Cons that try to market their charities and songs by guilt tripping us about veterans have actually “served” in the military themselves? Gary Sinise, Mark Wahlberg, Toby Keith all express their undying devotion and gratitude to the “fighting men and women” that they’ve never been in the ranks with. Toby Keith tried to validate his support for the armed forces by pointing out that he had visited soldiers behind the lines. That may be true, but it’s still not the same as putting his lucrative recording career on hold to join the Army like many performers did during WWII, many of whom, unlike 98% of today’s soldiers, actually saw combat. Most of the puppy cuddling, PTSD suffering, Veterans that feel entitled to endless discounts, perpetual recognition, ceaseless pandering, mindless groveling, and unhesitating vocal appreciation, have never even seen an enemy combatant.

    How many have we lost? Roughly, 6,000 killed over a period of 20 years? I’m not trying to downplay anyone’s death, but how does that compare to 50,000 wounded and dead in three days fighting at Gettysburg? Can you imagine today’s men and women trying to recover from a conflict of that magnitude? It would be puppies and
    Play-Doh and coloring books for everyone!!!

    They wear “Their Service” on their caps, t-shirts, bumper stickers, and, just in case you didn’t notice or offer the obligatory expression of gratitude, they will make sure to work it into the conversation with a full expectation of an automatic extension of the complete list of perks and benefits enumerated above. The look of anticipation is palpable and the deflation is evident when the magic words, “Thank You for Your Service” fail to emerge.

    • Funny thing CR, I had relatives who served in WWI, WWII and Korea but not once did they ever talk about their wartime experiences without being specifically asked to do so. And they never expected anyone to “thank them for their service”.

      • Spahn,

        Yes, that is a distinct difference between the genuine “fighting men” of yesteryear as opposed to the molly coddled generation of a trans-gendered menagerie of mutants in uniform today.

        My Father was in the Army during the Korean conflict, but he was not deployed overseas. Whenever the subject came up, he was quick to make that distinction. I had an old school, gentleman friend who had also served in the Army during that same time as my dad. He was Stateside as well and he too made it abundantly clear that he did not see any action. Far from being expected to be “Thanked for Their Service,” they seemed to be a little bit humbled by it because they were never placed in any danger. (With the exception of the stories my dad told me about having live machine gun bullets fired over his head as he crawled under barbed wire while he was in basic training. Apparently, they don’t do that anymore). Contrast that with some Negro or Woman who spent their entire enlistment stationed far from the fighting but will puff their chest out and incessantly boast of “their sacrifice” for our rights and freedoms.

  5. We’re going to need Iraq and Afghanistan as staging grounds for the coming war with Iran. That’s probably a major reason why we went there in the first place. We’ll never leave.

    • yes “we” will. By and by, the (((Zionist-‘Murkan))) Imperial Stormtroops will leave the Middle East & the ‘Stan the same way they left Cambodia then Vietnam: clinging to the skids of helicopters. Only question is


    • If the Romans could leave Britain and the Mongols Russia then ZOG can and will be forced to give up its conquered territories.

    • If Trump or his neo-con handlers believe a war with Iran will be short, geographically confined and popular back home I believe he is badly misinformed. Iran would be heavily bombed but would strike back against Israel from Lebanon through Hezbollah. Israel would suffer tremendous destruction from Hezbollah’s rockets in southern Lebanon even if %75 of them were destroyed.

      Iran would also attack Saudi’s oil facilities with both sabotage and ballistic missiles resulting in sky high oil prices even if ballistic missile defenses were able to destroy most of the attacking missiles. An oil refinery is like a giant chemistry set laid out for miles with all kinds of flammables everywhere. They are dangerous even in peacetime.

      The American public is sick of war in spite of what Hollywood sells, they are just supporting their own with their childish propaganda. The U.S. Government has gotten away with war for years because it has followed a policy of limiting casualties instead of achieving victories and the fact that the military is all volunteer. The volunteer military is not big enough for a sustained war with all of its commitments and casualties.

      A war with Iran would result in many casualties, the financial destruction of the post WWII order and the need for conscription of White, Christian, males to continue the war. That is a non-starter right there and spells the end of The Reign of MAGA. Good riddance, too if the dumb ass starts a war.

  6. When you see a jooh on the street snarl and show your teeth. Let them know we know.

    ‘It’s alright to be antisemetic’

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